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You’ll want to draw up some kind of contract so that you know exactly everyone’s responsibilities and share of revenue before problems arise. Where appropriate, I have links to various affiliated retailers that I use and trust. I used the first tactic with Gibberish and the second tactic with The 5 AM Miracle. In each episode, we’ll highlight key challenges facing healthcare and turn to industry leaders to discuss navigating these for maximum success. Think about your topic and ask yourself if this is the one thing you want to spend most of your free time on because you are just so interested in that topic. You will drive yourself mad trying to figure it all out on your own. If you have ever considered launching your own podcast, or you are curious about the process, dig in. So I could I decide I wanted to podcast without having a topic to podcast about?? With podcast content on the rise, you just might be missing out on some excellent entertainment and news sources. Here’s a word of wisdom: unless you are an audio engineer or experienced podcaster, you will need someone to show you how this stuff works. I have found that the podcasters I enjoy listening to the most are friendly, humble, and conversational. Visit the About page to learn more. After watching plenty of tutorials and doing quite of bit of experimentation, I eventually landed on a podcast recording system that works well. The question to answer before the next step: What microphone will I use to record. Within 3 weeks of my launch date I had been featured in all of these except video (because I don’t have a video podcast). Write that down. Private Podcasts. The question to answer before the next step: What is my podcast going to be about? Do what’s best for your podcast and make the monthly investment in one of the two best options available year after year since podcasting has started; Libsyn or blurry. ——————————————– 5 AM CLUB ——————————————-. Keep in mind that when auditioning for jobs, it is recommended to only provide a small portion of the read in your audition. Create, distribute, host, and monetize your podcast, 100% free. Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. The good news is that you will quickly find a rhythm and create shortcuts to make the production a smooth process without a lot of headaches. Podcast Intro Script 3 nor do I don’t care why you are starting a podcast. If not, go into a closest filled with clothes and talk. I have a strong background in Theatre, so writing the scripts for each show feels a lot like what I use to do in high school and college (I have a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre & Psychology). My new system is considerably better. I’m kidding but only kind of. My theme music was $44 and it was available for download in two different high-quality formats. Tip here, use long pauses to avoid the ums and ahs which are caused by your mouth getting ahead of your brain. For example, I use and love Adobe Audition for all it’s powerful features and ease of use, it has a great user interface that allows me to edit in the most efficient manner possible, but there is also Audacity which is free and can produce equally good results. My personal favorite is the desktop app which is about $80 one-time purchase. I say look because they might go from seeing your artwork which should give them some indication of what the podcast is about either through the name, subtitle, or visual and then click-through to read your description which should provide a detailed overview of your podcast and maybe THEN they click play. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Listen to how dead and almost dull the audio sounds. Writing scripts is actually easier than writing blog posts, with two distinctions: the scripts are much longer AND more conversational. However, I absolutely LOVED creating the show. Just before our wedding, I launched a new website named Graduated and Clueless. It may sound really weird or funny to someone to even have a step that discusses figuring out a topic for your podcast. We’re really into territory where there are many “yeah buts” to these suggestions but the purpose here is not to debate or belabor this decision and if you know the questions to ask then you probably have a decent handle on getting some other gear that you prefer so go ahead and make those purchases or get in touch with me to ask what I think about your choices. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Don’t distract from that story by skimping on the number one piece of gear that makes you a podcaster, your mic. Privacy • Sitemap • Login • Contact, © 2010 – 2020 Jeff Sanders Productions, LLC 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+"://";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); The Podcasters' Studio™ is a trademark of Ray Ortega. Sign up for The 5 AM Club to get my list of the Top 10 Productivity Tools + receive weekly email updates about early mornings, healthy habits, and rockin’ productivity! You know know your topic so name your podcast something that succinctly describes that topic. All with the visual appeal and ease of use that Audition provides. Take notes, What do you hear? Michael Hyatt’s book Platform was instrumental in the re-branding process I went through – not to mention that Michael’s podcast, This is Your Life, is phenomenal! Even right now as I write this blog post, I am writing in a conversational tone just like I would speak to you in person if we sat down for coffee together. Podcast – Script Name: Per: Podcast Title/Subject : Red Text Should Be Deleted Introduction Introduction