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What Is El Paso Center For Children?

The El Paso Center for Children cares for the youth in El Paso by providing them specialized care and homes not only for children but for their families as well. The center’s origin can be traced back to the first orphanages of El Paso, St. Margaret’s Home for Children, and Southwestern Children’s Home. These two orphanages merged in 1982 to form the El Paso Center for Children because they want to diversify and expand to include not only children but families also. Set on a seven-acre land in the center of El Paso in Texas, the center is dedicated in meeting the needs of problematic young adults and their families by working with other charitable institutions and the government.

The El Paso Center for Children Programs

• Run Shelter and Star (Services To At-Risk Youth)

The Run Shelter and Star offers homeless and runaway youths, aged 10 to 17 years old, and families and youth who are at risk of family separation, delinquency, and abuse. It helps safeguard the safety and health of these youths through the provision of support and family reunification services, skills training, counseling, and shelter.

 • Therapeutic Homes Program

The Therapeutic Homes Program provides treatment foster care for adolescents and children who have behavioral and emotional disturbances. Relying on professional and well trained therapeutic foster parents, the program aids the youth in learning to effectively function in the community, at school, and at home. The foster parents have the support of community professionals, teachers, doctors, therapists, and clinicians.

 • Healthy Marriage Initiative Program

Targeting Hispanic couples who belong to the low-income group and with children below 15 years old, the program provides access to marriage education services so that the couples can obtain knowledge and skills in order to sustain and strengthen their healthy marriages. Couples are given planned activities, transportation, and childcare assistance, access to local resources, counseling, guidance, and marriage education.


2200 N. Stevens St.
El Paso, TX  79930
PH: (915) 565-8361
FAX: (915) 565-0621

Email: info@epccinc.org

Therapeutic Homes Program
PH: (915) 565-5021

Runaway Shelter & STAR
PH: (915) 562-4765

Healthy Families Initiative
PH: (915) 564-1713


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