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What Is 100 Black Men of America?

100 Black Men of America is an organization which aims to enhance the economic and educational opportunities, and to advance the quality of life in all African American communities. It wants to serve as a beam of leadership by using its diverse talents to empower the communities to become self-sufficient socially and economically. It also aims to create an atmosphere for children where they can be inspired to succeed. 100 Black Men of America is dedicated to the economic empowerment of each African American community based on integrity, justice, spirituality, and respect for family. It is also committed to the youth’s intellectual development.

100 Black Men of America’s Programs

The programs are grounded on a simple principle of sustained mentoring programs for the youth to realize their full potential. It epitomizes the four core programmatic initiatives of 100 Black Men which are designed to inspire all the community members, including the youth and their families, to develop self-reliance; to achieve all goals, immediate and long term; and to pursue excellence in mentoring, economic development, health & wellness, and education.

Mentoring is a holistic program which aims to address the cultural, emotional, and social needs of children, ages 8 to 18. Each chapter of 100 Black Men across the United States of America operate on group and 1-on-1 mentoring efforts. The program targets building the necessary skills which are need for the youth to become contributing, productive citizens. Workshop topics include lifelong learning, work ethic, moral character, emotional and social skills, life skills, and personal vision and positive self-identity. Mentoring relationship models which are utilized by 100 Black Men include peer to peer mentoring, tag team mentoring, group mentoring, and 1-on-1 mentoring.

Economic development is viewed by 100 Black Men as an important step in creating an impartial society not only in the United States of America but to other countries around the world as well. Each participant is empowered to have the ability to create dreams, pursue such dreams, and finally perpetuate them by organizing the mechanisms needed to sustain wealth. The program promotes economic self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship, family wealth building, and financial literacy.

The health and wellness initiatives of 100 Black Men include providing access to health care, raising awareness, and offering health information which can finally promote behavioral change which can result to a healthier lifestyle. It partners with corporate and civic organizations in order to deliver free health screenings and health education programs to different communities.

100 Black Men also partners with corporate sponsors in order to deliver educational support and one-of-a-kind learning opportunities which assist the young people to achieve their goals in education. The program initiatives foster academic leadership, create cultural awareness, and inspire confidence.