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It's blonde hair and blue eyes so heute klape!! As Rustplayer alluded to, this is believed to the traits of the original pre-Anglo Saxon population, who were descended from migrants moving up the Iberian coastline after the last Ice Age. I have also noticed that they have a broad type nose. All of you! What will my results tell me? They said a high percentage of "blondes" in Germany come from a bottle, much like in the US. They also have distinct skin, sometimes slightly freckled (usually minimal or none at all.) Many tens of millions of Americans have ancestry in the part of Europe covered by the Germanic Europe DNA ethnicity. If Ancestry DNA was able to detect a link to one of the sub-regions with a clear connection to a region within the US, it  will be reported on your results underneath the main “Germanic Europe” regional heading. My last name is Usselman I have a temper and I'll tell you something. The site prompted me to invite any of my matches to participate in Traits, as well. We are governmental Registered authorized financial helper. Heritage comes in many packages these days. I'm ACTUALLY half German and my father is so typically German looking. @Wendy In any case...they may not be 100% German, we don't know anything about their genetic lineage, so it's impossible to say. I did know a dark haired German girl of course but she was from a dif part of Germany than my family and though she had black curly hair her skin was SNOW WHITE like a fairy princess, whereas I am more golden on color with dirty blonde hair. Several books could be written on this topic, but I have selected a few key points in history to discuss that should help you understand the genetic origins of the Germanic European people. Contact us ( Name:...............Your Country:...............Your Occupation:...............Loan Amount Needed:...............Loan Duration...............Monthly Income:...............Your Telephone Number:.....................Business Plan/Use Of Your Loan:...............Contact Us At : Mercedes, Your email address will not be published. The women have small chest, large arms,and child bearing hips and round behind lol! I have small lips and small eyebrows actually - I've heard that Germans have prominent eyebrow bones but I don't actually. They, the german exchange students, tell us that our school actually has more blonde students (in this town in america we are mostly scandinavian, fair european, etc) than they do.. lolOnly one of six students has blonde hair (and it looks like hers is bleached from a sandy blonde/light brown ;p)4, Yeah, I can see a lot of this in me. If you use the following sponsored link, you can get a two-week free trial on Ancestry – perfect for adding records and documents to your tree:  Ancestry Free Trial. By far – without any doubt – the best way to learn about your Germanic Europe ancestors is to start building a family tree. I've never seen a group of taller ppl. A lot of German wisconsin folks:large blue eyesrich summer tanlight brown/dark blonde hairlarge cheek bonessmall lips face having sharp anglessmall simple nosessmall yet quite prominent eyebrowssmall short faces. I'm German, me and my whole family, going generations back, are 5'8" or close to it. It says he was born in 1904 or 1905 in Pennsylvania but his Parents were both born in Virginia. Have you lost hope and you think there is no way out, and your financial burdens still persists? The Germanic Europe DNA region is located in the most northwestern part of Western Europe and is adjacent to Eastern Europe and Russia, a distinct DNA region. Not particularly exciting I know.... My family German surname is Haffner. Some of you might have noticed on your Ancestry DNA ethnicity estimate that along with the Germanic Europe DNA ethnicity, you were also assigned a Germanic Europe sub-region. So far I’m very intrigued. From Ancestry: “Powered by AncestryDNA, Traits gives you an even deeper look at your personal story through the “Around the World” interactive map. I am German-American. Traits such as: skin tone, nose shape, eye colour, height, hair texture and pattern have all been passed down through our genetic make-up. I am 5'7" and have dark blonde hair, a broader nose, and pale greenish-blue eyes. Just wondering if anyone else of German decent has these characteristics, I'm like half German and I have dirty blond hair that has darkened with my age and I used to have bleach blond hair as a kid and I have hazel/dark greenish eyes and my grandma who is from Germany also has dirty blond hair with darker eyes and I also have broader shoulders with a muscular body type, hi I'm 40% German and I have have dirty blonde hair bright blue eyes broad nose and wide shoulders at 