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i curently restored memory sueccesor of ribcage and is already really hard to keep tracking all npc quest … Request 4: Ruined City Underground – Outer Crossroads. Request 3: Howling Pit – Howling Pit Entrance. I did this last part after Crypt Spire boss. Completing each quest is going to reward you with an item or a map of some kind which might be useful to you! You are going to find Matthew at the Entrance of the Ruined City Center. Just talk to her. His … Depths: Arachnid Grotto - Reward from Gustav NPC Questline. But as far as i know these side quests aren't timed or missable, so you could just go back through the maps later. It … Give it to Richard to complete your quest. This time you are going to find Matthew at the Parking Garage above the stairs. Go west and walk until you come around the vehicle and then drop down from platform to platform until you reach the bottom. Third Location - Ashen Cavern - Accumulator RuinsStart this after City of Falling Flame boss. Second Location - Howling Pit - Howling Pit Entrance MistleAvailable: After beating Howling Pit boss (i started this after Cathedral of the sacred blood area)Just north from him in same area, find and bring him Dog Tag with Ring back. After interacting with her, head into the Crypt of the Ribcage to find the Rib-Touched Spike key item on the ground near the mistle. 6 Completing All The NPC Side Quests. In real life The game really doesn't explain it at all, and kind of just hopes players explore old zones, but there are tons and tons of side quests in Code Vein! Request 2: Ruined City Underground – Outer Crossroads. Final Location - Ruined City Center - Poisonous Butterfly Nest MistleAvailable: After City of Falling Flame bossFind him close to Mistle, talk to him and now you need to find activate Mistle item. She is a revenant who is keen on researching the powers of the successors. He is going to ask you to defeat a Lost in the ruined city. You are going to set out your way to the Howling Pits Entrance mistle where you are going to find the Ash Covered Dog Tag near the walkway that leads you to the pits. Follow the only path to find him, talk to him and solve the marked location on the map. Quests from NPCs (Code Vein) Quests from NPCs For those who are tired by a factor of 100 to check all the cards and where, why and where to look for the actual these NPCs. Get out of the area after complete the first request and when you come back here again, Shang is going to tell you about being followed by the Lost. It's a part of his Questline - Code Vein - NPC Quests Guide. The side quests offered by these characters are pretty straightforward and easy to complete, nevertheless, in case you might miss out on one we have compiled this list for you. About NPC Quests NPCs may appear on areas you've fully explored (100% completion), with their icons immediately visible on the map. Gustav QuestFirst Location - Dried-Up Trenches - Dried-Up Trenches Entrance MistleAvailable: After beating Dried-up Trenches boss (i started this after Cathedral of the sacred blood area)Find him close to Mistle, talk to him and you will need to gather some evidence. Shang QuestFirst Location - Ruined City Underground - Outer Crossroads MistleAfter beating Oliver (first game boss), talk to Shang next to mistle. Revisiting previous maps after each important boss, and full the NPC quests as quickly as doable. Third Location - Howling Pit - Bottomless Shore MistleAvailable: After beating Howling Pit boss (i started this after Cathedral of the sacred blood area)Just kill some enemy north from him and return to him. Code Vein's first three companions all have different strengths for various situations Thanks to Code Vein companions, the vampire apocalypse doesn’t have to be such a lonely place. This time, Daryl is going to ask you to defeat the Lost in order to get him a collection. Unaware of the danger he puts himself in, he still wanders in different locations where trouble follows him. Bring him back what he needs (marked on the map) to finish second part. Heis an Argent Wolf Soldier located at the Crypt Spire Entrance of the Crypt Spire. Other Code Vein Guides: Code Vein Side Quest Guide; Richard Side Quest Guide.

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