What Is American Hebrew Academy?

American Hebrew Academy is the only Jewish Pluralistic College Preparatory boarding school in America with a community of friends, parents, administrators, coaches, teachers, and students. It is an international school offering students an experience as they discover what Jewish means to them. The academy prepares its students for college as they expand their horizons on their Jewish religion and heritage. At the academy, students learn to integrate concepts and facts, write concisely and clearly, and think creatively and analytically. Each student obtains a strong desire to learn.

Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, students learn and live with other Jewish kids who had different backgrounds. The teachers taught and studied in Israel and America, and are able and willing to help students not only in their academic problems but in their personal problems as well.

The American Hebrew Academy Program

In the academy, each student learns more about himself/herself and about the responsibility and privilege of being one of the future Jewish leaders. He/she is prepared to accept all of life’s challenges and inspired to take one’s place in the Jewish community in order to be closer to his/her people, faith, and community.  The academy lets its students discover their Jewish identity through different Jewish values, religious, and cultural programming and Judaic classing.

The academy prides itself in offering a dual curriculum based on an enriched Jewish studies program and the traditional college prep classes which better prepares each student for his/her career. Each student is given education on sciences and liberal arts as his/her foundation for further learning. He/she is also taught Jewish text which are centered on the universal Jewish model of Bet Midrash. The academy also offers a period where he/she can study in Israel to truly experience Jewish learning.

Athletics is also a focal point in the academy. A student can choose from many interscholastic sports for a chance to compete in North Carolinas most prestigious and oldest league, the Triad Athletic Association league. Sports include wrestling, volleyball, track and field, tennis, swimming, softball, soccer, cross-country, cheerleading, basketball, and baseball. Other fitness activities include yoga, weight training, ultimate Frisbee, touch football, swing dancing, rock climbing, racquetball, lacrosse, self defense/karate, golf, boating, and anaerobic and aerobic training. The students are encouraged to get and stay fit.