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A Grant's zebra mare who leads the other notable herd in the Pride Lands. More Tutorials in The Lion Guard. Ono the Keenest of Sight/Smartest. groundchele. Kion is the only member of the … This avalanche destroys the snow monkeys home, and the rest of the episode consists of finding them a new home, while also resulting in Chuulun joining up with Makucha for revenge after the Guard humiliates her. Mapigano leaps at Badili, asking why he came back when it's no longer his turf and starts to mock him. She along with Tiifu go into this as well in "Fuli's New Family", regarding Fuli hunting alongside Kiara (though Zuri is more indifferent than outright contemptuous). He decides to drop everything and go get some honey, and his weight causes the loose stones of the cliffside to dislodge and block the only path to the Tree. Mapigano leaps at Badili, asking why he came back when it's no longer his turf and starts to mock him. As Beshte walks him home, he encourages Mtoto to believe in himself though the song "Hero inside". Muhanga and muhangus are seen arguing with jackals. He appears in the episode "The Imaginary Okapi". She can be first seen during the song 'Duties of the king" when Simba attends her wedding. A white-backed vulture who is a member of Mzingo's committee. His kind nature makes him easy to befreind other animals, including Mtoto and Ajabu. PARK AVE 12 Lion Guard Figures with Jumbo Egg Storage, 1-2" Tall Mini King Figure Toys for Kids Deluxe Cupcake Cake Toppers Party Favor Decoration 4.4 out of 5 stars 249. He often turns to the spirit of his grandfather, Mufasa, for counsel. Kion agrees to teach him how to be fierce, Fuli how to be fast, Bunga how to be brave, and Beshte how to be strong. He's a vulture that works for Janja and the hyenas. Janja and his clan attack the group, but when Janja approaches Muhimu, Muhimu's son kicks Janja  in the faceand throws him away, much to Bunga's appciation. He appears in the episode "Too Many Termites". Grand ami de Mufasa, il sera particulièrement attristé par sa mort. He serves as the captain of the newest iteration of the Lion Guard. Step 3. Based on a painting in Rafiki's cave, Kion bears a great resemblance to his maternal grandfather. That, and the sheer magnitude of the rockslide causes the guardians of the Tree, the Night Pride, to immediately become suspicious of the guard when they normally would have been friendly. After meeting the real Lion Guard, Beshte invites Mtoto to their training, but Mtoto doesn't do very good at the training tasks which makes him very upset. Hamu is a character from the show Lion Guard. It is possible that Shingo is the same giraffe that appeared in the other episodes, but all other giraffes (except Twiga) look identical. After this event Tamaa promises to only use his talent for good. In "The Scorpion's Sting", instead of letting Scar's taunting about how it was his Roar that enabled him to return get to him and fall into a. he reveals that he is actually quite friendly, He does it with his fists like typical cartoon gorillas, rather than open hands like real ones, accidentally blocks the pass to the Tree of Life with a rockslide, Kion is very self-conscious and prone to periods of doubt in early Season 1; he wants to prove to himself and his dad that he can be a good leader and he takes it pretty hard whenever he lets people down. He appears in the in the episode "Follow that Hippo!". She is first seen in Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. When tracking gazelles with Kiara and Tiifu witness hyenas attacking the gazelles. She has a long-held dislike of baboons (though as of the episode "Baboons! Simba is disappointed with Kion's choice and tells him to hreat his new role seriously and gather a real Lion Guard made of lions. Badili informs Mapigano him that he is not scared of him anymore. She is also not afraid to call Kion out if he gets reckless or acts like a huge jerk. Disney Junior general manager Nancy Kanter has described the series as being \"kind of like The Lion King meets The Avengers.