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FAX: 561-495-7383 •. Click on image to enlarge. The photographer's identification Thunbergia erecta 'Alba' has not been reviewed. Kings mantle with variegated flower lavender-off-white. REQUIREMENTS : full It prefers full sun and well-drained soil but will bloom in partial shade. FLOWER : throughout the year, Delray Beach, FL • PHONE: 1-888-241-1572 Several of the best-known Thunbergia species are climbers, but this native of tropical Africa is a sprawling shrub, very useful in mixed beds or as a low hedge. WATER Click here to review or comment on the identification. Jun 26, 2019 - Buy thunbergia erecta alba, meyenia erecta alba (white) - plant from Indias largest online plant nursery at be | Free Pot | 6000+ Plants | All India Delivery (Acanthaceae) erecta T. Anderson. TEMP. Its common name is aztec lily and it is a bulb from amaryllis family. There is also a subspecies of Thunbergia erecta, which grows white flowers and smaller leaves, known as Alba. It is white color version of common blue Thunbergia erecta. Thunbergia erecta cv. Thunbergia erecta Alba 8zz.jpg 2,544 × 1,696; 3.67 MB Thunbergia erecta alba-2-yercaud-salem-India.JPG 4,000 × 2,248; 2.7 MB Thunbergia erecta alba-BSI-1 … rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit. Ezt a nemzetséget egyéves és évelő, indás kúszónövények, illetve kisebb cserjék alkotják. Thunbergia erecta, King's Mantle quantity. There is also a white-flowering form, which seems to have smaller leaves which is ‘Alba’. It prefers full sun and well-drained soil but will bloom in partial shade. It is native to Eastern Africa and has been naturalized in other parts of the world. Growth Habit: Shrub Height: 3-6 feet Zones: 9b to 11 Light: Full sun/part shade . Thunbergia erecta (King's Mantle) shares similar features in regard to landscape uses and growth patterns to Tecoma capenis (Cape Honeysuckle). Our plants are covered by our 30 day guarantee. Last but not least, sprekelia formosissima is flowering in winter here in lahore. We even send you a picture of your plants before they ship. A Thunbergia az ajakosvirágúak (Lamiales) rendjébe és a medvekörömfélék (Acanthaceae) családjába tartozó nemzetség.. Alcsaládjának a típusnemzetsége.. Tudnivalók. A Thunbergia-fajok Afrikában, Madagaszkáron és Dél-Ázsiában őshonosak. Map Help ^Top of Page. Flowers are small but tub shaped and abundant. FAMILY : Acanthaceae ORIGIN : Tropical America SIZE : up to 6' LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : full sun/bright shade WATER REQUIREMENTS : average MIN. buy thunbergia >> Thunbergia erecta or Bush Clock Vine will be excellent as a backdrop for low-growing plants in a mixed border. A relative is the exquisite Sky Vine. Gulf Coast Research and Education Center . //--> Last but not least, sprekelia formosissima is flowering in winter here in lahore. Around the World, Plants that attract Butterflies & Vining shrub to 6 feet tall and wide. SHOP 360 GARDEN Live Plant - Thunbergia Erecta Alba, Meyenia Erecta Alba (BLUE) - Flower Plant - 1 Healthy Live Plant: Garden & Outdoors Thunbergia is a family of tender perennial flowering shrubs and climbing vines. Flowers are small but tub shaped and abundant. Thunbergia erecta is a herbaceous perennial climbing plant species in the genus Thunbergia native to western Africa. Gardino 5377 Thunbergia erecta Alba - White Kings Mantle. sun/bright shade Bushy dense fast growing shrub. Propagtion is by means of cuttings. Thunbergia Erecta Alba care. A rare pure white form of King's Mantle producing its yellow centered 2 slightly nodding trumpets on and off throughout the year. Blue flowers resembling morning glory. Get 1 Free Product Today All India Delivery Lowest prices. It is an ideal shrub to add a splash of vibrant colour to your garden, can be grown in large pots or containers. Thunbergia erecta. Thunbergia Fragrans. Plant database entry for Thunbergia erecta 'Alba' with 3 images and 25 data details. Native to India. It is white color version of common blue Thunbergia erecta. Using images, Link to this plant: The white flowers are a standout against the rich glossy dark green leaves. Both can survive in temperate climates if they are planted in a sheltered area. Blue flowers resembling morning glory. Bush Clock Vine ‘Fairy Moon’ (Thunbergia erecta) Trumpet-shaped flowers bloom from spring to fall and the blossoms are blue-lavender with white petal edges and clear yellow in the throats. FLOWERS axial, solitary, 5cmØ; tube yellow … Thunbergia erecta alba: This Thunbergia erecta alba I photographed @ Pu La Despande Garden (Japanese Garden) , Pune. The King’s Mantle can be grown in pots as well as trained to grow over a trellis. Kings mantle - perfect ever-blooming hedge. Thunbergia erecta (purple) and Thunbergia erecta 'Alba' (white) Height: up to 15 ft, but can be kept pruned to 4-5 feet Spread: comparable spread Light: Full sun to Part shade Water: moderate water with some drought tolerance Landscape uses: In the landscape as … If you don't see the price - the plant is not for sale.

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