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And HIDING the contamination! You may edit your settings or unsubscribe at any time. And if you think you can trust your vet to support a RAW meaty diet…. On Monday 4/16 I gave my puppy 1/4C Acana and 3/4C puppy food & Origen treats. We find that if a dog or dogs are not doing well on a particular diet-especially when it’s sold as an expensive, premium dog food trying a different food makes good sense. My don’t g has been on this food for 3 years I’m so angry. Is this information accurate for Canadian made Orijen products as well? I am thinking the toxins built up to an intolerable level causing her to seize. No problem on my flat coats so far.they have acana large breed grain free. I have been feeding both of our boys Acana Prairie their whole lives, also believing that it was an extremely healthy food. There does appear to be a correlation. 17 % It also added that she bought the pet food from pet stores, not from the defendant. Can you please be more specific or contact me privately [email protected]. 24/03/2015 Acana & Orijen: The Champion Pet Food Story They have been eating royal canin for most of the past few months and seem ok even though I did buy Orijen when I couldn’t get to the vet to buy RC, but now I am worried. Premium price. I get asked if I worry about the dogs nutritional requirements. Have they done studies on this, or did they just have one sick pet? This Class Action Law Suit involves two brands of dog food made by Champion Pet Foods: Orijen and Acana.. Champion Petfoods is the maker of Orijen and Acana dog foods. U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, By John Sammon | If i had proof, I would be suing them. Poor little thing. Orijen & Acana Dog Food. Didnt feel right, stopped. That would be hard for us to know, I would use at your own discretion. Stadtmueller granted the defendants' motion for summary judgment and dismissed the lawsuit. Cats have to DRINK! Here is also a link to their info sheet, This Class Action Law Suit involves two brands of dog food made by Champion Pet Foods: Orijen and Acana. Jul 1, 2019, By John Breslin | LINK to My Group Is Purina SICKENING and KILLING Dogs and Cats? Our Red Setter was eating Orijen & Arcana dry foods some time ago. A Rating of Orijen Dog Food. Autopsy shown that he’s liver and pancreas were completely destroyed and each of those orgarns was doubled size-wise. Hello I am a Canadian who has had 3 dogs eating Prefer as well Scans my concern is my first Chihuahua passed away and had difficulty with his heart would this food have done the damage??? I am just looking at this now and live in Canada. We are just providing people with information, yes this is NOT A RECALL. The list below includes specific pet foods involved in this Class Action Law Suit: Read the Lawsuit Here. I’ve been told by a holistic pet nutritionist that the heavy metals are due to the fish. Your dogs health issues describe my dogs – after being on Acana just fine within the last several months have been progressively getting worse He was being fed Whole Earth grain free puppy food. Chagrin Falls, OH 44022, © 2020 Chagrin Falls Pet Clinic | Site by Yakadanda, Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center & Pet Clinic, Natural Pet Vitamins & Supplements | Veterinarian | Dr. Carol. Is very important news that, so is beter to have the full informations. Raw is mostly water. "According to third-party lab studies commissioned by defendants, the levels of arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury in defendants’ products are but a fraction of the MTLs. The probe now has the agency identifying 16 brands of dog food with the most frequently reported cases of DCM. Another red flag. Fellow Pet Owners, Sadly, we are forced to announce yet another pet food toxicity problem. In addition, Copper accelerates aging. We discovered and embraced the idea of raw feeding, based upon analyzed recipes. Our previous cat was very picky when it came to food, so we fed him mostly with Acana and Orijen. I appreciate you sharing the information! Located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio at 530 East Washington Street. We did that and she seemed to be back to normal. I have given up with US produced pet food for my 13 indoors kitties. Do you know if there have been similar results in the Canadian markets? Is this only in the states?? Does the Orijen puppy food also apply to this ? I researched all the brands and was certain this was the very best. The food also provides a wide range of “Nutriceuticals” to add powerful anti-oxidants, It is one of only a handful of foods that uses twin screw auger processing so heat is minimal and nutrient quality is preserved that is usually lost in single screw processing. All rights reserved. They said the puppies love it. Their cat food is 44-46% Protein and just 15% Carbohydrates. Her bowel movements are not normal. Shortly after, he developed a massive hot spot on his face. The lawsuit now includes “risk of inclusion in their pet food of pentobarbital…”. We are not saying there is a recall or claiming it is bad food. Bad quality dog food is the culprit. Loeb alleged Orijen Original and Orijen Senior contained lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury at excessive and unsafe levels. The court concluded it was best to dismiss the case for the remaining counts. This communication with the firm, any individual member of the firm or any conversation with a member of the firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship. For a WEEK. We cannot give you advice as to what to feed your pets or what course of action you should take regarding your pet’s health. Earlier this month we took her into our vet because she wouldn’t eat at all and she was experiencing diarrhea and was vomiting blood. They both had an air of lack of wellness to their appearance last couple weeks, running nose, dull , stressed appearance. I’m shocked to read this!! I don’t know if this is related but I can’t imagine it has helped her health that I’ve been slowly poisoning her for her entire life. Tap to zoom. I began introducing Single Lamb and Apple into their current kibble few weeks back. There are NO recalls on this manufacturers products in Canada. I couldn’t say if its the Orijen because so so many dogs die of cancer here. Dogs and cats are not designed to eat carbs… feeding the overly processed nasties in a bag to your dog or cat will never be beneficial or healthy or “the best” you can do for your pet. SUPPLEMENTS: Vitamin E, Zinc Chelate, Copper Chelate. I was thinking of Acana for my cats, but I will far away . But Acana and Orjien have no history of recalls? Your email address will not be published. I will never know what took my kitty so suddenly that day. How we are must could be safe for our dog?, wich date or production batch or is´t all production batch? Crude fat (min.) You should ask what this customer is feeding, and if they has experienced any problems! I’ve been feeding her Acana Heritage Chicken listed in the article sent out via FaceBook.

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