\" An African leopard who lives in the Back Lands. He himself is finally driven to madness after all of his plans are ruined by Kion destroying Scar once and for all, making a furious attempt to kill the lion with his venom only for Bunga to stop him. Young Adult Kion. Kion is the son of Simba and Nala and Kiara's little brother. Reirei's mate who wreaks havoc in the Pride Lands. You will find out which character from the Disney Jr. television series, The Lion Guard. A gecko who has dreams of becoming a member of Makuu's float. Kwato is character that appears in The Lion Guard TV series. Badili is a character from the show Lion Guard. He's wise, calm and rescpects the circle of life. During his time as leader of the Lion Guard, he bears the mark of the Guard on his left shoulder; later he bears the mark of the Tree of Life, as King of the Night Pride. She comes back with Simba and Nala to see Lion Guard rescue Kiara from the stampede and defeat hyenas. She is is seen at her father's funeral and she listens to Simba making mistake in elephantese, but she turns it into a joke, rememberting good times with her father, who always used to make everyone laugh. Hamu comes with the rest of the group to Mbali fields where he lives now with his mother and Swala's gazelle herd. Fuli the Fastest. As an added bonus, he's the first white rhino to appear in the. Add a photo to this gallery. Contents . Pua is an old crocodile from Disney Junior show Lion Guard. After realizing the Pride Lands has a more than capable Lion Guard defending it, he officially abdicates the position and heads to Rani where he becomes the king. She quickly befriends Bunga when he arrives. Tiifu is a female lion cub, and one of Kiara's friends. At first he's glad to hear that Reirei and Goigoi don't like Lion Guard neither. Kion and Bunga stay with Muhimu while the reat of the Guard go ahead to lead thest of the herd out. In the third season, she proves her worth as a leader when Kion gives her command. He acts as a scout and spy for Janja. Ajabu flees, but he can't lose Makucha. Gumba is character that appears in The Lion Guard TV series. He isn't proud of it, once the fit ends. Telling Simba and Kion that he's not sure if Scar can be defeated doesn't exactly cover the full extent of his sentiment. Step 6. He's a baby zebra that appears in the episode "The Mbali Fields Migration". A yellow skink who is a member of Shupavu's group. Varya is the mother, Feliks is her son, and Polina and Pasha are her daughters. Kion, the son of Simba, leads his friends known as the Lion Guard to protect the Pride Lands. During Season 3, he shows a pretty strong willingness to urge Kion to use the Roar while he is afflicted with Ushari's venom. When he catches up to them, Tano kicks Janja off a cliff. He focuses on his float's needs first and foremost, tries to learn diplomacy so he can work with others, and while he always prefers to do things on his own, he does express gratitude when it comes to one of the benefits of being a good float leader - having the support of the other Pridelanders ("The Savannah Summit", "Let Sleeping Crocs Lie", "The Little Guy", "Pridelanders Unite"). Maybe she picked it up while traveling the world. Sawla is taken by a strong current, but Kion saves her. A male elephant calf from Ma Tembo's family. He's following Bunga around and fanning him with a big leaf, but his first speaking role comes in the episode "Follow that Hippo!". Tiifu rushes to Pride Rock for help. She appears in the in the episode "Follow that Hippo!". His name means 'crafty' in Swahili. At Kupatana, Dogo joins his parents in attacking the animals, but they are eventualy defeated and chased back to the Outlands. At the same time he sees Evil Lions coming towards Pride Rock which leave him confused. He mimics voices of Lion Guard, scaring the hyenas untill the real Lion Guard appears. Two crocodiles who are Kiburi's followers. By continuing, you're giving consent to cookies being used. Basi is a character from Disney Junior show Lion Guard. The Lion Guard comes to the rescue, chaing the jackals away then take aardwolf pack back home. At first, the Lion Guard was willing to drive out Mapigano for Badili, but Kion soon realized that Badili needed to … Featured In: The Lion King II: Simba's Pride and The Lion Guard series, Appearance: Small and slender and has a reddish-brown pelt with darker and lighter red-brown markings. His constant harassment of Ushari ultimately sends the cobra into villainy and bringing Scar back from the dead, making Bunga indirectly responsible for the events of Season 2 