Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative. Resources for parents of teenagers, including boarding schools for troubled teens and and Christian boarding schools.


Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative

Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative is a non-profit entity established in 2004 to help troubled teens and their families in dealing with emotional issues related to substance abuse. It also cooperates with educational lawyers, rehabilitation centers, boarding schools, wilderness programs, educational consultants, and health organizations to support and fund these families in completing the therapeutic More »

Giving Your Teen Time Away

Sometime during adolescence, virtually every child goes through their ‘teenage’ stage. For some this means becoming a recluse, moody and surly, while others act out in school or at home. Most kids have their teenage indulgences, but then there are kids who become truly troubled. Dealing with a troubled teen can take a toll on every aspect of More »

How to Handle Youth Camp (A Guide for Parents and Teens)

Youth camps are a great way of allowing teenagers to go on holiday on their own for the first time. They have the freedom to explore and enjoy new experiences without the embarrassment of their parents being present. For the parents it’s the chance to relax for two weeks without the worry of where their More »



What Is CHRIS Kids? The Atlanta Junior League with the Menninger Foundation founded CHARLEE (Children Have All Rights – Legal, Educational, and Emotional) in 1981 in order to serve neglected and abused youth in metro Atlanta. Beginning with three group homes, CHARLEE began serving children with therapeutic and mental health needs in foster care. CHARLEE More »