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The language is strictly declarative, which is achieved by adopting a functional subset of Scheme. Computational Biology and Functional Genomics Laboratory, Harvard University, USA. A cross-functional team approach and supportive environment offer Eddie the flexibility to do the things he feels necessary in driving the business. New products and channel relationships will shorten the time-to-deployment of increasingly common speech apps in defined industries and functional areas. Good kitchen island design will ensure that your island is not only beautiful, but functional as well. By these, and other instruments of precision, such as the thermometer, of which we have already spok en, the eminently scientific discipline of the measurement of functional movements, so difficult in the complex science of biology, has been cultivated. A similar restriction of the functional spiracles to the tail-end (fig. 3. The Center has a major program of structural and functional studies on several classes of membrane proteins, including membrane transporters and ion channels. Except in some of the Stegocephalia, there are only four functional digits in the manus, but the Ecaudata have a more or less distinct rudiment of pollex; in the Caudata it seems to be the outer digit which has been suppresssed, as atavistic reappearance of a fifth digit takes place on the outer side of the manus, as it does on the pes in those forms in which the toes are reduced to four. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. weaponry on display here is of a functional as well as decorative nature. It is also highly functional: the hand closes around a triangular bottle, while round bottles open the hand and weaken the grip. There are five (5) types sentences based on structural classification. functionalism example sentences. o, Mouth; other letters as in a totally distinct series of functional gills, which are not derived from the modification of the typical molluscan ctenidium. The cause of most cases of functional dyspepsia is not known. functional anatomy is used to illustrate the mechanics of movement, where appropriate, allowing students to appreciate anatomy in motion. Building on its original focus of creating cosmetics that gave photo shoot subjects a veritably perfect, flawless look, the burgeoning line is now chalk full of products that are both stylish and functional. phyletic distributions, functional class, tertiary structures and functionally important residues. 4. Another word for functional. The -Ing form (the present participle) Let the artists mentioned here inspire you and you can create a stunning, functional home. If you are looking for an elegant yet functional way to present the order of service and other information for your guests, then slim wedding programs might be just the thing. About 80 percent of people who reported feeling depressed stated that they had at least some degree of functional impairment due to the condition. Size: Even though the point of a designer litter box is to have something cute, you'll still want a litter pan that is functional for your cat. It may follow a diminished functional activity, as in the atrophying thymus gland' and in the muscle cells of the uterus after parturition. Literally English verbs have five basic forms: 1. It may look like a great design but if there is a chance someone is going to fall off, it isn't functional. functional foods in a sentence - Use "functional foods" in a sentence 1. Remember that they should be functional as well, so avoid lights that may cast odd shadows over the island while you work. The alimentary canal, which may be represented by a vestigial structure, is accordingly not functional, and the larva does not become pelagic. A novel method for the prediction of functional biological activity of polyethylene wear debris. It was a functional photograph. On the assumption that these functional teeth correspond to the milk-series of placentals, "marsupials in this respect agree exactly with modern elephants, in which the same peculiarity exists. If, from whatever cause, any of the chromatin loops belonging to the functional order be lost the descendants of such a cell, being unable to restore these loops, will be minus the functional attributes associated with the lost elements. Thus, in the Phyllopoda, the antennal gland develops early and is functional during a great part of the larval life, but it ultimately atrophies, and in the adult (as in most Entomostraca) the maxillary gland is the functional excretory organ. A systematic overview (meta-analysis) of outcome measures in Helicobacter pylori gastritis trials and functional dyspepsia. 5. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Function" in Example Sentences Page 1. A functional prototype of an SRA was demonstrated at the conclusion of the project. It should only measure functional limitations caused by the physical disability which affects the players capability for performing the different skills. Another word for functional. can now be tucked into the ribbon, creating a decorative wall hanging that is functional as well. A popular trend in home decorating today, bonus room design, is the concept of using extra space in your home to create a fun, functional room for entertaining, hobbies, exercise or anything else that you happen to be passionate about. autoantibody production in the elderly may be linked to the functional changes in T cells described above. This functional illiteracy means that even the nuances of stories from basic tabloid newspapers are beyond the reach of many deaf adults. An alphabet theme is functional and educational. Measured functional management, 12. My research interest is in the use of functional MRI to investigate the phenomenology of mental illness. Your kitchen furniture is the foundation of the room, and so getting it right is very important to creating a welcoming and functional room. ; Of the purely political function of the state Hegel in this sketch says almost nothing. lap timer make the Cali a functional sport accessory. keystone species or phytoplankton functional types (PFTs) is a practical strategy. functional dependency is frequently illustrated by an arrow: 30. functional definition is - of, connected with, or being a function. Examples of functional in a sentence: 1. It answers the question: "Why has this been said?" The innovative design incorporates the need for space saving products that are both stylish and functional and can be incorporated into any environment. roots, or at least their functional repre sentatives, resembled those of Lepidodendron. This style sought to evoke a feeling of pride in the achievements of modern industry, and the highly functional nature of art deco reflects a desire in people to move beyond the frivolous, over-ornate trappings of previous movements. They're functional and so deliberately unfussy and anonymous that even tho they're intended go unnoticed, they end up drawing attention. On enterprise inside cross - functional integration 2. : He undertook a large-scale work on generalised differential equations in functional derivatives. The downloadable application package is fully functional unlike other demos, however; the program expires after a set length of time, usually 30, 60, or 90 days. Their furniture was more aesthetic than, 15. A number of functional changes. Examples of functional deficit in a sentence, how to use it. Such damage could be produced by a previous viral infection, leaving functional defects unaccompanied by any gross histological changes. The surface properties will be controlled by chemically grafting monolayers with different functional groups on the outer surface. The May-flies are remarkably primitive in certain of their characters, notably the elongate cerci, the paired, entirely mesodermal genital ducts, and the occurrence of an ecdysis after the acquisition of functional wings. Some have functional fore-limbs but mere vestiges of hind-limbs; in others this condition is reversed. However, like so many prestigious but essentially workaday buildings, only rather functional and not very prepossessing brick backs the impressive façade. Designers use this product to reflect innovative styles because it can be routed, carved, sandblasted and even thermoformed to create the unique and functional kitchen or bath you desire. Whereas The Preemie Store and Nurture Place focus more on functional, Preemie Proud is the place to shop for clothes with character. Heart shaped compact mirror: This star-studded chrome compact mirror is girly enough for girls and teens, and with 2x magnification is functional enough for those with a penchant for fun, feminine compact mirrors. But in none of these latter cases have the wings to be changed from a position inside the body to become external and actively functional organs.

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