and Season 3. They hope for zebras to panic and scatter, but Muhimu orders them to stay together Janja approaches the Muhimu, but Muhimu's son kicks Janja and throws him away. Girl you made Bambi look amazing. Scratching constantly, he has termite problems - which have also plagued him much of his mane. Kion is the main protagonist of The Lion Guard. He appears in the episode "Trouble with Galagos". Kion the Fiercest. Jasiri is a character from Disney Junior show Lion Guard. Step 2. When traveling though the canyon, the herds became hungry and fatigued. Edit. He appears in the episode "Too Many Termites". He's usually the one to leap head first into action. Adult Kion. In "Never Roar Again," he calls Kion a coward, despite the fact that he only had the courage to take over the flood plains after overhearing that Kion had sworn off using the Roar, and (as noted above) has no problem using Nala as a shield against Kion's wrath. When Ono loses his eyesight Anga takes his place on the Lion Guard as the Keenest of Sight, but Kion creates a new role for him as the Smartest, despite the Lion Guard traditionally only having five members. The Tigger Guard. When Dogo is welcomed into Pridelands, Goigoi sneaks after him. A cunning snow leopard who joins forces with Makucha. All of this generally has the effect of making him less hotheaded and more patient, and in "The Little Guy", the strength-obsessed crocodile later comes to appreciate that someone having courage and brains can mean a lot, regardless of their size. By the second season, it's become pretty rare for Kion to feel like he needs to contact Mufasa for advice. He challenges Fuli to a race when she enters his territory, only to end up befriending her. Muhimu gives birth to her son in the Outlands, during her herd's travel to Mbali fields. By the end of the season 3 premiere "Battle for the Pride Lands," Kion gets a scar over hi… D&D Beyond Pua tells Kion not to fight against Makuu, and he still hopes that will become a good leader. Appearance: Strong and sturdy, he resembles his father Simba in most aspects of his appearance - Kion differs from Simba in that he has spots on his legs, has dark-rimmed ears, and sports a mane tuft (which had highlights) from a young age. When Muhimu sees Mbali fields on teh horizon, she recklessly rushes down the canyon, making all the zebras and gazelles go after her, and they cause avalanche that blocks the path. Later Makucha finds Ajabu hiding among the herd of zebras. She's a friend of Kiara. She instructs Dogo to trick Lion Guard into welcoming him to Pridelands and when he does, Reirei and the rest of her familly sneaks after him. Badili is glad to see the Lion Guard, and asks Kion if they are going to get rid of Mapigano again, but Kion refuses, claiming that Badili has to learn how to stand up for himself. Dogo is a character from Disney Junior show Lion Guard. Chungu is one of Janja's henchmen. Ajabu is a character from the show Lion Guard. Trending pages. He has a brief one in "The Little Guy" when Kiburi declares he'll displace him as crocodile leader, realizing that Kiburi is going to kill him to do so. The only other female hyena seen so far in the franchise whose size we know (Shenzi) is the same size as the male hyenas in the first two films, so probably the latter. In the Outlands, Tamaa manages to escape by imitating Janja, which makes Cheezi let him go, but he decides to go back and help the impalas. Step 4. At first she's glad to hear that Reirei and Goigoi don't like Lion Guard neither. She is scared of hyenas and takes advice from Bunga, which goes horribly wrong. Zuri is a character from Disney Junior show Lion Guard. Following the rise of the new Guard (and throughout Season 2 and 3), Kion and his friends go on a series of adventures against multiple foes, including Janja the hyena and his clan, the ghost of Scar and a host of other animals in and out of the Pridelands. She appears in the episode "The Kupatana Celebration". Badili starts to break under the pressure, but he soon remembers his training with the Lion Guard and regains his confidence. Bunga frequently leaps into danger, often without considering the consequences and improvising to the best of his ability along the way. Kion's young age is most noticeable in early episodes like "Never Jusge A Hyena By It's Spots" and "Lions Of