13 I was 5'7" and I have a slight pigment to my skin. Variant Forms of Words In German, as in English, the forms of some word… My grandmother is full blood German. The Roman Empire disbanded in the year 400 A.D.,  possibly leaving a power vacuum leading to an intense period of conflict and migration. German ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, etc. This individual is the son of the classic Borreby man shown on Plate 5, Fig. Average height for American women is 5'7 and u are an idiot if u think the average German woman is shorter than an American. Both him, his dad and brother are on the shorter side of what y'all think is tall. No, I am not American, I am Canadian of German descent, so I've been to Germany various times. While I don't believe things like dark brown or black hair and dark brown eyes are that common among ethnic Germans, it isn't like it is rare (Hitler, Goebbels,Stresier, Speer and Himmler..who looked Asian). I think I'm Irish as well but I'm n.j it too sure. I understand the basics of how this works. I am from Wisconsin and this is pretty accurate. I have a lot of German on both sides but one side states " Black Dutch" and they are darker and tall, with most women over 5'8, some even 6' tall. Almost everyone has blue or green eyes.The darkest hair colour was dark brown, no one had black hair. I hope that this post helped you understand a little bit more about your Germanic Europe ancestry, how you might have inherited your Germanic DNA, and how to go about researching your Germanic Europe ancestors. I'm 25% German. The territory of this empire might sound very familiar to those interested in the DNA of the region. I have alot of German blood in me. I am mostly German, with dirty blonde hair, a stocky build, and large nose, @basshunter not all Germans are tall. Mercedes Brons, author and genealogist, has been doing genealogy both professionally and as an amateur for more than five years. This means that people who live in Germanic Europe might show DNA from Eastern Europe and Russia, France, England, Wales, and Northwestern Europe, or even Italy. Hi Sheila, I did a quick check on Ancestry & found a Raul C La Mott on the 1930 Census. There is NO superior race! The exact makeup of one’s DNA will depend on unique family history, so you’ll have to do thorough research on your particular Germanic Europe ancestor to determine exactly where they lived and who people in their region historically had contact with. The small nose thing does not apply to me at all, unfortunately i have an odd rather round nose, hazel-green eyes, and high cheekbones. My Phoenician ancestors (16.04.2009, DIE WELTWOCHE) Genealogical research by means of genetic analysis (05.06.2008, Der Sonntag) Searching for your roots (26.01.2008, Mannheimer Morgen) We have all immigrated at one time or another (31.07.2007, Migrosmagazin, PDF 400KB) … Thus some of the most famous Celtic Iron-Age sites, including Hallstatt and La Tène, are now within the Upper German-speaking zone. I'm an American of German descent, I still have family in Germany and Austria, but why do you use American in such a derogatory way? I am pure german and can trace my ancestry back 400 years with no known mixing I am very pale skinned with darker blonde hair that has natural highlights that just get light with more sub no freckles broad shoulders and bigger nose blue eyes and I'm 5'9" as a female I also have large hips like the rest of the female's in my family do. German Shepherds are pack dogs and, therefore, have remnants of the tendency to stick close together. My dad also has wavy hair and he is mostly of German descent. Especially the nose and hair and eyes. Wir sind staatlich zugelassener autorisierter Finanzhelfer. La Mott. The first tour I gave to German tourists was the only time everyone (including the women) were taller than me. I am now dirty blonde born platinum blonde lol. In the winter we get very white but in the summer we get a tan that makes people jealous and we are very creative and can figure out almost anything. The other percent is English and Jamaican but I look exactly like my grand father who is 100 % German (from a tiny village outside Stuttgart) so I'd say that I match this description extremely well. My Family is from Bavaria Germany. Traced my German ancestry to the 16th century. I believe this could be because his German ancestors were from Northeast Germany, not Saxony or Northwest Germany like the Germans from the sub-regions mentioned above. Sincerely, Mercedes, Mercedes, my son and I are having a problem and we need help. