Teen Drug Addiction Information. Resources for parents of teenagers, including schools for troubled teens and Christian boarding schools and boarding schools with therapy.

Parent Support

Teen Drug Addiction Information

The National Institutes of Health, through the National Institute on Drug Abuse, launched a website to help teach adolescents, aged 11 to 15, about drug abuse. Catering to teachers and parents as well, the institute was able to tap teenagers while developing the site so that its content appropriately addresses their concerns in a timely More »

Club Drugs

Raves are mostly found in metropolitan areas and are being introduced to rural areas as well. They are all-night, high-energy dances, which have flashing laser lights and hard pounding techno-music. These parties are often held in empty buildings, open fields, abandoned warehouses, and permanent dance clubs. Organizers advertise these parties as “alcohol free,” “drug free”and“safe.” More »

Parenting Magazine

Parenting Magazine was launched by Time Inc. in 1987 for American families. The magazine was divided in 2009 into two targeting different markets: the Parenting Early Years are for mothers with infants up to preschoolers while Parenting School Years are for mothers with kids from Kindergarten to 12 years old. The magazine averages 2,200,000 copies More »

Parenting Teens & Tweens Support Group


Parent Further Resource for Families

ParentFurther helps parents raise successful, responsible, healthy, and caring children. It offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use resource, which builds a one-of-a-kind community, which offers access to everyday, practical steps and support with various parenting issues. The tools and information offered are all research-based which have been proven and tested. With ParentFurther, parents are provided with More »

Your Teen, A Magazine for Parents

Includes a wide range of articles from parent and teen relationships to discipline and teen health. http://yourteenmag.com/ Related articles “Don’t Lecture Me” – 3 Ways to Impart Wisdom to Your Teen Without Lecturing Frontline’s “Inside the Teenage Brain” Psychopathic Traits In Teens Not Cast In Stone Essentials of Teen Nutrition: What to Feed your Teen More »

Dealing With Aggressive Children

aggressive kids fighting rescue youth parenting resources

Although aggressive behavior such as hitting, screaming, and even biting is not seen as all that unusual from a child of one or two years of age, the same conduct in children merely a year or two older is often seen as cruel and problematic. Controlling feelings and emotions is, however, a learned skill and More »

5 Ways to Handle Your Child’s Anger

angry teen anger issued rescue youth parenting resources

Children can feel and express anger at a very young age. As they grow older, their understanding towards people and things around them starts to advance. Therefore, their way of expressing anger will also change, eventually. As they grow up, situations that will cause them to become angry will increase. By now, they tend to More »

Love and Logic

The Love and Logic Institute makes teaching and parenting rewarding and fun. It offers practical techniques and tools which will help parents and adults attain a healthy and respectful relationships with children. Children learn best when they are assigned a task and are permitted to decide for themselves. They must be allowed to fail but More »

Parent Information about Smoking and Tobacco Use

The habit of tobacco use and smoking starts during adolescence. Many adult smokers, some 80%, have been found to smoke even before they reach their 18th birthday. Most teenagers who use smokeless tobacco become cigarette smokers when they become adults. Although cigarette use in adults is steadily declining, there has been an increase in American More »

Conduct Disorders – A Soft Place to Land for the Battle Weary Parent

Conduct Disorders is a site for parents who have kids with various diagnoses and issues. It offers information on how to raise kids. Its forum allows parents to interact with each other. Established in 1998, the site was created by Deborah McHugh, a teacher in dropout prevention. Conduct Disorders offers a supportive community even for More »

A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety

The internet has opened many possibilities even to children. It has widened their horizons as well as exposed them to different ways of life and cultures. However, these children are also exposed to the everyday dangers, as there are people who try to exploit children sexually through the internet and online services. These unscrupulous individuals More »

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a toll-free, 24-hour, confidential hotline for suicide prevention, which targets everybody who is in emotional distress or suicidal crisis. Just by calling the hotline, anybody’s call is directed to the crisis center, which is nearest the origin of the call. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has at least 150 More »

Right Direction Crisis Intervention

What Is Right Direction Crisis Intervention? Right Direction Crisis Intervention helps young people in difficult situations. The employees of Right Direction are all trained on non-violent crisis intervention. The Interventionists observe high standards so that they can role models. Right Direction Crisis Intervention Program The Interventionists of Right Direction Crisis Intervention are trained not to More »

One Tough Job

One Tough Job is both a website and campaign, which is sponsored by the Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund. The Trust Fund has been in existence since 1988 and has been working for the protection of children and strengthening of families. It also aims to support parents by offering information and skills so that they can More »