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Copycat Monte Cristo Sandwich Makes 4 sandwiches. So this summer I decided to stop wishing I could have another one, and make my own! Why do you make 2 sandwiches? The Prep Make the sandwiches ahead of time. If I have sliced cheese on hand, my kids can enjoy making their own sandwich at any point during the day without me worrying about them trying to cut cheese. Like most foods the Monte Cristo sandwich is best eaten right away. Sign-up to our newsletter and become a member of our happy community! This is my new fav meal!!! Seriously, Disneyland’s Blue Bayou Monte Cristo sandwich… Make two sandwiches with smoked turkey, ham, American cheese, and Monterey jack cheese. Use a deep fryer. I love them but this time seemed short on meat. So sometimes I will make my own copycat recipe instead of going out. Best of all it keeps the temperature at a nice even heat, and it will allow me to strain the oil so I can reuse it again. Love it! We advise you to always follow manufacturer instructions, take appropriate safety precautions and hire a professional when in doubt. A delicious Monte Cristo sandwich on the canal in the Blue Bayou restaurant while the Pirates of the Caribbean drifted by in a boat and the music played their songs. Prepare pancake batter according to the package instructions. Serve this tasty deep-fried sandwich with jam for a classic treat. Wrap the sandwiches snuggly with plastic wrap. One of our favorite foods we tried was their Monte Cristo Sandwich. Yum! Soft bread filled with delicious meats and cheeses, dipped in an egg/milk mixture, then cooked … Michelle. Such a fond memory, and Disneyland wasn't such a crowded Copycat Bennigan's Monte Cristo Recipe - My all-time favorite sandwich recipe. Place turkey and Swiss cheese on one slice of bread and ham and American cheese on another slice of bread. Thank you! That looks delicious. I can’t ever eat the whole one from Cheddar’s. So today, I am sharing a really delicious, knock-your-socks-off Copycat Monte Cristo Sandwich Recipe I promise will leave you craving another one! I think it takes a lot of effort to make these sandwiches, so why not invite a hungry friend? I hope you enjoy this classic Monte Cristo sandwich! OK, this seriously looks incredible. Plus, it’s … During their heyday they were well known for their potato soup, broccoli bites, and baked Monte Cristo sandwich. My local Cheddars can have up to a 90-minute wait on a very busy day. This post contains affiliate links. I recreate your favorite restaurant recipes, so you can prepare these dishes at home. Stephanie, what kind of bread is best for the sandwich? However, you can safely freeze it for 1-2 months to use later. Wrap each sandwich individually with plastic wrap then … But is it worth every drip, drizzle or mess you make! Disneyland made the Monte Cristo famous back in the 1960s where it was (and still is) a mainstay on the menu of the Blue Bayou Restaurant (currently nestled in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride). Bennigan’s Monte Cristo sandwich is sprinkled in powdered sugar and served with preserves. What is the best type of bread to use w this recipe? Place egg in mixing bowl, add water and beat together. Place the sandwich in the refrigerator for at least one hour. We serve it with warmed, real maple syrup for dipping. Set aside in the refrigerator. Thank you! If you purchase … This is my one of my son's most requested recipes, though all my kids love it! Disneyland is known for their legendary Monte Cristo sandwiches. Place the sandwich in the refrigerator for at least one hour. Find out how to make Cheddars Monte Cristo Sandwich with this easy copycat recipe. With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we’re embracing the summer staycation via transportive flavors and travel-inspired ideas from around the world. Layer the ham, then We hope to see you again this Tuesday! It will be a new regular in my house. The trick is in the ingredients you use I think. I recommend the T-fal FR4049 Family Pro 3-Liter Oil Capacity Electric Deep Fryer with Stainless Steel Waffle, 2.6-Pound, Silver to fry these sandwiches. How to Make Cheddar’s Monte Cristo Sandwich. In fact, this is a summer of copycat recipes for my family! Copycat Monte Cristo Sandwich Makes 4 sandwiches. We made a last minute trip with our not-quite 3 year old to Disneyland before we left and made it a priority to have lots of fun, ride lots of rides and eat lots of yummy food. This Monte Cristo Sandwich recipe is a copycat of the famous Disneyland version, made with turkey, ham and cheese. Near me, I buy Mrs. Bairds. My personal favorite is the Krustez brand. Don’t you think? Doesn’t seem very hard to do. So if you have never tried one, you need to trust me on this one...I promise it will be worth it! T-fal FR4049 Family Pro 3-Liter Oil Capacity Electric Deep Fryer with Stainless Steel Waffle, 2.6-Pound, Silver. I LOVE Cheddars, thanks for the copycat recipe! The thing about a Monte Cristo sandwich is that it sounds really weird. It is a delicious