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Talking to Your Teen about Drinking and Driving

Making an impression about the effects of drinking and driving on your teen can be a challenge. At this age, your teen may think that they know it all and are invincible to the dangers that are associated with it. However, it’s important to find a way to get through to them and speak to More »

Consequences of Joy Riding – What You Need to Show Your Teen

Taking a joy ride with no specific destination is common for teenagers, especially when they have friends with them. However, this can end up becoming an issue if the teen decides to start speeding or driving erratically in order to impress or scare their friends. Additionally, teenagers are more likely to be enticed into participating More »

Mesothelioma in Children: Know the Facts

Mesothelioma is typically associated with older individuals because it is common for it to take several decades for this serious medical condition to develop. However, this does not mean that children are immune from the possibility of contracting this illness at a young age. Additionally, it is important to consider the fact that anything your More »

Protecting Yourself When You’re Afraid of The Police

According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the amount of African-American teenagers who are arrested for everything from minor to major crimes is disproportionately high to every other ethnicity in the country. Although there are many different theories about this issue, it is perhaps most important for parents to recognize that this More »

Sobering Statistics Every Teen Should Know

When you are raising your child, there will come a time where they grow up into a teenager. As a teenager, your child will start to meet new friends, wear different styles of clothing, and may even start to rebel. Dealing with a teenager is definitely not easy if you are not prepared for the challenge. You will More »

My Criminal Record is a Barrier: I Want a Clean Slate

If your teenager has gotten into serious legal trouble, it will make it much more difficult for them to find a good job in the future, and it could even prevent them from going to the college of their choice. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to help them wipe the slate More »

Should You Leave Your Rebellious Teen in Jail?

One of the things that is sure to break the heart of any parent is a rebellious teen. The number of times you remind them to be good won’t matter that much if they fall into bad company. Peer pressure alone may be able to compel them to do things they wouldn’t normally do, like More »

Is Your Teen’s Shoplifting Ever Excusable?

It’s the call that no parent wants to get. Your teenager has been picked up by the police for shoplifting. From a possible criminal record to the embarrassment of friends and family finding out, a child’s arrest can be a tough time for any parent. Although theft is a crime, how would you deal with More »

After the Arrest: Helping Your High Schooler Recover from DUI

Driving under the influence is a major criminal offense for anyone who has to endure the consequences of this action. Unfortunately, young drivers are not always aware of the severity that this illegal activity receives from law enforcement officials. Even the circumstances surrounding an impaired driving conviction, involving minimal or no serious damage to others, More »

Criminal Kids: What To Do If Your Child Has Been Arrested

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: getting a phone call from the local police department to let you know your child has been arrested on criminal grounds. There’s the anger, the shame and the feeling that this is somehow your fault. While it’s easy to try to place blame and feel a roller-coaster of emotions, it’s More »

What Bad Driving Habits Are You Sending Your Teens?

Parents have a responsibility to teach their children right from wrong. Since children are impressionable from birth through their adult years, you can implement this important tool early on. However, an important part of life’s lesson plans that can get overlooked is imparting your bad driving habits to your teens. Observation While your local law More »

What Parents Must Know About Juvenile Delinquency

A number of children under the age of 18 have been reported to be involved in juvenile delinquency in the recent years. This is why many communities are determined to reduce the rate of juvenile delinquency by helping families and friends understand the possible root causes of the problem and explain the consequences that lie More »

When a Pedal Isn’t Worth the Metal: Illegal Drag Racing and the Law

Most individuals have at some point witnessed two flanking vehicles speed away from a red light in an apparent attempt to outdo one another. Sadly, this type of drag racing, usually referred to as street racing when out on the open roads, can be deadly. What’s even scarier is the fact that America’s teens are More »

Your Teen And Shoplifting: The Ugly Truth

According to a study that was conducted by the University of North Texas, approximately 38 percent of all shoplifters are teenagers. The study also indicated that males between the ages of 15 and 17 are the most likely to shoplift, but all age ranges and genders participate in this illegal activity. Unfortunately, the consequences of More »

Teenagers Rights in the UK

In the UK, you are legally an adult at the age of 18, which means you can drink, you can get married without your parents’ permission, and you can vote. But do you know what age teenagers are allowed to work in the UK? Or learn to drive? Or open a bank account? Most teenagers More »