Alcohol & Your Teen: What Should You do if They’re Drinking?. Resources for parents of teenagers, including military high schools and schools for troubled teens and affordable boarding schools.


Alcohol & Your Teen: What Should You do if They’re Drinking?

Parents of teens already know that there is a considerable chance that their teen will experiment with alcohol before they are legally able to drink. In fact, according to, 72% of high schoolers will try alcohol before they even graduate. Regardless of everything you strive to teach them about this subject, peer pressure may win. More »

Kids Who Drink: 5 Warning Signs Your Kid May Have a Problem

While every parent is probably aware that their teenager might try alcohol or drugs and push boundaries as they grow, there comes a point where simple experimentation turns into something more serious. While it’s important to set boundaries for your child and let them know what is acceptable and unacceptable, being vigilant in identifying the More »