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Š. He has both hazel eyes and dark brown hair. Her maiden name was Diehl.. My father was full-blooded German with the name vehlmun.. Later changed to wellman. In my class if 33 students,only one child had brown eyes. Reply. In fact, they lived in Western Europe before they migrated to the British Isles. Franks and Anglo-Saxons. She's mad mad about her nose and is taking it out on all of us. window.fd('form', { Family Tree Building Basics for Beginners Book, Use DNA to Trace Your Mexican Family Tree Book, Example of Family Tree DNA Family Finder Results, Blank_map_of_Europe_(polar_stereographic_projection)_cropped.svg, recommend building family trees on Ancestry, Where the Germanic Europe DNA ethnicity is located, Which countries are generally considered part of the Germanic Europe DNA region, Whether you can find Germanic Europe DNA in other parts of Europe, Suggestions for how you inherited your Germanic Europe DNA, How to research your Germanic Europe ancestors, Czech Republic (primarily in Western Czech Republic), Northwest Germany, the Netherlands, and the Midwest, Western Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg. Best of luck to you! 1. My mother was adopted. This is in stark contrast to what it was like in the 1970s, which is when I went to school there in North Germany. German words for persons, places, and things (nouns) are always capitalized. Simple traits that are shaped by one or a few genes are easy to identify—the moistness of one's earwax, for example, can be linked to a single base within a single gene. 1; this is graphic evidence of the fact that ancient racial types may be repeated in toto in individuals of mixed racial ancestry. Reply to this Comment. Eugenia Annabelle Asher, as “Gene” LaMott (his wife) & shows Raul’s occupation was a chauffeur. He was tall, tan, blue eyed and nearly black hair. @Wendy:You are most probably American and prone to confuse Germans with huge non-German population (mostly Turks, Italians, former Yugoslavians, Poles) living here.I live in Germany. No wrong . I tan very easily and my skin is usually a sort pale olive tone. This historic trend made it possible for Ancestry DNA to develop a feature (like the 15 currently available sub-regions within Germanic Europe) to help us learn more about where our ancestors may have lived. Were you surprised to see Germanic Europe show up in your DNA results? Germanic Europe is bordered by France to the west, Sweden to the north, Poland and Slovakia to the east, and Croatia and Italy to the south. You are also in excellent company! Hi John, Thank you so much for your comment! I've been told by my great grandmother who came from hildenburg that I have very distinct German features such has very dark coarse hair.. were do u dopes come from. The Germanic Peoples spread from there to many regions of Europe. Oh yeah, small lips, high check bones, my face stayed very round till I was 21 years old and I pluck my eye brows because the are light colored, thin consistency but alot of coverage on the brow bone lol! Their names were Olrogge but they changed it to Oldro. Well, my husband is of German heritage. I'm 25% German. Not being testy there, people just get confused every time so I thought I'd get that out of the way. I have very dark hair, very light skin and blue eyes. This comment has been removed by the author. There is no one way anymore. I recommend building family trees on Ancestry, especially since you did your DNA test there. I have a few friends who are from German decent and this fits. I am completely of German descent. I am like greater than 50% german. Thank other ethnic backgrounds :/, I am female, with a twin brother; 100% Teutonic heritage (traceable as far back as post-Dark Age Wessex), and we both have dark brown, almost black hair, dark brown eyes, fair skin, and freckles...and moles, lots of them, all over. I dont think I have broad shoulders... never had hips.. and I never had a chest till my son was born.. German is the shared mother tongue of a substantial majority of the ethnic Germans. Some call it "dirty blonde" def broad shoulder and TALL. I am 72 percent German and you just discribe me face exactly. Our Germanic ancestry might be too far back for Ancestry’s algorithm to tell for sure, or we might have mixed Germanic Europe ancestry from a few regions of Germanic Europe. All of Germany, much of France, Northern Italy, as well as the Netherlands and Austria, were all parts of the Frankish Empire. It doesn’t mean that we really didn’t have Germanic Europe ancestors, or necessarily that our ancestors were more distant. Gregg, I agree that's the majority of Wisconsinites that are from German decent but not always, I am mostly from German decent and I don't have sharp angles a small nose or barely noticeable eyebrows. Although the English language possesses the adjective Germanic as distinct from German, it lacks an equivalent distinct