Troubled teen help and resources for parents including boarding schools and therapeutic programs like military schools for troubled youth and residential schools for teens.


Teen Challenge Columbus Girls Academy

Columbus Girls Academy offers a structured Christian boarding school environment for struggling teenage girls. The therapeutic Christian school focuses on character growth, spiritual life, and personal responsibility to help girls overcome life-controlling issues. Columbus Girls Academy offers help to troubled girls through four main components: spiritual, academic, physical and social. >> MORE

Parental Advantages of Cell Phone Monitoring and Tracking Software

Parental Advantages of Cell Phone Monitoring and Tracking Software

In 2005, a trend started with young people who had cameras on their phones of sending explicit photos of themselves across the wireless network referred to as “sexting.” Many of them did not realize the issues that would follow concerning state and government laws dealing with child pornography. Parents may be held liable if the More »

The SEED Foundation

The SEED Foundation

What Is The Seed Foundation? The SEED Foundation teams up with communities in the urban areas in order to deliver educational opportunities to underserved students so that they will be successful in their lives. It has boarding schools, which prepare students for college. The underserved children are provided a nurturing environment 24/7, which instructs students More »

Facing Facebook with Tweens and Teens


“Everybody’s doing it!” These words strike terror into the hearts of most parents. Unfortunately, in the case of Facebook, it’s essentially the truth. Facebook pages can be about everything from the family dog to slices of pizza. While Facebook is an excellent social networking tool and has facilitated the rekindling of many a friendship, it More »

Club Drugs


Raves are mostly found in metropolitan areas and are being introduced to rural areas as well. They are all-night, high-energy dances, which have flashing laser lights and hard pounding techno-music. These parties are often held in empty buildings, open fields, abandoned warehouses, and permanent dance clubs. Organizers advertise these parties as “alcohol free,” “drug free”and“safe.” More »

Youth Employment

Youth Teen Employment

The Youth Employment link of the website provides information regarding internships and summer jobs for students as well as youth employment rules. It offers career information for Grades 6-8 which explains some of the jobs these kids can have when they grow up. The site also provides career advisory for students so that they More »

Redemption Christian Academy

African American Boarding School Rescue Youth Parent Resource2

What Is Redemption Christian Academy? Redemption Christian Academy has been providing quality-boarding experiences since 1979. It offers students an opportunity to build their character and refocus academically. Being one of the few African American boarding schools recognized historically, students were able to graduate despite of their varied ethnic backgrounds. The academy provides a disciplined and More »

Criminal Kids: What To Do If Your Child Has Been Arrested


It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: getting a phone call from the local police department to let you know your child has been arrested on criminal grounds. There’s the anger, the shame and the feeling that this is somehow your fault. While it’s easy to try to place blame and feel a roller-coaster of emotions, it’s More »

Teen Tattoos: How To Talk Your Child Out of Permanent Body Art


Talking to your teenager about anything can be difficult. They are very opinionated, very determined, and very against anything their parents say. It is not because they do not love or respect their parents; it is simply because they are struggling with growing up. Approaching them about something as life-changing as a permanent tattoo can More »

How to Maintain Discipline inside Your Home

How to Maintain Discipline inside Your Home

Being disciplined helps children to understand the difference between the ideas of right and wrong. Your children will also learn about the improper behaviors in the surroundings. Discipline is highly significant as it enforces certain limitations on kids, and with a realization that those limitations should not be violated. Disciplining your children not only helps More »

Hotline Directory

National Teen Helpline Suicide Prevention Rescue Youth Parent Resource Guide

USA NATIONAL SUICIDE HOTLINES–Toll-Free / 24 hours / 7 days a week 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)   TEEN 2 TEEN HOTLINE–Are you in need of someone to talk to? Someone who will really hear you…. without judging or criticizing you? Right now, there are trained peer counselors your age, waiting to talk with More »

My Criminal Record is a Barrier: I Want a Clean Slate

My Criminal Record is a Barrier and I want a clean slate

If your teenager has gotten into serious legal trouble, it will make it much more difficult for them to find a good job in the future, and it could even prevent them from going to the college of their choice. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to help them wipe the slate More »


Equinox Teen Homeless Services Rescue Youth Resource Guide

What Is Equinox? A service organization which is dedicated to provide compassionate social, holistic, and innovative services to families and individuals, Equinox works together with the community to improve the quality of life and health of the people in Albany County in New York. It started as a volunteer organization in 1969 and has since More »

How to Pay for Counseling and Therapy


Making the decision to send your son or daughter to counseling and/or therapy can be very overwhelming and emotional. Although these resources can help your child tremendously, they also tend to cost a lot of money. If you are thinking about sending your child or teenager to counseling or therapy but aren’t sure how to More »

Sycamore Canyon Academy

Adolescence Therapy Boarding School Rescue Youth Parent Resources

What Is Sycamore Canyon Academy? Sycamore Canyon Academy caters to young underperforming men, ages 12 to 18, who lack direction and focus in their academic and personal life. It offers a therapeutic program, which runs for 6 months that aims to assist and develop each participant in achieving his goals and potentials. The program includes More »

