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Driving under the influence

Sobering Statistics Every Teen Should Know

When you are raising your child, there will come a time where they grow up into a teenager. As a teenager, your child will start to meet new friends, wear different styles of clothing, and may even start to rebel. Dealing with a teenager is definitely not easy if you are not prepared for the challenge. You will More »

After the Arrest: Helping Your High Schooler Recover from DUI

Driving under the influence is a major criminal offense for anyone who has to endure the consequences of this action. Unfortunately, young drivers are not always aware of the severity that this illegal activity receives from law enforcement officials. Even the circumstances surrounding an impaired driving conviction, involving minimal or no serious damage to others, More »

Little-Known Dangers of Underage Drinking

In high school, it’s a constant social battle to be popular and cool among your peers. And of course the struggle becomes even more difficult when you factor in the cliques and cliches that are associated with high school-aged kids worldwide. So it’s really no surprise that many teenagers these days think it’s “cool” to More »