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Discipline of Military Redirects Dropouts — The New York Times

FORT GORDON, Ga. — By his own account, Donte’ A. Dungey had no motivation in high school, sleeping through classes and sometimes showing up only for the free lunch to reduce the burden on his mother, who was struggling with nine other children. Held back three times and scheduled to enter the 10th grade at More »

College Awareness and Planning: 4 Things to Avoid

Most teenagers are not aware of the fact that they can be denied admittance to the college of their choice if they do something that the admissions board considers to be unsavory. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to ensure that their teens have a firm understanding of the type of behavior that could end More »

Parent Information about Smoking and Tobacco Use

The habit of tobacco use and smoking starts during adolescence. Many adult smokers, some 80%, have been found to smoke even before they reach their 18th birthday. Most teenagers who use smokeless tobacco become cigarette smokers when they become adults. Although cigarette use in adults is steadily declining, there has been an increase in American More »

Sobering Statistics Every Teen Should Know

When you are raising your child, there will come a time where they grow up into a teenager. As a teenager, your child will start to meet new friends, wear different styles of clothing, and may even start to rebel. Dealing with a teenager is definitely not easy if you are not prepared for the challenge. You will More »

Then vs. Now: How Much Have Kids Changed in a Generation?

  Crazy teenagers of one generation become worried parents of the next. They can only hope the mistakes made when they were teenagers aren’t repeated by their children and life is better than they had it growing up. They want their children to do better in education. They want their kids to score higher on More »

Homecoming Parade Float Fiasco: Who’s Responsible?

When the kids head back to high school and college, a whole host of activities await them to usher in the new school year. One of the most popular events is homecoming, where the school spirit flows freely for current students and alumni alike. Sadly, with these events can come accidents, particularly during the homecoming More »

Dangers of the School Dance you Didn’t Think About

Millions of teens each year celebrate rites of passage by going to high school dances like homecoming festivities and proms. While many parents think nothing of sending off their teens for a night of fun, teens who attend these fun evenings face risks that parents may not be able to imagine. Many parents believe that More »

Post Game Overindulgence? 4 Steps to Avoid Getting Sidelined

Who doesn’t love a high school football game, particularly one where your team gets the big win? While obviously this feels like a cause for a major celebration, underage drinking can often bring that party to a screeching halt. From DUI’s to an arrest record, drinking while under 21 can often have huge ramifications for the rest More »