fried sandwich made with ingredients that don't seem quite right together, but the end result is a beautiful, delicious filling and sweet almost dessert-like sandwich that is highly addictive! The opinions and texts are all mine. I’ve seen Monte Cristos on menus before but never knew what it actually was. Find out more in my Privacy Policy. Your email address will not be published. I have to confess that I’ve never eaten a Monte Cristo sandwich before, but this looks and sounds delicious! See our privacy policy for more info Filed Under: Recipes, Sponsored Post. Place 2 slices of bread on a cutting board. In a pan, heat the canola oil to about 365 degrees Fahrenheit or hot enough to fry in. The sandwiches are battered then cooked to golden brown perfection. Use your favorite pancake batter to dip the sandwiches in. Jun 27, 2015 - Explore eden Cornelio's board "monte cristo sandwich", followed by 479 people on Pinterest. One at a time, dip each sandwich in the egg mixture to coat, then place it in hot pan. Thanks! Cook, pressing down with a spatula, until lightly brown on both sides, approximately 4 minutes per side. This is a paid conversation written by me on behalf of Sargento®. I have been craving (thanks pregnancy) mexican like you can't believe it, burgers and frosted lemonades and so many other yummy foods I can buy out at restaurants, so instead of leaving home, I have been recreating my own versions of some of my favorite recipes right at home! Some people enjoy their Monte Cristo with raspberry preserves. One of my fave sandwiches! I found a raspberry jam at the store that I warmed a little in the microwave to dip my leftover half sandwich. This sandwich is a perfectly sweet dessert-like sandwich that is truly to die for! Simply Designing with Ashley Phipps LLC and it’s owner, employees and affiliates are not liable in any way for injury or loss (whether physical, emotional, monetary or any other kind of loss) resulting from any inspiration, ideas, directions or information gained from this website. August 22, 2016 by Stephanie, Last Updated November 28, 2020 19 Comments. I need to try this! Republishing posts in their entirety is strictly prohibited. I usually use French Toast style bread rather than deep frying. If you've never had one, a Monte Cristo sandwich is sort of like a sweet and savory, deep-fried grilled cheese with ham and turkey on it. Level up your sandwich game with this Monte Cristo recipe. Copycat Restaurant Recipes - Over 869 recipes and counting! I help you cook dinner, and serve up dishes you know your family will love. This Copycat Monte Cristo sandwich is perfect for a family meal, or any gathering! Beat batter until smooth. My monte cristo sandwich recipe came from an old Disney cookbook that we probably lost or donated in a move years ago, but not before I had made these many times and added it to my recipe collection. Assemble the sandwiches by placing one slice of turkey on one slice of bread, a slice of ham on another, then sandwich them with the Swiss cheese in the middle. Place the battered sandwich in hot oil and cook until golden, flipping as needed so both sides brown evenly. Dip both sides of your assembled sandwich into the flour mixture (it will be thick) and then fry the sandwich for a few minutes on both sides in the heated canola oil until it is golden brown. You take a perfectly healthy turkey and ham sandwich, batter it up, deep fry it, coat it in powdered sugar, dip it in raspberry jam, and eat it before you have a chance to second guess … But I also plan to serve this at a pot luck picnic we are going to later this summer too. Unless otherwise noted, all recipes have been created by this sandwich looks amazing, and I can hardly wait to make this. A Monte Cristo has its origin in the Croque Monsieur in the sense it is a ham and cheese sandwich that is cooked. Casual Dining, Copycat Restaurant Recipes - Over 869 recipes and counting!, CopyKat Recipes, Main Dish Recipes, Sandwich Recipes. Yummy swiss cheese, turkey, and ham on white bread, fried & topped with powdered sugar—making it an irresistible sweet and salty dish everyone loves. Aug 23, 2016 - Find out how to make Cheddars Monte Cristo Sandwich with this easy copycat recipe. Oh, I like where you are going with that sandwich! Oh my, this looks like a tasty lunch treat. Such a sandwich could ruin my day. Today, however, we’re all about Disneyland and their famous Monte Cristo Sandwich.Fans come from all over the world to Cafe Orleans and Blue Bayou for this signature dish, and we want to share with YOU how easy it is to recreate it at home! You can finish it off with a dusting of powdered sugar and jam if you'd like. Your email address will not be published. I'd say these are pretty close if not exactly the same as what they used to serve. Cut the sandwiches into quarters, and secure with toothpicks. On top of one piece of bread, layer a slice of swiss cheese, 2 slices of turkey, 2 slices of ham, a second slice of swiss cheese and then a piece of bread on top.

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