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Dealing With Aggressive Children

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Although aggressive behavior such as hitting, screaming, and even biting is not seen as all that unusual from a child of one or two years of age, the same conduct in children merely a year or two older is often seen as cruel and problematic. Controlling feelings and emotions is, however, a learned skill and More »

The Five Most Important Morals to Teach Your Children

Those of you who read My Parenting Job Description Article know that teaching my children morals was number one on my Parenting Job Description. There is a long list of morals from various religions and beliefs. I have narrowed this list down to what I feel are the top five morals a parent should teach More »

What is Parenting? My Parenting Job Description

Just browse the shelves of your local bookstore for parenting books and you will know that there is no shortage of theories and research to be found on the subject of parenting. How can one word, bring so much variation? As parents, how can we know what we are supposed to be doing without a More »

Inappropriate Behavior – Why Parents Dismiss it as a Phase

Inappropriate Teen Behavior Not A Phase Rescue Youth Articles

Inappropriate Behavior – Why Parents Dismiss it as a Phase by James Lehman, MSW Q: Why do parents tend to dismiss inappropriate behavior as “a phase?” James: When a child is between 18 months and two years old, they’ll start to walk away and say “no” to their parent. The child is practicing a new skill. More »