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Senior Trip Abroad? Planning Safe Travel for your Teen

It is natural to feel concerned if your teenager has the opportunity to take their senior trip abroad. However, there are several steps that you can take to help ensure that they will have a safe and smooth traveling experience. It is also important to remember that having the opportunity to explore other countries is More »

What Bad Driving Habits Are You Sending Your Teens?

Parents have a responsibility to teach their children right from wrong. Since children are impressionable from birth through their adult years, you can implement this important tool early on. However, an important part of life’s lesson plans that can get overlooked is imparting your bad driving habits to your teens. Observation While your local law More »

10 Safety Tips for Teen Travelers

Children start developing independence from their parents at an early age. First they learn to walk and talk, then they are off to school making friends of their own, and before a loving parent can blink, they are teenagers heading out into the big world alone. Teens are taking trips overseas, across the country, or More »

Five Motorcycle Cautions for Your Teen

Many teenagers prefer the idea of driving a motorcycle, but it is crucial to ensure that they have a firm understanding of all of the safety risks that accompany this form of transportation. After all, statistics indicate that there is a much higher ratio of fatal motorcycle accidents than those that involve a standard passenger More »

Beyond the Driver’s Test: Road Hazards and Your Teen

Driver’s education is designed to provide your teen with the knowledge of state driving laws and the basic skills for operating a vehicle. The license bureau only checks if your teen knows how to turn and use signals, obey traffic signs, park, and use safety equipment. They are more concerned with the written test to More »