Bonding With Your Newborn – What if it’s Not Instant?. Resources for parents of teenagers, including therapeutic christian boarding schools and Christian military schools and therapeutic boarding schools.


Bonding With Your Newborn – What if it’s Not Instant?

When you’re a new parent, the bond that you form with your baby will create a relationship that will last a lifetime. Though most parents have little trouble forming this important attachment with their new little one, many have trouble, causing feelings of self-doubt, guilt and worry. Although this is a crucial attachment, like in More »

Parent’s Nightmare: What To Say To Your Pregnant Teen

Every parent dreads hearing the news that their teenage child is pregnant. Unfortunately, approximately 750,000 U.S. teenagers become pregnant every year. Because of this shocking statistic, it is vital to be realistic about the odds of your teenage daughter coming to you with the news that she is going to have a baby of her More »