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Pride for Youth

What Is Pride For Youth?


Pride for Youth is an advocate for young LGBT. Its mission is to improve the cultural competency, wellness, and health of young LGBTs by providing youth development, education, and supportive services. Problems such as institutionalized bias, lack of understanding, stigma, and homophobia restrict some of these youths from attaining their potential. The organization provides supports and opportunities which assist the youth so that they can build a responsive community, burst through obstacles and healthy development as they grow. Started in Long Island in 1993, Pride for Youth provides different services to cater to the needs of young LGBTs and their families.


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The Pride for Youth Program


The program provides for counseling and support, and community education. It offers workshops such “Understanding Homophobia”; “Understanding Transphobi”; “Working with LGBT Youth”; and “Making Schools Safer for LGBT Students.” Currently offered free of charge to schools in Nassau County but can be held in other settings or locations for a fee. Understanding Homophobia teaches young LGBTs about the concepts of sexual orientation, homophobia, prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination through questions and answers, and interactive discussion. Making Schools Safer for LGBT Students workshop is a training program for school staffs and teachers so that they will be sensitized to homophobia’s impact in schools. They are taught realistic strategies to better handle homophobia in class.


Working with LGBT Youth workshop is for professionals who work with LGBT youths so that they can understand transgender and gay identity development better. The professionals will be taught appropriate interventions to assist LGBT youths so that suicide, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, and other problems can be reduced. This workshop is fit for mental health and health providers, and school staffs who work directly with these young people. Understanding Transphobia, on the other hand, is a workshop for both teenagers and adults who have gone through the Understanding Homophobia workshop so that they can appreciate and understand gender diversity better.


Pride for Youth also offers confidential, short term, and free counseling for young LGBTs under the age of 25. Young LGBTs frequently go to counseling because of HIV/AIDS worries, drug use or alcohol concern, relationship problems, conflict with peers and family members, unsure of one’s identity, and fears of coming out it the open. It also has support groups where young LGBTs can learn more about themselves and assist each other with the usual problems. Theater and/or creative arts are often used as a tool to help these youths develop new talents and positively express themselves.


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