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Senior Trip Abroad? Planning Safe Travel for your Teen

It is natural to feel concerned if your teenager has the opportunity to take their senior trip abroad. However, there are several steps that you can take to help ensure that they will have a safe and smooth traveling experience. It is also important to remember that having the opportunity to explore other countries is More »

Understanding the Teen Texting While Driving Epidemic

Texting while driving is absolutely a concern for all drivers, but our teenagers find themselves particularly vulnerable due to both their lack of driving experience and increased integration of mobile devices into their lives. Below, we’ll take a look at the disturbing statistics of teen texting and driving and discuss ways to help protect our More »

Parental Advantages of Cell Phone Monitoring and Tracking Software

In 2005, a trend started with young people who had cameras on their phones of sending explicit photos of themselves across the wireless network referred to as “sexting.” Many of them did not realize the issues that would follow concerning state and government laws dealing with child pornography. Parents may be held liable if the More »

What Bad Driving Habits Are You Sending Your Teens?

Parents have a responsibility to teach their children right from wrong. Since children are impressionable from birth through their adult years, you can implement this important tool early on. However, an important part of life’s lesson plans that can get overlooked is imparting your bad driving habits to your teens. Observation While your local law More »

Right Direction Crisis Intervention

What Is Right Direction Crisis Intervention? Right Direction Crisis Intervention helps young people in difficult situations. The employees of Right Direction are all trained on non-violent crisis intervention. The Interventionists observe high standards so that they can role models. Right Direction Crisis Intervention Program The Interventionists of Right Direction Crisis Intervention are trained not to More »

Teens and Smartphones: Five Rules to Live By

Most teenagers today have a cell phone. Many parents find that cell phones are the easiest way to communicate with their teenage children. If you’re planning on purchasing your teenager a smartphone, it’s important that you lay down the ground rules ahead of time. Here are five things you should do before a phone hits your More »