noun.The terms Germanic peoples and Germani are therefore used by modern English-speaking scholars to avoid confusion with the inhabitants of present-day Germany ("Deutschland"), including the modern "German" ("Deutsche") people and language. hitler had said everything wrong but only one true sentence he had said and that is “germans are the superior race in the world”. High cheek bones, round face, green eyes, light brown hair, broad shoulders, muscular, large forehead. Personality: the big immigration wave into the US was between 1800 and 1920, around 10 Mio came to the US. Since the late 1960s/ early 1970s, Germany has had an increasingly massive immigrant population,with most of those immigrants coming from countries where almost everyone has dark hair & eyes,it has impacted enormously on how "the average" German looks. My daughter’s dna test came back 0% Italian. If you doubt the importance of \"staying in character\", think of this: have you ever gone to an event or a living-history facility which specialized in a period which you were not familiar with, and come away genuinely impressed? I'm 5'8" and naturally very muscular. Have you traced your Italian grandfather’s family? So stfu all of you.. Guten note!! They are tall, mostly dark blonde and almost blue or green eyed (80-85%). It's hard to find people these days who don't have some sort of genetic blending going on, unless they live on a remote island. It depends OBVIOUSLY Who their ancestors mixed with and what part of Germany they are from. She came from two very different backgrounds. I am an American German. Do you want to know more about the Germanic Europe DNA ethnicity on Ancestry? Sort by Count. They have dark blonde hair, lighter when young, darkening to light brown with age. No you're mostly just unruly and give Germans a bad name. Just like amercians I believe they all look different. Enter your last name to learn its meaning and origin. I am most of these things with brown hair and eyes. All nouns are classified as masculine, feminine, or neuter. Hello, I’m new on ancestry. Go deeper into your DNA to learn about your personal traits, compare with others, and discover if your traits are shared with people in regions around the world. If you got assigned one of the 15 Germanic Europe sub-regions, you can feel confident that you have ancestry from the area indicated on the map of the sub-region. No have internet access. :-), My family name is Juehrs. Thank you Mercedes B. Before you ask yes Crouse is the English spelling. These distinct features can link us to our ancestors and be used to explain why our body looks the way it does. The Germanic Peoples were an Indo-European people of ancient times who originally came from the northern part of Germany and adjacent regions. Celtic dna does not exist because it is a Culture from the Iron age. Here's even a picture of some Nazis together. Also to add to that...I have a broad type nose! Many thanks Rosalind. It is very common for people from the Germanic Europe region to have some DNA matching neighboring regions, such as Eastern Europe and Russia. My skin is white but if I go in the sun I just asorb the sun and turn brown as well. How secure and private is AncestryDNA? You sound absolutely ridiculous and you can't spell or even speak English properly so how bout YOU take your own advice and....stfu. formId: '5f3ee2bd9cf975002baa0cb2', You can get a free trial here to access all records for 14 days. I am also rather tall for a female (5'10) and rather broad boned. Okay apparently none of you know a true German. A lot of people say I take after her, except I got blue eyes and my Grandma's dark hair. Analysis over 20 years reveals heavy Anglo-Saxon influence, with … Distinct noses, blue eyes, big boned (we look like we weigh less than what we really do.) Germans usually have a slight pigment to their skin. Genetic study reveals 30% of white British DNA has German ancestry. But I look German. This can indicate how strongly my trait may be associated (or not) with my ethnic heritage. Amber - Legacy Tree Genealogists says. By reading these comments, I see that I do have many of the characteristics associated with German genetics. I was always told both of my grandparents were 100% Italian. They do NOT look Asiatic you DOPE. 20 physical traits you may have inherited from a Neanderthal. My mom, on the other hand, is mostly of UK descent and she has completely straight, limp hair. no. How does that sound? The men in my family have big feet, broad shouldered and square built. Lots of different shades of blonde and light brown hair, occasionally red. The the most common form of German family name is occupational. Round face and broad nose. My family anglicised it from Kraus. you are not German. My