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SUWS School of Urban and Wilderness Survival

SUWS School of Urban and Wilderness Survival

What Is School of Urban and Wilderness Survival?

In recent years, SUWS was referred to as The School of Urban and Wilderness Survival, which is focused on primary survivalist approach. It slowly grew from its humble beginnings to the kind of comprehensive treatment program with curriculum oriented towards emotional growth. Located in Shoshone, Idaho, SUWS Youth’s mission is to prepare its students by cultivating a solid foundation of personal value and self-worth so that they will rediscover hope via the excellent reference experiences.

The SUWS Youth Programs

• SUWS Youth Wilderness Program

SUWs Youth is one of the most established and oldest organizations offering a wilderness program in the United States of America. The youth program offers a program with a minimum stay of 28 days for struggling adolescents, aged 11 to 17, who have problems with coping and behaviors. These kids may demonstrate beliefs and feelings including sadness, anger, running away, rebellion, impulsiveness, lying, failing in school, manipulation, out of control, low self-esteem, unreasonableness, and defiance. At SUWS Youth, the child’s problem is addressed by dealing with the underlying causes of unhealthy and negative behaviors.

• SUWS Journeys

SUWS Journeys is a program for young men, aged 18 to 26, who have struggles spiritually, academically, socially, psychologically, and emotionally. It is a 42-day program featuring extensive clinical testing, aptitude and learning styles assessments, ropes courses possibilities, equine-assisted psychotherapy, exhaustive experiential learning, limited family involvement, group therapy sessions, and exhaustive regular individual therapy.

Young men accepted into the program includes those who dropped out of college, drug and/or alcohol user, have processing difficulties, gaming addictions, social awkwardness, poor relationship skills, low self-confidence, lack of motivation, impulsiveness, failing to launch, issues with anger management, and academic failure. In SUWS Journeys, each young man is assisted so that he develops his capabilities and skills in values clarification, service to others, self-esteem, future planning, identifying support group, goal setting, family relationships and roles, and character development.

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