Troubled teen help and resources for parents including boarding schools and therapeutic programs like schools for troubled teens and troubled teen ranches.


Teen Challenge Columbus Girls Academy

Columbus Girls Academy offers a structured Christian boarding school environment for struggling teenage girls. The therapeutic Christian school focuses on character growth, spiritual life, and personal responsibility to help girls overcome life-controlling issues. Columbus Girls Academy offers help to troubled girls through four main components: spiritual, academic, physical and social. >> MORE

Top Five Warning Signs Teenagers Send When They Are Struggling


Even healthy, well-adjusted teens go through mood and behavioral changes, whether it is in personality or in relationships.  But how do you determine when these changes are becoming truly problematic? Here are five strong signals that our kids will send to us when the pressure of the world around them is challenging their roots and they are becoming unsteady…>> MORE

Rehab From Addiction Through Sports


Drug or alcohol addiction can be a serious problem that can ruin a person’s life. Fortunately, though, there are ways an addict can kick the habit once and for all, especially through participation in sports. If you or someone you love needs help for a drug or alcohol addiction, this help can be found by More »

National Indian Youth Leadership Project

National Indian Youth Leadership Project

What is the National Indian Youth Leadership Project? The National Indian Youth Leadership Project is a Native American charitable institution incorporated in New Mexico in the 1980’s. Because of its exceptional assessment information in building options for drug, tobacco, and alcohol abuse, Project Venture has been acknowledged by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention as More »

Bicycle Safety: 6 Tips to Teaching our Kids the Rules of the Road

Bicycle Safety

Riding a bicycle is a very important part of growing up. In many cases, it is the first form of freedom that parents give to their children as they grow. For older teens, bicycles provide easy and inexpensive transportation along with that sense of freedom. However, riding a bicycle at any age comes with responsibility. More »

The Children’s Cabinet – Nevada

The Children's Cabinet Nevada Rescue Youth Parent Resources

What Is Children’s Cabinet? Children’s Cabinet was founded in December 1985 through the efforts of Michael Dermody, who wished to bring together business leaders and public officials in order to find solutions to the needs of children in a community. It is a nonprofit organization, which looks into the dilemmas facing children and their families More »

Criminal Kids: What To Do If Your Child Has Been Arrested


It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: getting a phone call from the local police department to let you know your child has been arrested on criminal grounds. There’s the anger, the shame and the feeling that this is somehow your fault. While it’s easy to try to place blame and feel a roller-coaster of emotions, it’s More »

Boys & Girls Clubs in Indian Country

Boy and Girls Club in Indian Country Rescue Youth

What Is Boys & Girls Clubs Of America? BGCA or Boys and Girls Clubs of America were referred to as the #1 among all youth institutions for seven continuous years by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. It was also rated among the best nonprofit institutions in the United States of America based on the economical utilization More »

Summer Singing Camps for Kids

Summer Singing Camps for Kids Rescue Youth Parent Guide

You don’t have to win, or even compete in, high profile television shows such as America’s Got Talent or the X-Factor to experience the thrill of live performance. For every budding Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber just waiting for their spot in the limelight, there is no better summer vacation experience than singing camps for More »

HOPE Program Pilots Strong Probation Methods for Addicts without Mandatory Drug Treatment


HOPE program pilots strong probation methods for addicts without mandatory drug treatment. Drug courts have been at the forefront of using strong probation methods in Texas and throughout the country, but evidence-based practices in community supervision are applicable to all sorts of crimes and dont necessarily involve drug treatment. So I was interested to read More »

Native American Youth & Family Center

Native American Youth & Family Center

What Is The National American Youth and Family Center? The Native American Youth and Family Center is located in Portland, Oregon. It operates to improve the lives of the Native families and youth through culturally unique programming, community engagement, and education. It also has offered immediate support to lessen poverty as well as ethnic arts More »

Your Teen, A Magazine for Parents


Includes a wide range of articles from parent and teen relationships to discipline and teen health. Related articles “Don’t Lecture Me” – 3 Ways to Impart Wisdom to Your Teen Without Lecturing Frontline’s “Inside the Teenage Brain” Psychopathic Traits In Teens Not Cast In Stone Essentials of Teen Nutrition: What to Feed your Teen More »

What Successful Parents Know about Leadership


When you are going about your day to day parenting duties do you ever wonder what exactly does it mean to be a parent? This article about Leadership, digs deeper into this ongoing discussion about why we parent, and what our purpose is as parents in society today. There are lots of ways a person More »

The Disneyland Daddy

Disneyland Dad Rescue Youth Parent Articles

The Disneyland Daddy by James Lehman, MSW Vicki is the single mother of Alex (12), Ryan (8) and Jessica (6). To make ends meet, she works two jobs—as a receptionist during the week and part-time catering on weekends. She has been divorced from Mike, a supervisor for a building contractor, for two years. Her relationship with More »

Florida Youth ChalleNGe Academy

Florida Youth ChalleNGe Academy

What Is The Florida Youth ChalleNGe Academy? The Florida Youth ChalleNGe Academy offers a voluntary program, which lasts for 17.5 months for at-risk youths, aged 16 to 18. It has a 5.5 months residential phase and a one-year post residential program. The program’s residential phase is administered in a motivational and highly disciplined environment, which More »