parents are German immigrants. I find Germans often, though not always have:Broad facesWide spaced eyesProminent brow ridge which in turn makes small eyebrows seem more prominentStrong cheek bonesSlightly tanned/olive skinSandy blonde/light brown hairThin upper lipsSquare shouldersSmall least that is how they look to someone who spends most of their time looking at English faces. However, I’m clearly related to him and his Italian parents and grandparents based on all of the distant cousins that showed up as DNA matches. How did Germanic Europe DNA become what is it today? I have slightly narrow hips which make for a square build. The currently available sub-regions with connections to specific United States regions on Ancestry DNA are as follows: Most us won’t get a Germanic Europe sub-region connected with a US state, and that’s okay. And, I would definitely say that none of these posts are 'dumb', which is obviously a naive - and ill-mannered - reply to some of the posters of this forum. I look just like my grandmother whos maiden name is Haffner. It’s amazing to hear how exploring your ancestors has helped you, and I wish you well on your continued journey. I had white-blonde hair when I was little but now it's darkened to a dirty blonde or light brown. Germany, State Government Directories, 1802-1929 (in German) 24,049: View all Germany Schools, Directories & Church Histories (60) Data Collections; Sorted by Germany Court, Land, Wills & Financial. It could mean nothing.My point is that in an age where travel is fast and easy and immigration takes place with more is silly to say, "All Germans should have this feature", or "All Italians should be defined by that feature.". They definitely have straight aristocratic noses. You can attach it to your DNA results and get additional functionality, such as ThruLines. (I'm around 80% German, the rest is English) But my whole family is just carbon copies... Blonde hair at birth (besides me) turning dark brown with age (although one of my brothers turned dirty blonde) Not every German has blonde's like saying every Irish person HAS to have Red hair, or they're "not irish" we also all have brown eyes.My facial structure is an average nose, (kinda short, but it sticks out) HIGH cheekbones, small jaw, (very rectangular) a small curve on my chin, and a larger forehead, and I've got raven curly hair, pale olive skin, and Black eyes that turn auburn in the sunlight. This collection includes an index and digitized images of passenger manifests for ships departing the German port of Hamburg between 1850 and 1934 from (available by subscription only). Hes tan all year long. One of my own relatives (grandmother's sister) had dark hair and those odd "asiatic" eyes, and there is no Turkish blood in my family, nor anything else so please don't even begin to assume. Grandfather had blonde hair, fair skin, blue eyes. for more information on how to obtain our Loans contact us today via email: ( YOU CAN ALSO ADD US ON WHATSAPP (+447783281085). They are not Turkish. Humorous, but in a more cynical way but they are not stiff and humorless like many people think they are. Please let me know if you are able to do a trace for me. The Kaulitz brothers btw, are 100% German. No one else has it. Celtic groups were organized, advanced societies – at least more advanced than most people give them credit for. Stay in touch on Facebook or by signing up for the e-mail list to receive the weekly newsletter. The hair and eye color varies with genetics. Your "famous" brothers are not actually famous nor represent they the whole nation.I can post a lot of dark Swedes, Englishmen who are of course not in majority. In the image below, you can see how the Frankish Empire grew in size and influence over the centuries.  It’s interesting to see how the initial sphere of influence very closely matches the genetic footprint of Germanic Europe: It is very common for people who are native to one region to have at least some DNA in common with neighboring regions. Very light blue eyes. The results go back thousands of years of your ancestral migration patterns. All my German relatives and friends save 1 tend to have tanner skin. There’s a record of their marriage in Broward, FL on Oct 5, 1925. 5'6, 125, blonde hair green eyes and classy like the most else of us. German Shepherd behavior consisting of lying or sitting on or next to your feet can have 3 different meanings. one was from Alsace Lorraine and the other from the Suttgart area. While Germany is within the Germanic Europe DNA region, it also encompasses a few other entire countries and regions of several others. Check out my post about researching your Slovak ancestry (and likely Germanic Europe DNA).

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