Your Teens Health: Seeking a Second Opinion. Resources for parents of teenagers, including affordable boarding schools and ranches for troubled teens and .

Melanie Fleury

Your Teens Health: Seeking a Second Opinion

It is easy for the parent of a teenager to assume that their feelings of tiredness are simply caused by hormones and the hectic schedule that many teens keep. However, it is imperative to recognize the fact that your teenager could actually be seriously ill even if their doctor claims that nothing is wrong with More »

Committing to Your Daughter: Making a Promise

With society becoming increasingly sexualized and deviant, many teenage and pre-teen girls feel tempted to follow in the footsteps of their favorite pop culture icons. However, while Hollywood manufactures some of the worst temptation found in movies, music, and on the Internet, many girls fail to realize that these promiscuous standards are ill-advised and beyond More »

Back Behind the Wheel: Driving After an Accident

Automobile accidents are sadly a part of life, as is dealing with the aftermath. There may be injuries and costly repairs to the car. However, the emotional trauma of a car wreck is often overlooked, particularly when it involves a teenage driver. Fear of driving again can be a common side effect after an accident, More »