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10 respuestas. Covering the cage can give the bird the impression that the cage is the nest box so I recommend that it not be covered. My parakeet laid two eggs on the cage floor, these are not her first eggs ( she kinda destroyed the other eggs) I have a male in the cage too, so im pretty sure they are fertile. is she sick? My brother tried to be nice and put a box in the cage for them when there was only one egg (that we knew of!) If you can feel the imprint of eggs, but she isn’t laying them, she might be egg bound. The floor is elevated from the rest of the "floor" if that makes any sense...okay so now I am worried that the floor is too cold and the egg will freeze, will it? For a pair of parakeet, you can have a cage of 30 inches length, depth, and height. While laying eggs, your parakeet is using a lot of calcium. (We just moved! Parakeet Eggs. theres another female in the cage though, same age. Tell me what should I do? And one more thing, do parakeet always lay more than one egg or is it okay if they lay only one? leave the eggs alone. (3207) Cindy asks: My cockatiel was given to me as a gift 1 year ago along with a parakeet in the same cage and last month the parakeet died and now as of today the cockatiel has laid 2 eggs. Can you guess which of my birds it was? Im afraid to disturb her and the eggs as she tends to hide them quite well when she doesn't have them out sunning? and she takes care of it (incubates) it. Now I have put egg in basket and she started to sit? I don't see how it'd be fertilized, she's never had a male(or female for the matter) in the cage with her. I had one parakeet that,after a couple of days, i noticed had layed an egg at the bottom of the cage. My parakeet laid two eggs on the cage floor, these are not her first eggs ( she kinda destroyed the other eggs) I have a male in the cage too, so im pretty sure they are fertile. Egg binding means that she can’t dispel of the eggs naturally. “She might go to weird places to nest outside of or behind the cage.” Vaughn has heard of makeshift nests behind sofas, so always supervise your budgie when it is out of the cage. Fran, 21 April 2020 I am a 74 year old widow who only drives in my small town. Can you believe it!! There really isn’t much you can do to stop it. The best you can do is to help your parakeet through this time with as little stress as possible. Not really sure what to do. I would then move the egg into the bowl. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. She's like five years old in April, never laid an egg before. 2. There may be more, laid at the rate of one, every other day, up to an average clutch size of 3-5 eggs. How long does it take to hatch? my parakeet has laid eggs on the floor of the cage can i clean the cage or should i leave it alone? And with the bird being pregnant would she have killed the parakeet? Lulu is almost 10 months old, my only bird and she started laying eggs today! Adding oil will not help a bird that is egg bound. Provide a proper nesting box. I'm worried about her. My Bird Laid An Egg… It is usually quite the surprise to parrot owners when their pet lays an egg, especially if they thought it was a male, or if it lives without a mate. In general, it would be better to just keep the male in a cage and let the female handle the eggs. Female parakeets will lay an egg every second day and there will be approximately four to seven of them. Sent from my SM- Parrot Forum ... Parrot Forum - Parrot Owner's Community > Community > Questions and Answers: PARAKEET RANDOMLY LAID AN EGG (on bottom of cage), please help!!! Shortly after mating, the female parakeet will lay her first egg. shes just lying down in the corner of her cage, why? Any bird with a behavioral change particularly spending time in the bottom of the cage needs to have an examination by an avian veterinarian to avoid this problem. I am a first time bird owner and I need some direction. If you have a bright enough pen light you can candle without even picking the egg up, lots of pictures online of what a viable egg looks like. It should be attached to the outside of the cage and be made out of wood, measuring 7.5 inches by 6.5 inches by 7.5 inches. What kind of care can I give the bird and the eggs to have them survive? My name is Janyce F. I’ve bought food for my Lineolated Parakeet (Lulu) from you and I look forward to receiving your Sunday Birdie Brunch email every week.

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