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Iterate over each tile and check there's actually a window in it. I was just thinking of some way to reset the state so that people would know how to get out of trouble in case tiling misbehaves in any way. So either you don't have that commit - in which case the script breaking with existing clients is unavoidable, or you do have it and there's something wrong. 9 comments The name of the script is from mineral Kröhnkite; it starts with K and looks cool. Are there any global kwin script variables that could be set by kwin tiling and then read in wm console? It definitely also only happens with applications that spawn multiple windows. 3. Which seems like a fair assumption to make since KWin sends that signal. As for the rest, I think we've gotten off track a bit here. And if we could figure out which tile to close without the user manually selecting it, we could also just solve the issue. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. No. The idea behind this task is to reimplement the tiling functionality as a KWin Script. Press J to jump to the feed. Log? (Well, what it actually does is toggle the "active" setting twice, but that's an implementation detail that should probably be cleaned up). to iterate over all tiles on the current monitor, check if the client is still "valid" and if not log what client it was (wm_class, or some other properties) and remove the tile. Note that this output is currently a bit sparse - we mostly print errors (since there's also no way to mark anything as debug output so it'll be shown with lower priority). There's assumption that we get closed signal when the app crashes, yes? I really love how it supports mouse too where you can resize a single window and it automatically resizes the rest. Doesn't seem to be consistently reproducible though. It's just for debugging anyway :). Are there any global kwin script variables that could be set by kwin tiling and then read in wm console? You signed in with another tab or window. I never reload the script and the bug happens periodically. because it's fullscreen - … KWin provides window tiling which is hardly maintained and unknown to the core KWin team. kwin-tiling. Click with your right mouse button on a window decoration or use System Settings to access the new and easier configuration of KWin. For example, hitting Meta+Left and then Meta+Up within a two-second period will tile the active window into the top left corner. I rebooted, I can't imagine that makes any difference, after updating the script previously I logged out and back in and it did seem to fix the issue with sublime text. It probably explains why @piotr-dobrogost was having the same problem with google chrome dev tools, the dev tools window was probably being started minimized and having a tile created. So with the "remove empty tiles" method I expect the wm_class would be jetbrains_phpstorm but I'm not sure. Easy tiling script for KWin. The minimized one is given a tiling slot creating a gap. Please do not feel obliged in any way to fix something which I'm not yet sure is broken and which I can't reliably reproduce. GridMove — Tiles and arranges windows on sophisticated layouts with hotkeys and multi-monitor support. Open more windows in a desktop you had opened some previously, things should work as expected (new window will be tiled among / with the old ones). A window can be added to multiple groups at the same time, and windows from different groups can be shown together or... 5.0 Yesterday and this morning I had the problem within 10-20 minute, I've now gone about 2 hours without seeing the problem.

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