HighRisk Transport, Inc


Midwest Center For Youth and Families

Teen Mental Health Treatment Facilities Rescue Youth Parent Guide

What Is Midwest Center For Youth And Families? Midwest Center for Youth and Families was established in 1997 and has specialization in providing residential treatment in an exceptionally structured for children, ages six to eighteen. It helps at-risk children overcome psychological, mental, emotional, or behavioral problems, which may have resulted to problems in socialization, peer More »

Preparing Your Teenager for Responsibility of Becoming a Driver

Preparing Your Teenager for Responsibility of Becoming a Driver

Obtaining a driver’s license is a milestone for many teenagers and can be an exciting — yet scary — time. Parents who want to keep their children safe and have cheap student car insurance costs should take several steps toward preparing the teenager. Teach Lessons Gradually The best way for a teenager to learn how More »

Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development – AZ


Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development was established in 1972 as a private and non-for-profit organization, which aims to provide emergency services and shelter for homeless and runaway youth. It was founded by Soroptimist International of Phoenix. The shelter offers programs, resources, and caring relationships for young people so that they will grow to reach their More »

7 Alcohol Facts Every Teen Should Know


As summer approaches, teenagers will be free to spend time with their friends and enjoy themselves. Sunsets are later, which provides them with more hours to take advantage of their freedom. Unfortunately, some teens don’t use as much common sense as they should. Drinking alcohol is a common pastime for some teenagers, and most of More »

The Parenting Coach

The Parenting Coach

Because of the uniqueness of each family, each parent deal with unique challenges using their special strengths so that the kid can have the best family the parent can provide him. Barbara Desmarais has been working children since 1973, the year she earned her diploma in Early Childhood Education. She also had worked with deaf More »

Underage Tattoos Are a Form of Child Abuse

Underage Tattoos Are a Form of Child Abuse

If you’re considering taking your child to get some ink, you may need to think again. Aside from the fact that tattooing a minor is illegal, allowing your child to get tattooed may actually lead to child abuse, endangerment and cruelty charges. What’s the Big Deal? The issue at hand in cases of minors getting More »

The Walking Debt: The Student Loan Problem

The Walking Debt The Student Loan Problem

Would you rather take on a risky debt or not have a college education? That is the dilemma today’s students face. Given the historically high unemployment rates in the U.S., many students are now graduating with a large amount of debt that they are unable to repay because they cannot find jobs. While a large More »

To Your Daughter About Monogamy: How To Make It Special

Promise Ring

Talking to your daughter about relationships and sex can be very intimidating, especially if you are her father. However, it is imperative to ensure that she learns the facts about relationships and the value of monogamy from you before she ends up making decisions that she will regret. Fortunately, there are several things that you More »

The Piney Woods School

African American Boarding School Rescue Youth Parent Resource

What Is Piney Woods School? Piney Woods school aims to provide excellent education by creating an exceptional academic model within the Christian environment in order to support the tenet wherein all students can lead extraordinary lives, develop a strong work ethic, and lean by being a responsible citizen and achieving academically. It is an interdenominational More »

Wellspring Camps

Teen Weight Loss Programs Rescue Youth Parent Resources

What Is Wellspring Camps? Wellspring Camps offers weight loss camps for women, young adults, teenagers, and kids. Its scientific approach to activity management and diet helps people manage their weight better forever. It trains campers on the skills required to have a healthy weight and offers families a sustainable and simple solution in order to More »

Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center

teen addiction rescue youth

What Is Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center? The Prevention & Recovery Center is part of the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, which is the largest, not for profit hospital in Texas. The center serves as the drug and alcohol treatment center with 60 beds for young adults who come to the center for their alcohol More »

Scholarship Scam Alerts

Scholarship Scam Alerts

Many legitimate companies promote their organization as an entity, which can provide scholarship listings for students for a fee between $10 and $400 while some entities charge fees for matching a student’s profile to a list of scholarships where the student can apply. Most of these entities do not promise or guarantee grants or scholarships. More »

Louisiana Youth ChalleNGe

Louisiana Youth Challenge Military Teen Education Program Rescue Youth Parent Resources

What Is The Louisiana Youth ChalleNGe Program? The Louisiana Youth ChalleNGe Program is committed in helping at-risk youths to be responsible and productive members of the community and to realize their education goals. The resident phase is a five-month program wherein a participant attends an alternative military-like school so that he/she can have a chance More »

College Awareness and Planning: 4 Things to Avoid

College Awarness and Planning

Most teenagers are not aware of the fact that they can be denied admittance to the college of their choice if they do something that the admissions board considers to be unsavory. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to ensure that their teens have a firm understanding of the type of behavior that could end More »

One Tough Job

One Tough Job Children's Trust Fund

One Tough Job is both a website and campaign, which is sponsored by the Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund. The Trust Fund has been in existence since 1988 and has been working for the protection of children and strengthening of families. It also aims to support parents by offering information and skills so that they can More »