Will Letting Your Troubled Teen Spend a Night in Jail Help Him?. Resources for parents of teenagers, including schools for troubled teens and and Christian boarding schools.


Will Letting Your Troubled Teen Spend a Night in Jail Help Him?

Dealing with a troubled teen who’s going around with a bad crowd is very difficult. His choice of friends could get him into a lot of trouble. Peer pressure alone could make him do things that he normally would not do. There is the need to belong to the group, and unfortunately, he will do More »

5 Tips to Help Keep Your Teen Out of Jail

Society, today, is not quite what it used to be. Today’s youth has gone from bad to worse in terms of behavior. Teens today get arrested for criminal charges such as drug possession or substance abuse, illegal possession of firearms, rape, assault, murder, destruction of private property, theft – you name it. People often wonder More »

Should You Leave Your Rebellious Teen in Jail?

One of the things that is sure to break the heart of any parent is a rebellious teen. The number of times you remind them to be good won’t matter that much if they fall into bad company. Peer pressure alone may be able to compel them to do things they wouldn’t normally do, like More »