Troubled teen help and resources for parents including boarding schools and therapeutic programs like troubled teen homes and boarding schools troubled teens.


Teen Challenge Columbus Girls Academy

Columbus Girls Academy offers a structured Christian boarding school environment for struggling teenage girls. The therapeutic Christian school focuses on character growth, spiritual life, and personal responsibility to help girls overcome life-controlling issues. Columbus Girls Academy offers help to troubled girls through four main components: spiritual, academic, physical and social. >> MORE

Top Five Warning Signs Teenagers Send When They Are Struggling


Even healthy, well-adjusted teens go through mood and behavioral changes, whether it is in personality or in relationships.  But how do you determine when these changes are becoming truly problematic? Here are five strong signals that our kids will send to us when the pressure of the world around them is challenging their roots and they are becoming unsteady…>> MORE

Army and Navy Academy


One of the finest college-preparatory boarding school for boys in the nation, Army and Navy Academy includes grades 7-12. While developing honorable and responsible character, the school provides a huge variety of classes and activities, sports and even surfing. 96% of the students are accepted into prestigious colleges — few actually go into the… More »

Free and Low Cost Programs for Troubled Teens

low-cost troubled teen programs and schools

If you have a troubled teenager and have limited income, we’ve prepared a list of lower cost or free programs and boarding schools you may want to consider, though they are usually full, with a long wait list. Please contact these programs directly — we cannot recommend them or contact them for you.        More »

What Successful Parents Know about Leadership


When you are going about your day to day parenting duties do you ever wonder what exactly does it mean to be a parent? This article about Leadership, digs deeper into this ongoing discussion about why we parent, and what our purpose is as parents in society today. There are lots of ways a person More »

One Tough Job

One Tough Job Children's Trust Fund

One Tough Job is both a website and campaign, which is sponsored by the Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund. The Trust Fund has been in existence since 1988 and has been working for the protection of children and strengthening of families. It also aims to support parents by offering information and skills so that they can More »

College Excel

Parent Resources for the Troubled Teens Rescue Youth College Programs

What Is College Excel? College Excel is a residential, private program which aids students in building academic and personal confidence while they study in college. Aside from its program, the students are also enrolled at the Oregon State’s Cascade Campus or at the local community college for additional courses. Each of the students receives guidance More »

4 Ways to Talk to your Teen about Responsible Driving

Responsible Driving

Talking to your teenager about the importance of responsible driving can help prevent them from ending up in a catastrophic accident. However, it is also important to be prepared to contact an auto accident attorney if your teen ends up causing a serious traffic incident. After all, the other party could end up filing a More »

Mesothelioma in Children: Know the Facts

Mesothelioma in Children Know the Facts

Mesothelioma is typically associated with older individuals because it is common for it to take several decades for this serious medical condition to develop. However, this does not mean that children are immune from the possibility of contracting this illness at a young age. Additionally, it is important to consider the fact that anything your More »

Teen Mum to Entrepreneur

Teen Mum to Entrepreneur

Never did I think I would become pregnant at 18. I had spent the last 7 years studying my GCSES where I achieved 10 A-Cs and a business and management national diploma at A level as I always knew I wanted to start my own business. I had been working part time while at college More »

Teen Tattoos: How To Talk Your Child Out of Permanent Body Art


Talking to your teenager about anything can be difficult. They are very opinionated, very determined, and very against anything their parents say. It is not because they do not love or respect their parents; it is simply because they are struggling with growing up. Approaching them about something as life-changing as a permanent tattoo can More »

Pre-teen Girls and Sexualised Clothing: Setting the Boundaries


  You may have seen a UK program entitled The Sex Education Show: Stop Pimping Our Kids earlier this year in which high street discount fashion retailer Primark was targeted for wrongly – at least in the opinions of concerned parents – marketing and selling mature clothing items for kids. Items which outraged mothers up More »

Teens and Smartphones: Five Rules to Live By

Teens and Smartphones Five Rules to Live By

Most teenagers today have a cell phone. Many parents find that cell phones are the easiest way to communicate with their teenage children. If you’re planning on purchasing your teenager a smartphone, it’s important that you lay down the ground rules ahead of time. Here are five things you should do before a phone hits your More »

Non-Profit Runaway & Missing Child Locator Organizations

Missing & Runaway Child Locator Organizations Rescue Youth Parent Resources

Current studies suggest that the primary cause of youth homelessness is family dysfunction in the form of parental neglect, physical or sexual abuse, family substance abuse, and family violence. Strict behavior and continual punishment or neglect of a child are shown to be main reasons for runaway youths. Studies also show that 89% of child More »

Your Teen, A Magazine for Parents


Includes a wide range of articles from parent and teen relationships to discipline and teen health. Related articles “Don’t Lecture Me” – 3 Ways to Impart Wisdom to Your Teen Without Lecturing Frontline’s “Inside the Teenage Brain” Psychopathic Traits In Teens Not Cast In Stone Essentials of Teen Nutrition: What to Feed your Teen More »

Teen Challenge Columbus Girls Academy


Columbus Girls Academy offers a structured Christian boarding school environment for struggling teenage girls. The therapeutic Christian school focuses on character growth, spiritual life, and personal responsibility to help girls overcome life-controlling issues. Columbus Girls Academy offers help to troubled girls through four main components: spiritual, academic, physical and social.

