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Unfortunately, in reality there are numerous ways how planning can – and does – become more of a burden than an aid. In sports, athletes must adjust their strategies to match their opponents. It’s important to avoid different understanding of the strategy and its applications. Now that you have collected your information, what comes next? Rather, this is the moment to think about what the future could be, and not what your present state is. Among your assumptions will such things as: Your assumptions are used to create and share several potential future states of your business or the market, and find several potential paths for how to reach that future state. Kotter (2007) suggests that education is hardly unique in failing to transform strategy into action, concluding that more than 70 percent of business strategic plans are never implemented. Some activities that you will experience in this stage include: The final step in the Strategic Cycle is to examine your results against the assumptions you made earlier. Instead, they are often left to sink or swim with individual planning. Strategic planning is the art of creating specific business strategies, implementing them, and evaluating the results of executing the plan, in regard to a company’s overall long-term goals or desires. Strategic Planning & Accreditation. There are many merits to the Lean Startup approach, but for this article we will focus on more traditional strategic planning. In business, it is the same. But you would be shocked at how many strategic planning initiatives are completely unrelated to the company’s vision. Roadmap Thinking – How to Build a Strategy Using a Roadmap (Roadmap Crafting Checklist Included), Roadmap Planner Merges With Goals by KeepSolid, Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare a Roadmap for a Project, Top 4 Free Project Management Tools to Improve Productivity, Basic and Advanced Business Growth Strategies and How They Help Companies Grow, New Business Solution for Managing Projects – Meet Goals by KeepSolid. In teaching, it’s like building an annual curriculum versus a lesson plan. Objectives also unify all team members understanding of what they are trying to accomplish with their strategic planning. Just like there’s no single best teaching method, there also can’t be the best way to build a strategic plan. It is at this moment that strategic planning processes that did NOT set clear objectives start their march to failure, because they never defined what success looks like. Make sure your plan scales well, whether you are a green or a seasoned teacher. Effective strategic planning is the lynchpin for successful management of educational institutions in our rapidlychanging world. New information is fed into the Strategic Cycle continuously, which impacts the choices available and the actions that are taken. Read more strategic insights from our annual report The State of Technology in Education. Strategic Planning in Education Cristopher C. Midea Reporter 2. About strategic planning. Confirming alignment with your company Vision and Mission should take 5 minutes or less. And if it succeeds, the project manager should be promoted to your next CEO. An effective, future-focused strategic plan can be instrumental in your school, inspiring and uniting the community, keeping focus on what matters, and preparing teachers and students alike to be change agents in a … This enables stakeholders to voice and agree on the same priorities and focus on the same path to improvement. The interim Strategic Plan 2017-2027 outlines what EA will do over the next decade to achieve key goals, deliver consistently high-quality services to the community across Northern Ireland and produce positive outcomes for all children and young people. Recognizing these differences, educators became early adopters of bl… Strategic planning in universities is frequently positioned as vital for clarifying future directions, Strategic planning involves studying the market conditions, researching about the next moves of the competitors, coming up with the innovative product ideas, and keeping the customers happy and … Education Strategic Plan 2018–2030 i . Provides a focus. The most important goals for schools in are: Market Segmentation is another type of science and is outside our general strategy discussion. If the resource size exceeds 10MB it will not be sent as an attachment. The emergence of strategic planning in higher education coincided with the difficulties experienced in all of education in the 1970s and 1980s, as enrollments began to fluctuate, student demographics started to change, and funding became inconsistent. By contrast, businesses most often concentrate on shorter term financial results. It makes the objectives operational and provides right direction to organisational activities. First is the fact that universities’ value systems are built upon the idea of long-term investments in education, as well as knowledge creation. Higher education is no different. Strategic planning guides educational development by giving a common vision and shared priorities. It is a mean to see the big picture as opposed to tactical planning that targets short-term tasks. Strategic planning is an organizational management activity that is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assess and adjust the organization’s direction in response to a changing environment. Strategic planning is a disciplined process for making key decisions and agreeing on actions that will shape and guide what an organisation is, what it does, and why it does it. Strategic Planning Definition: Strategic Planning can be understood as a systematic long-range planning activity, that an organization uses to fix priorities, strengthen operations, ascertain objectives and focus on the resources required and are to be allocated in order to pursue the strategy and attain the objectives.

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