Dealing with Teenage Defiance, Love is Your Only Weapon. Resources for parents of teenagers, including and ranches for troubled teens and .


Dealing with Teenage Defiance, Love is Your Only Weapon

Love was all I had! Although I think “dealing with” is a little misleading, I have been hanging off the end of the rope while my wild teenage daughter bucks defiantly around her world, striking biting and kicking anything within reach. We are only just starting to reach a point where we are able to More »

Future Men

What Is Future Men? Future Men for God is a facility dedicated to transforming young men who have childish obsessions and behaviors such as problems with self-control, sloppy clothing, offensive habits/language, disrespectful, anger, slothfulness, foolish friends, and godless music, to men who embrace freedoms and responsibilities. It provides counseling based on the Bible and worldview More »