Be Remembered Fondly

No one is immortal, but the closest we can come to achieving some measure of immortality is through our loved ones and the ones we leave behind. It’s a cliché, but we really do live on in the minds and hearts of those who out survive us, and also in our deeds and achievements.

So the question is, how do you go about being remembered fondly and how do you make sure that the memories of you are good ones? Here we will look at some ways.

Be Good:

Of course the first way to be remembered fondly is to live well. People will remember you accurately for the person you were, and that means it’s up to you to make sure that people’s memories of you are positive. Make sure that you are fun and loving, and that you do all you can to help those around you and to support them.

Have Apprentices:

Being able to pass on your wisdom, and help someone to succeed is one of the most valuable things you can do when you are alive – and especially if you want to be remembered. If you can be someone’s guide and help them to make their way in life and to be a success, then they will owe that success to you, and you will live on in their actions.

Don’t Become a Burden:

As you grow older, you don’t want to become a burden and to start making life hard for other people. As we get older and more frail, and as illnesses start to set in, it can be easy to forget ourselves and to expect too much of other people. In some sad cases this can the result in us being remembered only in our later years when we were no longer ourselves. Make sure then that you face your older age with grace and courage and you will be remembered well as a result.


Contributing to the world and giving more than you take will ensure that you are remembered well. This can mean giving on a personal level – by helping people and being generous, but it can also mean giving on a larger scale by donating to charity or sponsoring a cause your believe in.
You can also contribute in other ways, through your thoughts, words and creations. For instance you can contribute to industry by launching a business, and if you ensure that that business is in good hands when you retire then your name can live on. At the same time you might contribute to art by creating a great painting or piece of music, and again this will become a testament to your creativity while you were alive.

Make Provisions:

Immediately after you die, you will be at the forefronts of people’s minds, and they will discover what you left behind for them. This is your last chance to shine as it were, so make sure that you have made provisions for those that you loved after you are gone. Make sure that you have a will written, and that those who depended on you in life are taken care of financially and emotionally.