should include these key elements Your podcast name Your name Jesse: Welcome to the “How to make a Podcast” Podcast. Approach your podcast like it’s going to be around for 2, 5 maybe 10 years. Over the years, Apple has updated show artwork resolutions. It’s unlikely I would publish a show less often because I want to stay “top-of-mind” with my listeners. You want a lot of distance between your speaking level and your non speaking level so that your recording is nice and clean. You’re ready to put some episode online. So the ATR2100 is the best quality to budget ratio currently in a podcast microphone, check out my gear page. And you’ll definitely want to follow up on the specs page I mentioned because there are various other tech specs that your artwork should adhere to if you want to be compliant with Apple and have an opportunity to potentially be feature in the podcast directory. I wrote and published The 5 AM Miracle eBook a few weeks later. I mean why are you trying to learn how to podcast if you don’t even know what you would do a podcast about? The core topics include early mornings, healthy habits, personal development, and rockin’ productivity! Podcasting begins with a desire to reach an audience with your voice in a powerful way. Base your decision more on ease of use and features than budget because in most cases people tend to stick with the audio editing software that they learn on. If you have been sitting on the sidelines and been thinking, should I launch my podcast and how should I do it, this guide is the answer to all your questions. Website Design by Jeff Sanders in Nashville, TN, How To Launch Your Own Professional Podcast. What do you hear now? Just know that the title of your podcast along with other things such as your artwork which will likely also contain your title, in a lot of cases will be your only chance to get someone to listen. I guarantee that you will have that same feeling once you have put in all the work I am discussing in this tutorial. Invest a huge amount of money and let someone else do all of the work for you in order to get professional studio-quality sound. And if making money is a goal, things get weird when the money shows up. My advice to you here is to try them out and choose the one that you like best. You’ll still want to bring your processed audio into an audio editor and piece it together, doing the cutting I mentioned previously. David: I am David Blatner, and I am here along with my cohost Anne-Marie Concepcion. You can also connect it to Skype and record interviews right inside the app. The biggest of those being the ability to capture separated audio tracks. Ideally I like to see nothing active above -60db. All those clothes are absorbing your voice so that none of it bounces off of hard objects and returns to you, making it sound like you’re in a very large room with nothing in it. In my case, I migrated from an old all called Soundtrack Pro to Adobe Audition but that required a new learning curve that I would have preferred to avoid and would have if STP hadn’t been discontinued. How interested are you in the subject that you are about to dedicate a large chunk of your time to?? Cliff Ravenscraft from is probably the best resource on the planet for all-things related to podcasting. If you can tell me in 4 words or less the name of your podcast and I know what it’s about, you’re doing something right. Now close your eyes and listen when you talk. When you find that place, go to the spot in the room where you think you’ll be recording and start talking. The question to answer before the next step: Have I published my first episode? The podcasts are in British English and are spoken very clearly... in practice, whatever your level these podcasts might help you with your listening. Success for healthcare leaders means staying one step ahead – of healthcare news, changes and emerging strategies. Follow me at your favorite! This Podcasting 101 guide will help you to launch your podcast in no-time. The truth is, these days people have the choice to listen to a lot of podcasts and certainly they will hear some of the best. For stats and contact information, download my 2020 Podcast One Sheet. I’m happy to help if you have questions about launching your podcast. That will get the job equally as well in terms of final quality but how these apps operate is the difference in price. That piece of software that I mentioned that would allow you to simply drag and drop your audio file and get automated post production, that’s called Auphonic. It’s paid but not overly expensive and what you get for that money are some great automated processes such as leveling, to make your audio a consistent level and loudness normalization to ensure that the final level of your audio meets current standards for web delivery and is reproducible from episode to episode to give your podcast a consistent level throughout your entire library. You recorded something, put in on the web, created an RSS feed and made that feed publicly available. Write a bunch of scripts and practice reading them without sounding like you’re reading. You know, a show people might actually enjoy and recommend to their friends. A url for your show. I like to have my podcast title and subtitle, a three word sentence that lets someone know what the content of my podcast is about, right there on the artwork. They are freed from the screen. If the answer is no, keep looking for an alternative space or send me your three recordings via or the contact page on and I’ll take a listen to how the space you have might be improved or if it’s ready to go as is.

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