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Click Here For Step 4. Bend the lines on the right too to … 5. Reindeer is usually a symbol of Christmas that maintains or increases the Christmas spirit. I refine the contours of the antlers, making the lines smoother. and SUBSCRIBE☆Share your drawings with me on INSTAGRAM: ★TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for DrawKidsDraw donate $1for more … Reindeer for Kids. Step … Draw the head and the body with … The top branch has three smaller branches. Think of a tree branch. If she can draw it, anyone can (my mom told me to say that)! Step 8. How to Draw a Reindeer Step 1 Begin by drawing a circle for the reindeer’s head and follow it up with a pair of pointed ears. You CAN learn how to paint and create beautiful art too using my step by step painting techniques! The top branch curves upwards with three small branches right at the top. … Step 15: Draw the reindeer's antler on the other side the same way. Reindeer are of the family Cervidae which means deer.The reindeers are also called the caribou which is found in large herds in the very north of the world. Now you can add some new tines or creative features if you wish. Lastly, draw the beginning shape of the hind legs and hooves before moving to the next step. Finally clean your drawing up. So note the proportions to the torso. These ideas are astoundingly simple, very simple drawing ideas for children. Farm Animals. 8. I draw the short branches in the lower part of the antlers. Some ideas are extremely original and stick out between conventional strategies. Step 4: Draw the guide for Rudolph's muzzle as a small arc on the right side of the head. It is really easy and fun to draw, particularly in kawaii style that makes it cute and … My drawings always look like chicken scratch at first but the more you render the shapes and lines the better it gets! Draw a Reindeer: Following Directions : Printable Worksheet. (Step 6) Draw 3 ovals…2 for the … 2.Draw two semicircular arcs for your eyes, then an oval nose and a big smile. Draw a cute reindeer – body outline. Click Here For Step … Of all the reindeer that sledded Santa, eight are responsible for pulling and Rudolph is the lead deer. Now we can add the antlers. The reindeer is also known as caribou in the Northern part of America. View by Slideshow. Step 7: Draw four lines under the body (two below each circle) as guides for the reindeer's legs.The caribou will be stepping forward, so draw one of the lines in front shorter and bent. 1. Rainforest Animals. During the summer, the reindeer’s footpads soften for better traction on soft ground. With the 0.1 ink liner, I add the lines to create a texture. This is actually chibi style. Be sure to check out my how to paint a cute reindeer that this drawing tutorial goes along with! Using the six steps displayed below, you should be able to reproduce this animal easily and rapidly if you don't mine practicing a little. This oval should be a little longer. Step 7: Continue the belly line back from the front leg toward the hind leg. Now we can add the antlers. Step 5. Learn how to draw a cartoon reindeer in this easy step-by-step tutorial! To start the day off right, here is "how to draw a reindeer for kids", step by step. How to Draw Santa Sleigh and Reindeer Step by Step. This handy video takes you through how to draw a cartoon reindeer step by step. Sketch lightly at first so that it's easy to erase if you make a mistake. If you want to draw Reindeer, follow our tutorial step by step for the perfect picture. Adult reindeer have several predators including, Polar bears, brown bears and wolverines. I have a passion for teaching anyone how to bring out their inner artist! The bottom branch is short and bent. … What is a reindeer… Drawing Santa`s reindeer. Learn how to draw him with easy step by step drawing instructions. I created step by step directions and tried them on my mom. The realistic way to draw Santa sleigh and reindeer step by step Step 1: Drawing Santa Clause Reindeer Sleigh Flying Lesson Begin drawing the fundamental shapes of Santa Clause by drawing a letter ‘8’ like shape (huge circle and little circle). Step 3: Inside the head, near the bottom, draw a curved, horizontal line as a guide to help you place Rudolph's eye later. How to draw a reindeer step by santa and flying sleigh cartoon raindeer easy an horn antlers. They curve down from the bottom of the mouth area and stop at the horizontal fence line. This one shows you how to make your very own reindeer. Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Reindeer Reindeer are of the family Cervidae which means deer.The reindeers are also called the caribou which is found in large herds in the very north of the world. © 2020 Step By Step Painting With Tracie Kiernan, 16 Tips For Beginning With Acrylic Painting, How To Enlarge Traceables For Transferring, How To Paint A Fall Barn – Tutorial with DecoArt Americana Premium Paints, How To Paint A Scarecrow (Now with video!! Draw a "V-like" curved line below the head for the neck. Also draw the inner part of the ears and a little highlight teardrop shape on its nose. There is a thick hoof at the bottom. Draw a letter ‘T’ shape at smile. Draw 2 lines for eacxh arm and on his chest. Baby Reindeer. Draw … 1.First draw an oval, then draw a small oval inside as a nose. Let’s get started and create your masterpiece. (Step 4) Draw lines in each corner of the rectangle. How to Draw a Cute Reindeer - An easy, step by step drawing lesson for kids. Step 1: Start by drawing the cone-shaped snout. Add a line near the middle for the mouth. A lot of people like drawing reindeer in their own way, but this tutorial will allow you to draw reindeer … Reindeer: Draw ovals for eyes. A reindeer … TOP. Step 10. Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category. Help children develop their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, and perceptual motor skills by learning how simple shapes can be used to draw a reindeer.

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