Scholarship Scam Alerts. Resources for parents of teenagers, including boys ranches and military boarding schools and troubled teen boarding schools.

Colleges and Universities

Scholarship Scam Alerts

Many legitimate companies promote their organization as an entity, which can provide scholarship listings for students for a fee between $10 and $400 while some entities charge fees for matching a student’s profile to a list of scholarships where the student can apply. Most of these entities do not promise or guarantee grants or scholarships. More »

College Awareness and Planning: 4 Things to Avoid

Most teenagers are not aware of the fact that they can be denied admittance to the college of their choice if they do something that the admissions board considers to be unsavory. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to ensure that their teens have a firm understanding of the type of behavior that could end More »

College Excel

Parent Resources for the Troubled Teens Rescue Youth College Programs

What Is College Excel? College Excel is a residential, private program which aids students in building academic and personal confidence while they study in college. Aside from its program, the students are also enrolled at the Oregon State’s Cascade Campus or at the local community college for additional courses. Each of the students receives guidance More »

The Walking Debt: The Student Loan Problem

Would you rather take on a risky debt or not have a college education? That is the dilemma today’s students face. Given the historically high unemployment rates in the U.S., many students are now graduating with a large amount of debt that they are unable to repay because they cannot find jobs. While a large More »