Alcohol & Your Teen: What Should You do if They’re Drinking?. Resources for parents of teenagers, including behavioral boarding schools and therapeutic boarding schools and programs for troubled teens.

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Alcohol & Your Teen: What Should You do if They’re Drinking?

Parents of teens already know that there is a considerable chance that their teen will experiment with alcohol before they are legally able to drink. In fact, according to, 72% of high schoolers will try alcohol before they even graduate. Regardless of everything you strive to teach them about this subject, peer pressure may win. More »

7 Alcohol Facts Every Teen Should Know

As summer approaches, teenagers will be free to spend time with their friends and enjoy themselves. Sunsets are later, which provides them with more hours to take advantage of their freedom. Unfortunately, some teens don’t use as much common sense as they should. Drinking alcohol is a common pastime for some teenagers, and most of More »