Riverside Military Academy

Riverside Military Academy

What Is Riverside Military Academy? Riverside is an all-boys military college preparatory school located in Gainesville, Georgia. It prepares the boys for college and adult life with its military structure, which supports the education they have in the academy. The program includes leadership development, athletics, and academics, which are all necessary for the boys’ success More »

New Haven


What Is New Haven? Established in 1996, New Haven was founded by therapists Craig LaMont and Mark McGregor. Catering to adolescent girls, the treatment center offers team-based and clinically sophisticated treatment approach. Adolescent girls who are taken into the program come from various parts of the United States of America and the world. New Haven More »

CAFETY Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth

CAFETY Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth

Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth (CAFETY) is an organization, which secures and promotes the youth’s human rights in residential placement. It works to change the policy and care practice in residential treatment centers. It also taps survivors/alumni of these treatment centers in order to serve as an extended family for each other, More »

3 Tips to Getting Your Teen To Enjoy Some Time at Home


There is nothing we can do to prevent our children from growing up. In fact, for most of us, we really don’t want to do that. However, that doesn’t mean we want to suddenly start seeing them far less than we ever did either. One day, they will be out of the house forever…well, most More »

Freestate ChalleNGe Academy

Freestate ChalleNGe Academy Rescue Youth

What Is Freestate ChalleNGe Academy? A Project of the National Guard, the ChalleNGe Academy aims to provide self-discipline, education, skills, and value to high school dropouts. It started in 1993 and currently operating in at least 27 states in the United States of America. The Maryland Freestate ChalleNGe Academy is one of the original states, More »

Road Rage: Teaching Your Teen to Drive Calmly

Road Rage Teaching Your Teen to Drive Calmly

We’ve all done it. Nearly every driver has, at one point, shouted at another vehicle, questioned their sanity, shaken their fist or even have gone so far to treat them to an obscene hand gesture or two. While driving can have its frustrations and it may feel like you’re just blowing off steam, road rage More »

Vantage Point By Aspiro

vantage point teen wilderness therapy rescue youth parent resources

What Is Vantage Point? Vantage Point is and assessment program and short-term, clinically advanced, wilderness adventure therapy situated in Mt. Pleasant in Utah. It provides comprehensive treatment for teenagers, ages 13 to 17, who have problems with different emotional, neuro-developmental, behavioral, learning, and psychological difficulties. These teens are supervised by experienced professionals who ensure their More »

Music gets troubled teens back on track – Education – Bury Free Press

News Stories Rescue Youth

MUSIC is being used to help young people re-engage with education and put their lives back on track. Simon Glenister established Noise Solution to give young people referred from schemes such as Youth Offenders and Social Services the opportunity to learn how to make music. via Music gets troubled teens back on track – Education More »

Put Me In Coach, I’m Ready To Parent!

Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready To Parent

Although there are certain aspects of parenting that come naturally, including the desire to keep your children safe, there are still several things that all parents need to do. In other words, it does not matter if you are a child’s biological parent, their stepparent, or their foster parent, because you are still going to More »

Parent Coach Trainers Academy

Parent Coach Trainers Academy

The PTCA or Parent Coach Trainers Academy provides expert coach training for people who are working, or wish to work with, parents of young adults and teens who are facing unique challenges in rearing their kids. The “Coaching for Parents of Struggling Teens and Young Adults” course is designed to help individuals support parents in More »

Mack Strong Team-Works Academy

Mack Strong Team Works Academy

What Is Mack Strong Team-Works Academy? The Team-Works Academy is Washington Chapter HOPE’s program all across the globe. HOPE is a faith-based development and relief organization, which is committed to serve the needy and poor. Founded in 1991, it offers services to at-risk people in the region of Puget Sound via the Mack Strong Team-Works More »

Kids Health


Kids Health provides information about teens and kids for free. Often visited for its information, the website offers nuggets of wisdom regarding children’s development, behavior, and health. The website is segregated into three parts: for teens, for kids, and for parents. A project of The Nemours Foundation’s Center for Children’s Health Media, the website offers More »

Camp Shane Summer Camps

Weight Loss Summer Camp for Kids Rescue Youth

What Is Camp Shane? Camp Shane was established in 1968 and has since been a successful weight loss camp for children and young adults. It is found in New York, Georgia, and California. The camp also boasts of mature and superb adult staff, impressive facility, and excellent planning which provide the best experience for each More »

New Summit Academy

New Summit Academy Boys Boarding School Costa Rica Rescue Youth Resource Guide

What Is New Summit Academy? New Summit Academy is a personal growth, independent, and year-round boarding school for teenage boys. It is situated in a mountain town in Costa Rica and offers the best environment for adventurous experiential education, interesting college preparatory academics, and personal insight building. New Summit caters to teenage boys from grades More »

How to Keep the Violence Out of Your Home

Violent Video Games Effect of Teen Rescue Youth Parent Articles

How to Keep the Violence Out of Your Home by James Lehman, MSW Fifteen minutes with Grand Theft Auto–San Andreas and Josh (age 14, under the persona of CJ in the game) has killed ten gang members and made off with over $100,000 dollars. He pulls another “Baller” out of his car and cuts him in More »