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Is Clutter Affecting Your Child’s Mental Health

It is the eternal struggle, “clean up your room.” Have you ever stopped to consider that your child’s messy room is causing them just as much distress as it is causing you? After reading a great article by Ruth from Living Well, Spending Less about taking her children’s toys away and how it actually brought More »

Teaching Acts of Kindness: “Giving is Better than Receiving”

In order to help your child grow up to be a person who is kind toward others, it is imperative to teach them from a young age that is much better to give than to receive. These lessons need to be reinforced during the teenage years because it is all too common for people in More »

Innocence Lost: When Play Dates Turn Tragically Wrong

 Most parents know that playdates are a great way to encourage your kids to socialize and make new friends. Additionally, sharing playdates with other parents gives you a much-needed afternoon off, not to mention great relationships with other parents. But what do you do when a playdate goes wrong? From injuries to criminal elements being More »

Visitation Rights: The Effects of Divorce on Children

Despite the fact that many couples today end up in divorce court, children whose parents decide to get divorced often suffer the initial shock and sadness of learning that their family life is about to change greatly. As they come to terms with the fact that one parent will be moving out of the family More »