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Bluegrass ChalleNGe Academy

Bluegrass Challenge Academy Military Boarding School Rescue Youth Parent Resources

What Is Bluegrass ChalleNGe Academy?

Bluegrass ChalleNGe Academy trains and mentors youths who are at-risks to be contributing members of the community. It employs the eight core components in a 22-week residential and 12-month post residential program in a quasi-military environment, which resembles military training including chain of command, self-discipline, respect, and attention to detail.

The academy accepts 16 to 18 year-old participants who are drug-free, physically and mentally capable, educationally at risk, not convicted or indicted of any felony, and Kentucky resident.

The Bluegrass ChalleNGe Academy

The participants must demonstrate mastery of the eight core components before he/she is allowed to graduate. The components aim to teach and produce youth who will be productive members of the society after graduation.

  • Academic Excellence: In this program, the participant’s education skills are enhanced and a desire for continuous self-improvement is instilled in him/her. Classes include essay/writing skills, arts and literature, social studies, science and math. In order to evaluate educational progress and performance, the Adult Basic Education test is utilized.
  • Life Coping Skills: The participant understands desires, needs, and attitudes, which motivates him/her as citizens, academy’s members, and individuals. He/she attends workshops and classes like budgeting, parenting, team-building skills, gender stereotyping, stress management, anger management, and substance abuse.
  • Job skills: The participant is taught job hunting and interview skills so that he/she is equipped with the necessary skills in conducting job searches.
  • Health and Hygiene: The participant can positively correlate hygiene and good health habits to life-long emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Sexual responsibility, nutrition, and smoking cessation classes are also offered.
  • Responsible citizenship: The participant develops an understanding of honor code, justice, violence prevention, and cultural awareness in order to support the community.
  • Service to the Society: The participant develops an understanding of the rewards he/she gains by volunteering at community agencies and projects.
  • Leadership/Followership: The participant acquires the skills needed to be a good member of the community, to be a good follower, and acquires exposure to a good leader’s traits in order to prepare him/her to become a leader when there is an opportunity.
  • Physical Fitness: The participant leans the value of long-time commitment to mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

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