Parent Further Resource for Families. Resources for parents of teenagers, including therapeutic boarding schools and and therapeutic schools.

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Parent Further Resource for Families

ParentFurther helps parents raise successful, responsible, healthy, and caring children. It offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use resource, which builds a one-of-a-kind community, which offers access to everyday, practical steps and support with various parenting issues. The tools and information offered are all research-based which have been proven and tested. With ParentFurther, parents are provided with More »

J Parent

Hiring the services of a parent coach is very popular nowadays. A parent coach is somebody, who helps parents attain their goals so that they can enjoy a fulfilled family life with their children. As a professional, a coach focuses on specific challenges or concentrates on general parenting skills and approach so that a parent More »

Parent Coach Professionals

Parent Coach Professionals offer guidance and support for families who have a struggling young adult or teen. It offers a non-therapeutic approach in order to empower and direct families who are searching for ways to resolve conflict and find new directions to family encouragement and success in order to maintain involvement and consistency. Parents often More »