Talking to Your Teen about Drinking and Driving. Resources for parents of teenagers, including troubled teen ranches and affordable boarding schools and boarding schools.


Talking to Your Teen about Drinking and Driving

Making an impression about the effects of drinking and driving on your teen can be a challenge. At this age, your teen may think that they know it all and are invincible to the dangers that are associated with it. However, it’s important to find a way to get through to them and speak to More »

Consequences of Joy Riding – What You Need to Show Your Teen

Taking a joy ride with no specific destination is common for teenagers, especially when they have friends with them. However, this can end up becoming an issue if the teen decides to start speeding or driving erratically in order to impress or scare their friends. Additionally, teenagers are more likely to be enticed into participating More »

Bicycle Safety: 6 Tips to Teaching our Kids the Rules of the Road

Riding a bicycle is a very important part of growing up. In many cases, it is the first form of freedom that parents give to their children as they grow. For older teens, bicycles provide easy and inexpensive transportation along with that sense of freedom. However, riding a bicycle at any age comes with responsibility. More »

Growing Teen: 5 Ways to Encourage Independence

Parents who have teenagers often realize that the teen years are ideal for teaching their children important lessons in responsibility and forethought. With their teens being on the cusp of adulthood, these lessons must be taught early and reinforced frequently. When parents wonder what lessons teens need to learn, they may focus on those that More »



What Is CHRIS Kids? The Atlanta Junior League with the Menninger Foundation founded CHARLEE (Children Have All Rights – Legal, Educational, and Emotional) in 1981 in order to serve neglected and abused youth in metro Atlanta. Beginning with three group homes, CHARLEE began serving children with therapeutic and mental health needs in foster care. CHARLEE More »


Help your Teenager Suceed

What Is Vive? Vive is an organization offering therapeutic mentoring for teenagers along with coaching their parents for the much need support. Both parents and mentors support the family by offering real time, experiential support in the teenager’s home. Vive has regional offices in Boston, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver/Boulder, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. More »

Teens on Motorcycles: Easy Rider or Hell on Wheels?

Hitting the road can give your teen that all-important freedom and independence they crave. However, the road rules between bikes and motorcycles can be vast, as can the chances of accidents and injuries. According to statistics, the risk of dying in a motorcycle crash is 16 times more likely than if someone is involved in More »