The Outlands", where he's shown to have a very naive and black & white world view, bordering on racism. Badili informs Mapigano him that he is not scared of him anymore. Scar; Mufasa; Kion; Simba; Makuu, without a hint of irony, makes this remark in "The Little Guy": In "Never Roar Again", when he realizes Kion is no longer afraid to use the Roar. Ono is one of the main characters and the tetartagonist in the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and its 2016 follow-up series The Lion Guard, based on the 1994 film The Lion King. She later meets him again, when Kovu "saves" her from the forest fire, * First names of Kiara were Shani and Aisha. The Guard watches them from the distance and when they realize Badili won't stand up for himself, they chase Mapigano off. While Kiara was still suspicious of Janja's true motives, his failure to be direct is what convinces her that Janja is being genuine about peace which makes her near kidnapping partly his fault, instead of it being completely Kiara's fault and seriously mitigating her. Quelques temps plus tard, il retrouvera Simba et le persuadera de revendiquer sa place en tant que roi légitime. Zuri wa taken back to Pride Rock. While Mtoto and his friends are playing "Lion Guard" they are unintetnionaly causing some trouble in Pridelands by making other animals believe that hyena attack from their play was real. A pack of aardwolves who live in the Pride Lands, keeping the termite population in check. He is the son of Simba and Nala, and the younger brother of Kiara. Badili starts to break under the pressure, but he soon remembers his training with the Lion Guard and regains his confidence. Wema is first seen playing with her brother, Tunu, and Jasiri's sister, Madoa. The Lion Guard is a 2023 American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 2019 remake of The Lion King. Muhanhus and his mate are seen arguing with jackals. Real-life male hyenas would not dare do such a thing. The migration has to take pats though the Outlands, but soon after, Muhimu enters labor. The beach master of the Pride Lands' hippopotamus pod, and Beshte's father. They return to Mihiri Forest Badili wakes Mapigano up. In Kupatana Celebration, aardvark dens are invaded by Dogo and his siblings. This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by The Lion King fans. Honorary Members. Two zebra siblings who are members of Dhahabu's herd. Makucha is first seen hunting gazelles. Zira est la mère de Kovu, Vitani et Nuka. Fuli is a friend of Kion and a member of his group called Lion Guard. Scar led the Lion Guard before Kion, but he was irresponsible with his duties and abused his powers, using the Roar of the Elders to destroy the other members of the Guard. Rani and Baliyo's uncle, Sahasi's brother, and one of Janna's sons. Nala's father and Sarafina's mate. Janja captures Tamaa and decides to use his voice to mimic Kion and trick impala herd into the Outlands. He explains that Lion Guard wants them back in Pridelands and the pack cheers, but the jackals block the cave, and start chasing the pack to eat them. Which Lion Guard character are you? The aardwolves slowly start trusting their new neighbours, but when Mjomba returns and explains that Lion Guard wants them back in Pridelands, the jackals block the cave, and start chasing the pack. Edit. Kion and Bunga stay with her and Swala and some of the zebras also stay behind to help Muhimu. Kion knocks both Nne and Tano back into the Outlands. He appears in "Eye Of The Beholder" episode when an injured Ono bumps into him. Mbuni is a cheerful ostrich living in the Pridelands. The galagos remain at Hakuna Matata the falls until they are frightened away by Pumbaa. At Kupatana, Goigoi and his familly begin attacking the Pridelanders. The painting illustrated an even from the past. Its my fault Scar is in power and I need to set it right; however I can. When traveling though the canyon, the herds became hungry and fatigued. She appears in the episode "The Mbali Fields Migration". The Lion King Characters; True Biographies! However Janja told the Lion Guard about their plan. He appears in the episode "The Kupatana Celebration". A clownish pair of gorilla princes from the snowy Theluji Mountains. A young, violent crocodile who takes control of the crocodile clan, which causes problems for the Pride