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Custom dry transfer labels look elegant on glass display cases that are focal points of your exhibition. Custom Dry Transfers Have Taken Over Letraset Instant Transfer Lettering. We have computer cutting capability to cut shapes that add interest. As long as you’re applying to a smooth, flat surface such as glass, wood, metal, wallboard, or plastic, you’ll be able to have a polished looking exhibit object label with a minimum of effort. Photo Printing. 690 Material Spec Sheet *NOTE: Not for Laser or Inkjet Printing A thin and light display that does not influence the integrity of the gallery space, e-paper digital gallery cards offer extreme savings in printing and reprinting paper labels. However, Since 1998 Museum Quality has been offering professional photo printing services that other companies are unable to provide. The slightly raised appearance of the decals has a more finished look than any sort of printed-on lettering. Last thing you can do would be to paint over the transfers. Increasingly, labels in non-English-speaking countries have labels in English as well as the main local language, and in some parts of the world, labels in three or more languages are common. Custom Dry Transfers or Vinyl Lettering? Printing Labels and Envelopes. The exhibit below is a display at the Des Moines County Heritage Center, Burlington Iowa, and was designed by Will Thompson of Armadillo Arts. In this Print Media Centr podcast, Jim Hamilton, Museum of Printing board member and social media volunteer, shares his perspective on the #worldcupofprintinghistory Twitter hashtag that the museum ran during the Women’s World Cup in 2019 (and also in 2018 for the Men’s tournament). Personalized museum and show room placards for your gallery displays. Image Transfers are custom dry rub-on transfer specialists. Image Transfers excels at higher end and innovative applications – and we will work closely with you throughout the process. Choose a custom label material: 690 – Thermal Transfer Acid-Free Polyester – This opaque, gloss white material contains an acid-free adhesive for non-invasive labeling, as well as maintaining excellent flexibility with chemical and tear resistance.Great permanent bond to many museum & archival surface types. Art Gallery Plaques. - Right click on various labels to disable a field corrected so they disable the correct field. Great for business or personal use. For enquiries, please e-mail Roll Label Templates. For museums and galleries, they work in reverse underneath glass as they do on walls and cards. First we would recommend tacking off the transfer with painters tape. PRINTERSFAIR.COM . No matter what size plaque, larger or smaller, the transfers will produce a clean and concise appearance that is suitable for even the most formal applications. T y nan used 140lb ivory index stock.. A museum label, also referred to as caption or tombstone is a label describing an object exhibited in a museum or one introducing a room or area. More than seventy six, 000 performs are currently available on the web. Childproof and wheelchair friendly. 2020 VIRTUAL LOS ANGELES PRINTERS FAIR will take place for the entire month of November! A dry transfer is not a slip-off label or a water decal, instead, the transferred image appears as if it was printed directly onto the item. In these cases, dry rub-on transfers offer advantages that are second to none. All report an average cost of $70-$100 per label. The ancestry will print at the bottom of the label. How do you remove the transfers from the walls (eg. Compared to other methods, rub-down transfers produce not only a superior appearance but also a finished, semi-permanent look. Notes: Museums are listed in alphabetical order by museum name. From small local museums to the Smithsonian, we've done exhibits that delight the viewer. The image is transferred from the translucent sheet onto another surface by applying light pressure in a rubbing motion. You might think that photo printing is something that anyone can do. In his classic book Interpreting our Heritage, first published in 1957, Freeman Tilden defines interpretation as ‘an educational activity which aims to reveal meanings and relationships’. ACTUAL MUSEUM PRO TIPS. No matter what type of font or layout you’ve designed, dry-transfers will apply quickly to the wall and leave behind nothing but the lettering. Because display cases tend to be viewed at especially close distances, the precise and neat look of a transparent label for glass is an asset. Kim Kenney, writing for Museum Professionals, advises you to limit yourself to 200 words for this kind of label. Large sculpture may require that you place a label on the nearest wall or floor. To print your own labels at home, simply load the label paper into your printer and hit print. If your installation is permanent, your wall labels also can be made permanent with a light topcoat of varnish once they are applied. Next would be to use Bestine Solution or Lacquer Solvent. Dry transfers are referred to as DRY because they are applied dry, without the use of water or solvents. In a world where nothing escapes the critic’s online reviews, let us help you make sure your labels are flawless and easy to apply. Above, a 26x15' wall mural at the Owls Head Transportation Museum in Maine, with the actual race car in the photo on display in front of it. • Using Labels Effectively • Design Tips • Making a Label • Resources. In this case, a large backlit piece was created to fit in an existing window. How museum labels provoke reactions. Our trained professionals have been working at the photo printing industry for years. Bug fixes - Print configuration for printing origin corrected. Freestanding display case label holders as well as shelf edge label holders are used by artwork in a case or on a tabletop surface. If you’ve spent months or years curating a high-visibility exhibition, let us help you with crisp, concise museum wall labels to make it perfect. Continue with a section label, in which you include the relevance of the object. What is a Label? Labels within an exhibition should all be the same size unless there is need for longer, explanatory text. Label for Bowl with Cranes and Clouds. Musea is a Museum Quality print lab based out of Nashville, TN. We print in 4-color GRACol. Elegant Dry Transfer Wine Bottle Labels for Francis Ford Coppola Reserve, Custom Dry Transfers Used in Classic Car Restoration. Any typeface font and accompanying design elements will reproduce exactly as intended in the digital files you submit. Monroe County Museum Research Library • What is a Label? When viewed up close under bright museum or gallery lighting, you’ll be pleased with the results produced by the rub-on Even those most prone to scrutiny and criticism likely will agree you’ve found the best solution for a polished, professional look. Additional text may be needed to explain exactly what a particularly unusual object is or how it was used. As the decals are rubbed-on, they are semi-permanent – and as noted earlier, a light top coat of varnish makes them permanent applications. Entries preceded by “ New> ” were added to this listing since January 2018.. The finished appearance of rub-on museum exhibit labels can play a decisive role in helping to meet today’s attendance objectives for curators and museum professionals. Other freestanding signage can guide a patron through a museum or identify artworks in the center of a room. If you’re using an inkjet printer, load the paper with the label side facing down. Take home a slice of Singapore’s heritage and culture with MUSEUM LABEL’s functional and quirky merchandise. Image Transfers is a leading supplier of high-quality custom dry transfer labels for museums, exhibit spaces, and art galleries. There’s no comparison between a museum exhibit card created with a custom dry transfer versus one from a laser printer. Letterpress: Printing Museums. Because we work from digital files you supply, the museum labels you receive will be exactly according to your layout, and they can be applied to any flat, smooth, dry surface. Discover everything regarding the Nederlander Marine Corps in the Museum Label Template in Rotterdam. Daylight provides the lighting, and the view out the window is the same view you would have today, except 100 years ago. The process of printing labels and envelopes is similar to printing letters, as they may be printed either one at a time or for a list of contacts. -- Specialties: Custom Rub Down Dry Transfers, Art Gallery Signage & Museum Labels, Custom Transfers for Product Prototypes, Comps & Mock-ups, Dry Transfers for Scale Models. Your email address will not be published. We consider dry transfers a semi-permanent application. Combining our ability to utilize our screening, and cutting edge inkjet, fabric vinyl and photo technologies along with our extensive experience in the fine art and museum world allows us to offer to our client’s unique solutions to their projects. Museum Standards.

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