3 Ideas for School Fundraisers

There are many ways that you as a parent can help out at your child’s school. One of the best things is to get involved with the school fundraising efforts. Many schools are underfunded and rely heavily on the extra money that comes in through fetes, galas and other events. As well as raising much needed money, fundraising schemes can also teach children the basics of business and finance.  Here are 3 ideas for quick and easy school fundraising:

School Tea Towels

You will most probably remember designing your class tea towel when you were at school. Each child draws a picture of themselves and each of their self-portraits along with the class name and year is printed on to a tea towel. These towels are then sold to parents as a cute memento of their child’s school years. Some children will be asked to write their names underneath their portraits and some will leave it blank so as to have fun guessing who’s who when they are older. As a parent you could do anything from simply buying a tea towel to organising the order and distribution of the towels.

Business Enterprise Schemes

Many schools tie their fundraising efforts in to their business and enterprise classes. Many schools need help from parents to mentor children who take part in these classes. Usually the children will make things like candles, wooden crafts, notebooks, cards and any other handi-crafts to sell. Some will start a ‘company’ and sell shares in that company in order to raise capital to buy materials.  Other times the school will provide a small budget and set a target for the children to double or triple what they were originally given. Parents can help by donating money, providing materials, mentoring the children and buying the finished products.

Bring and Buy Sales

If you are anything like me you will automatically think of Blue Peter when you hear the term bring and buy sale. Though that iconic kids program may not be as popular as it once was the bring and buy sale is still a staple of school fundraising. Clear out your cupboards, root through your draws and turn out the old toy box for any items that you or the kids no longer use but are still in good condition. They can then be donated to the school who keep the money from the sale. You could also consider baking cakes to sell, setting up a games area where children pay a nominal fee to hook a duck or whack a rat! Bring and buy sales are not only great for fundraising but are fun too!

About: Vicky works alongside Stuart Morris who specialise in printing school fundraising tea towels. She has taken part in a number of sponsored runs for local charities and loves fundraising for a good cause!