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How to Teach Children About Leadership

Leadership is not something that is often taught, especially when it comes to children. Some people just naturally fall into leading roles, but it stands to reason that the more you educate a child on the key qualities of a good leader, the better off the future ought to be. So, contrary to popular belief, More »

Developing Your Leadership Skills to Gain the Respect of Your Children

While it is important to be friendly and sociable with your children, you also need to command their respect. Sometimes, you need to be a child’s parent and not his or her friend, and this is where leadership qualities are so important. If you want to make sure that your child respects you and the More »

IDAAY Institute for the Development of African American Youth

Institute for the Development of African American Youth Parent Resources

What Is Institute For The Development Of African-American Youth, Inc. (IDAAY)? IDAAY is recognized nationally as a frontrunner in At-Risk Youth Development. It offers social service, intervention/prevention, and training/education programs in order to: Empower the youth to become part of the community’s solution through self awareness, skills development, and knowledge Engage the youth in communication More »