What Do You Do If Your Child Starts Lying To You?. Resources for parents of teenagers, including troubled teen schools and homes for troubled youth and Christian boarding school for troubled teen.

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What Do You Do If Your Child Starts Lying To You?

Every parent wants to raise a child they can always trust (Even the worst criminals would like to trust their kids). But what happens when your child starts lying to you? What do you do? What most parents do is to start a series of lessons on the ills of lying. But while giving a More »

The Children’s Cabinet – Nevada

The Children's Cabinet Nevada Rescue Youth Parent Resources

What Is Children’s Cabinet? Children’s Cabinet was founded in December 1985 through the efforts of Michael Dermody, who wished to bring together business leaders and public officials in order to find solutions to the needs of children in a community. It is a nonprofit organization, which looks into the dilemmas facing children and their families More »

Childhelp Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse

Childhelp’s purpose is to provide for the spiritual, educational, emotional, and physical needs of at-risk, neglected, and abused children. A non-for profit organization, Childhelp is an independent organization, which promotes children’s rights against neglect and abuse. Primarily focused on community outreach, treatment, prevention, and advocacy, it was established in 1959 and has become the leading More »

Developing Your Leadership Skills to Gain the Respect of Your Children

While it is important to be friendly and sociable with your children, you also need to command their respect. Sometimes, you need to be a child’s parent and not his or her friend, and this is where leadership qualities are so important. If you want to make sure that your child respects you and the More »