Sequel Three Springs of Indiana Treatment Program

Happy Teen Rescue Youth School and Program Directory

What Is Sequel Three Springs of Indiana? Sequel TSI is a leader in youth services which is recognized all over the United States of America as the premier education and therapy provider to struggling adolescents who have learning, behavioral, and emotional issues. It aims to prepare both adolescents and their families to have fulfilling and More »

Forest Acres Summer Camp for Girls and Indian Acres Summer Camp for Boys


What Is Forest And Indian Acres? Forest and Indian Acres are two separate summer camp programs. Forest Acres is a program for girls while Indian Acres is for boys. Each camp strives to encourage a cheerful and supportive atmosphere so that each child can learn different values and skills, foster friendships, and have fun. Every More »

Getting Your Driver’s License


What Parents Must Know About Juvenile Delinquency

What Parents Must Know About Juvenile Delinquency

A number of children under the age of 18 have been reported to be involved in juvenile delinquency in the recent years. This is why many communities are determined to reduce the rate of juvenile delinquency by helping families and friends understand the possible root causes of the problem and explain the consequences that lie More »

Bluegrass ChalleNGe Academy

Bluegrass Challenge Academy Military Boarding School Rescue Youth Parent Resources

What Is Bluegrass ChalleNGe Academy? Bluegrass ChalleNGe Academy trains and mentors youths who are at-risks to be contributing members of the community. It employs the eight core components in a 22-week residential and 12-month post residential program in a quasi-military environment, which resembles military training including chain of command, self-discipline, respect, and attention to detail. More »

El Paso Center for Children – TX

El Paso Center for Children Homeless Shelter Rescue Youth

What Is El Paso Center For Children? The El Paso Center for Children cares for the youth in El Paso by providing them specialized care and homes not only for children but for their families as well. The center’s origin can be traced back to the first orphanages of El Paso, St. Margaret’s Home for More »

Camp Shane Summer Camps

Weight Loss Summer Camp for Kids Rescue Youth

What Is Camp Shane? Camp Shane was established in 1968 and has since been a successful weight loss camp for children and young adults. It is found in New York, Georgia, and California. The camp also boasts of mature and superb adult staff, impressive facility, and excellent planning which provide the best experience for each More »

Midwest Center For Youth and Families

Teen Mental Health Treatment Facilities Rescue Youth Parent Guide

What Is Midwest Center For Youth And Families? Midwest Center for Youth and Families was established in 1997 and has specialization in providing residential treatment in an exceptionally structured for children, ages six to eighteen. It helps at-risk children overcome psychological, mental, emotional, or behavioral problems, which may have resulted to problems in socialization, peer More »

Under 21 And DUI Arrest: What Happens Next?

Under 21 and DUI Arrest, What Happens Next

Being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) is a very serious offense. If convicted, the outcome will change your life. You will face financial penalties, possible incarceration, and loss of your driving privileges. These punishments are enhanced, however, for those convicted of a DUI who are under the legal drinking age of 21. Massachusetts More »

How Parents Can Help Teens in Handling Anger Issues

How Parents Can Help Teens in Handling Anger Issues

Parenting is a huge responsibility especially in today’s modern environment where a lot of factors can contribute to a child’s behavior. The tough part comes once you have to do some teen parenting. Teenage years are known to be a challenge not only to kids but to their parents as well. This phase in your More »

Open Sky Wilderness

Wilderness Therapy Programs for Teens Rescue Youth Parent Resources

What Is Open Sky? Open Sky is a wilderness therapy program, which offers holistic healing. It is the only program, which has an entire team, which is devoted in each of the participant’s wellness and health. Its research director ensures the effectiveness of its program by conducting research in order to guide the team in More »

Scholarship Scam Alerts

Scholarship Scam Alerts

Many legitimate companies promote their organization as an entity, which can provide scholarship listings for students for a fee between $10 and $400 while some entities charge fees for matching a student’s profile to a list of scholarships where the student can apply. Most of these entities do not promise or guarantee grants or scholarships. More »

The National Runaway Switchboard

National Runaway Switchboard

The National Runaway Switchboard is designated by the federal government to be the national communication system for homeless and runaway youth. Teenagers and their family members can call the hotline 24/7 if they have problems and want help regarding social service organizations and agencies. Callers can call if they need counseling, medical assistance, food, shelter More »

Teens on Motorcycles: Easy Rider or Hell on Wheels?


Hitting the road can give your teen that all-important freedom and independence they crave. However, the road rules between bikes and motorcycles can be vast, as can the chances of accidents and injuries. According to statistics, the risk of dying in a motorcycle crash is 16 times more likely than if someone is involved in More »

How to Approach a Troubled Teen

How to Approach a Troubled Teen

As parents, it’s very difficult for us to see that our children are suffering from peer pressure, especially if it’s already causing them a variety of problems. We don’t know how to talk to them about what’s bothering them, and we don’t even know how to approach them. For this reason, here are some tips More »

Robert Land Academy

Robert Land Academy Military Style Boys School Rescue Youth

What Is Robert Land Academy? Robert Land Academy is a boarding school for boys who are in grades 6 to 12. A not for profit, military style school, Robert Land Academy is successful with boys who have been diagnosed with ODD, ADHD/ADD, and other learning disorders. It has a highly structured program, which enables boys More »