Lands. However, very little has been revealed of past Lion Guards. He's a baby mongoose thet is one of Mtoto's friends. The Child Guard. Mzaha likes fooling around with his pals, and he headbutted his fellow herd members for the fun of it. The king of the mountain gorillas who live on Theluji Mountains. in response to the monkeys' antics. Step 9. Mwoga is seen among Mzingo's flock in later episodes. Category page. All of these flaws start coming out full force during Season 3 as a result of Ushari's venom bringing out his darker instincts. The leader of a troop of baboons that live in Nyani Grove. But his plan does not run as expected when he meets Simba's daughter, Kiara. He finds his pack hiding in a den with Reirei and Goigoi. Mjomba agrees, hearing that Pridalends are now full of termites. Twiga is a female giraffe that appears in the Lion Guard. They  chase Mapigano off, but the next day Mapigano comes back and without Lion Guard todefend Badili he takes back Badili's turf to himself, causing him to flee to galagos' tree again. Step 11. He is the first one to be assembled to the new Lion Guard as the bravest. He later gains a love interest that leaves him well and truly confilcited about whether to return home, or stay to be with his love. Similar to Kifaru, he's the first of his species to appear in the show since the other tickbirds have been yellow-billed oxpeckers (also seldom-seen in media). Upon hearing that The Lion Guard drove the aardwolves out of the Pride Lands (after mistaking them for hyenas), Reirei tricks the group into trusting her and Goigoi by saying that they are not like The Lion Gua… In "The Kupatana Celebration" Reirei easily dupes him into allowing the jackals to stay despite blatant evidence that she is playing him like a fiddle. The Lion Guard (TV Series 2016– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. A skink who is friends with Ushari, and serves as his spy. She's a baby ostich that is one of Mtoto's friends. Nuka is the son of Zira and Kovu's and Vitani's brother. several feet away from her in spite of her lighter frame. He seeks only to feed himself, and seems to have no respect for the Circle of Life. In "Can't Wait To Be Queen," she and Zuri reacted to Kiara being made acting queen by setting themselves up as her advisors, talking down to others and ignoring their opinions. Cheezi and Chungu are the main dimwitted henchmen of Janja and often follow him in his plots. They try to grasp what that even means, only to crave for fish later on, found it rather unexpected that Zazu offered himself willingly to his mouth, being too lazy to hunt and gather food for himself, which would make their relationship a lot more abusive, his tendency to run into things due to his poor eyesight causes problems for the other animals in the Pride Lands, one is bulkier and the other is more slender. A drongo bird who has the ability to imitate the voices of other animals. In "The Lost Gorillas", when Majinuni and Haififu mistake him for a stick and throw him into a baobab tree, Kion shows major concern for him and scolds the two for it. Following the rise of the new Guard (and throughout. Mwenzi is a red-billed oxpecker. When a vicious leopard named Mapigano drove Badili out of his territory, Badili was forced to flee to the Pride Lands, where he met the Lion Guard. Case in point, she knows what the best course of action is, how to fix a mess that Kion has already made, and won't hesitate to bring up the obvious benefits. Mbeya is a character from the show Lion Guard. Speaks in a pronounced Harvard Lockjaw. Bunga is a honey badger and is one of Kion's best friends. Her decision to use Chullun's name when she feigns being attacked is the last piece of the puzzle for Ono to deduce she was working with him. An elderly tortoise who is one of the wisest animals of the Pride Lands. How to Draw Tiifu from The Lion Guard A bachelor trio of young male animals, who became outcasts from their respective groups due to their carefree, mischievous nature. A dark scorpion with a highly deadly venom, who serves as Scar's most dangerous assassin. Janja having his clan gang up on her. He's a leopard form faraway land who came to Pridelands chasing after okapi named Ajabu. Fuli is a cheetah who assists Kion as a member of the Lion Guard.

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