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The Muddy Big Buddy 16 foot tall two-man ladder stand will allow you and your side-kick to hunt safe and comfortably. The Grandstand offers a spacious, comfortable flip-back seat to allow the hunter to take advantage of the full foot platform. It is not rare for the rut-crazed hunter to spend all day in the stand for several consecutive days in a row or for an entire week or more during legal hunting hours. 59. Even though it is more typical to stalk hunt in many of the western states and often favorable in some Midwestern states, hunting from elevated stands has steadily grown in popularity across all regions. Was the information on this page helpful? The 90-pound weight of this stand results in placing it in areas that the stand will most likely sit for a while. The One and Done hunter often is going to spend their time in the stand opening day of gun season or the opener in the early season. Rivers Edge RE631 Ladder Tree Stand. single out cold and high-pressure fronts. The Muddy Partner Double Ladder Stand is a two man ladder stand that features two-man seat, that flips back to provide full platform use. Rivers Edge RE646, Classic One Man Ladder Stand, Black. $295.59 $ 295. The Full-Time Sportsman uses every method available, at one point or another, during the season in pursuit of the elusive trophy buck. With solid construction, design, and safety, this tree stand line compared to any other brand will clearly excel. Hunting Styles Supported: Climbing stands are ideal for the public land gypsy, the weatherman, the rut-crazed hunter, the full-time sportsman, as well as, the paparazzi; those hunters who will likely frequent various stands depending on deer movement. Tie 2 ropes from stand and run on each side of tree, on the opposite (back) side of tree. The Grandstand is the Cadillac of the Muddy Outdoors single ladder stand series. However, taking a look in the general sense at your hunting strategies and tactics will allow you to make a conclusion on which style hunter you are, this later down the road can help you make decisions on which gear is right for your style. Some of these hunters are skilled with their time and resources and can plan according to the limited time they have available. This two man ladder stand also features a arm rest and a padded shooting rail that can flip up and out of the way. Sale. 99. A Weatherman hunter is going to plan the hunt based on wind direction and what is projected by the weather radar. The Huntsman is the most economical single ladder stand in the Muddy Outdoors single ladder stand series, offering an extremely comfortable flip-back seat, padded armrests and a deep platform, many other features found in more expensive stands. Hang-on stands are often used in conjunction with ladder stands, or other style stands for a cameraman or a second person stand. You can learn more about the cookies we use and why we use them by viewing our Privacy Policy.,, © Copyright - Muddy Outdoors - Powered by. Muddy Outdoors offers several models of both single ladder stands and double ladder stands. Flex-tec zero gravity seat conforms to your legs so you can sit comfortably all day long. Other options New 3.7 out of 5 stars 11. Muddy Outdoors offers the Gunner and The Bull. The last type of stand discussed here, the box blinds or box stands, are usually a little more permanent or require more effort to move around a parcel of land. Tripods and quadpod stands give hunters an advantage when there isn’t a perfect tree line or a straight tree for stand placement. The Paparazzi hunter is going to place their stands depending on what their game camera strategy has proven in the area. Foot platform measures 40”w x 33”d, seat measures 37”w Each model of the Muddy Outdoors tree stands includes safety harnesses which should be properly worn every time a hunter uses an elevated stand. The Muddy Nexus Double Ladder Stand is a two man ladder stand that features two man seat, that flips back to provide full platform use. The Paparazzi hunter is motivated by what the game cameras have captured, having a “hit-list” of bucks for the season. Muddy MLS2251 Stronghold 2.5 XTL Tree Stand, Tree Lok System 18' Ladder Stand, Black, One Size. Note: It is not uncommon for a hunter to be any combination of the various styles! Muddy Outdoors offers several models of both single ladder stands and double ladder stands. The lightweight Vantage Point weighing in at a mere 13 pounds offers four adjustment options for the platform with a flip-back footrest and adjustable Triplex foam waterproof seat that flips up and out of the way for standing. 2 Full Body Harnesses included.

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