7 Alcohol Facts Every Teen Should Know

As summer approaches, teenagers will be free to spend time with their friends and enjoy themselves. Sunsets are later, which provides them with more hours to take advantage of their freedom. Unfortunately, some teens don’t use as much common sense as they should. Drinking alcohol is a common pastime for some teenagers, and most of them don’t realize the trouble they could be causing themselves, or other people by doing so. Following are a few alcohol facts every teen should know.

Drinking Alcohol Causes Impaired Judgment

When teens get together it’s not unusual for them use a lack of judgment. They frequently challenge each other to prove who isn’t afraid to do something or another. Most of the time these are merely pranks that really don’t do any harm. However, when you add alcohol into the mix, these pranks could turn into something that causes injury or embarrassment. It could even be a contributing factor in a criminal act. A teen that would normally not even think about breaking into a home could give into the temptation if challenged to do so while they’re intoxicated. Alcohol has caused more than one teen to take an unnecessary chance by jumping off a bridge into a river or trying to do something else they shouldn’t.

Underage Drinking Is on the Increase

If you’re in your late teens, you may think you’re almost an adult and can handle drinking alcohol. You may not realize it, but even if you don’t get into trouble because of your drinking, there are younger people watching everything you do. You’re a role model whether you know it or not, and whether you like it or not. Because of the rise in teen-age drinking, many teens are trying alcohol at a younger age.

Alcohol Abuse Is Increasing

Not only are younger teenagers drinking regularly, they are consuming alcohol in excessive amounts. This sort of abuse can cause tremendous harm to youngsters who are just discovering how to be teenagers. Because alcohol can cause people to do things they ordinarily wouldn’t, and can actually cause physical and mental problems that last for a long time, it is even more harmful if you begin drinking at a young age.

Drinking Excessively Can Cause Alcohol Poisoning

Drinking to excess may sound like a lot of fun. You lose your inhibitions and either don’t know or don’t care if you look foolish–as long as you’re having fun. The problem is that excessive use of alcohol can create lasting physical problems. In fact, if you consume too much alcohol too quickly, you could actually die from alcohol poisoning. This results when an extreme amount of alcohol is introduced into your system in a short period of time. Yes. It is actually possible to die from drinking too much, too fast.

Even Moderate Drinking During Pregnancy Is Dangerous

For young women who are pregnant, it would be a good idea to stay away from alcohol during your pregnancy. Even moderate drinking during pregnancy is dangerous. The fetus could absorb the alcohol through your body, and it could be adversely affected because of it. An unborn baby is extremely tiny. It is also tremendously fragile. Drinking alcohol could cause the fetus to develop physical problems, and could even affect the brain. You may not think that taking a few drinks could cause this to happen, but do you really want to take that chance?

Drinking to Excess Can Cause Memory Loss

One of the problems associated with drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is memory loss. What that means is that the alcohol is killing brain cells. You may hear jokes being made about it from time to time, but the fact is that your ability to remember important, or not so important, things could remain with you for the rest of your life, if you drink too much alcohol.

Alcohol Use Can Lead to Drug Use

One of the reasons that alcohol use is regulated by law is that it can cause you to do things you might ordinarily never do. It lowers your inhibitions. Drinking to excess could also lead to drug use. You may not believe it, but because your normal tendencies are distorted by consuming alcohol, you could succumb to taking drugs.

Guest post from Payton Price.