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Its purpose is to welcome students and give parents an insight into what you expect as well as what students need to do throughout the school year. I hope that your summer was relaxing, filled with adventures and good health because you deserve it. Our goal is to do this slow and steady so we can minimize as much stress as possible on the part of our students, parents, and teachers. I am privileged to work with an outstanding staff to make it a smooth transition for our students during this uncertain time. Welcome to 2020-21! I am thrilled to have your child in my classroom this year. On Wednesday, April 8, 2020, the RCSD Board of Trustees approved the RCSD 2019-2020 School Closures Related to COVID-19 Accreditation/Board Policy Suspensions and Revisions, which include the grading and promotion procedures found below. Welcome Back to the 2020-2021 school year! This is one of my favorite icebreakers for the first day of school. The purpose of both the online and technology-free assignments is to provide continuous educational opportunities and practice for students while schools are closed. ... Back-to-school 2020 is unlike any other. Teachers WILL continue to provide feedback on all completed/submitted assignments. Students in 1st and 2nd grades will be promoted to the next grade level if they have attained 70% mastery of the standards (denoted by an S or N) in English/Language Arts (ELA) and Math for the year. Jun 29, 2016 - Welcome your new students back to school with these 10 different designed letter templates to introduce yourself and start off the school year right. The minimum reading level of an I for 1st grade and an M for 2nd grade will not be considered for promotion or retention. Welcome your new students back to school! They will continue to follow their syllabus. Todd Nesloney, principal of Navasota Intermediate in Texas, sends his students and their parents a letter before school even starts to let them know that they are appreciated and valued. Letter to teacher from parent is a means of a parents’ formal communication to the teacher to address various issues. You MUST make your own copy in order to start editing. I get a chance to lead your child through a wonderful and fascinating experience over the next few months. We couldn’t be more excited to see your kids' smiling faces back in our classrooms! However, we must be proactive and be prepared during these ever-changing times to continue educating our students if and when circumstances change, as predicted, throughout the year related to the health and safety of our students and employees. This file can be edited, You will love this Welcome Back to School Letter & End of Year Letters for your students and parents. DUAL CREDIT EXCEPTION: Hinds Community College dual credit students (face to face or online) must continue with their Hind’s assignments through the Hinds Canvas platform. These now have a bonus digital Google Slides set! Feedback will be provided as appropriate to let the student know the assignment has been received and to help students focus on what they are doing well and what they can improve on. We are here for support even though we are not within the walls of our schools. Due to this being a college course the pacing must remain the same to obtain college credit. 8. When responding to infectious diseases, it is important to know that our school follows the directions and recommendations made by the state and county health departments. During the school closure, teachers will provide distance learning assignments created by the Elementary Curriculum Department and/or teachers through both online and technology-free access. It will require patience and understanding on everyone’s part. There will be mistakes and bumps in the road along the way as we travel this new territory. This will be my 17th year teaching English at Davis Middle School. I have the belief that by working together we will make this a very successful school year. Back To School Letter 2020-2021. You can use it as a guideline for your classroom welcome letter for the first day of school. Dear Parents Welcome to the new school year! There are several different welcome letter and supply list templates available, including distance learning letters & supply lists, classroom teacher letter, You will love these Cactus Theme Meet The Teacher Newsletters. Our desire is to return to school as normal (traditional) with enhanced safety and cleaning procedures. Use this back-to-school update to tell teachers how your child has done during the pandemic. (There is a plan for those who do not have technology access.). CYBERSAFETY: Sadly in these times, there are bad people that want to take advantage of us in our new "digital" distance classrooms and increased “free” digital time. It will be followed up by the announcement of the RMS Reopening Safety Plan on Wednesday, July 15. 1. On behalf of the Staff, Governors, children and parents, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you and your family to our school community. These requirements are necessary because of the college credit being earned. The student must log in at least once a week in order to be counted for attendance. NOTE - Dual Credit courses will follow the requirements set by Hinds Community College. The 2020-21 school year will be my thirty-third year as an educator and twentieth year serving in a school leadership position. The RCSD is working toward transitioning to distance learning opportunities for our students. 6, 2020). Meetings with the parents to discuss promotion/retention should occur between May 4, 2020 and May 21, 2020. Download this one-pager to help with parent-teacher communication. The 5 Back to School Forms are: Reader's Interest SurveyStudent Intere, You will love these Fresh Lemon Themed Meet The Teacher Newsletters+ Bonus Google Slides Version. Please click on the teacher's name below to read their 2020-2021 Welcome Back To School letters. Lessons will be provided through Google Classroom and/or Zoom for those with technology access. It is perfect for your busiest time of the year! Our teachers and other employees are working long hours from home while dealing with their new, but temporary, normal. I am extremely appreciative of our students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators for their positivity, flexibility and resilience during these trying times. As you know, the Rankin County School District motto is “Great to BEST”. We fully understand your varied concerns about health and safety, distance learning, the importance of face-to-face instruction, parents needing to work, the economy, and all of the other unexpected consequences of not being in school or being in school in a traditional method. I am very proud of the way our RCSD students, parents, employees, and community leaders handled the demands we were faced with to protect everyone as we continued to educate and feed our students during the most unusual of circumstances. I have the belief that by working together we will make this a very successful school year. Students can earn an additional 6 points to their FINAL End of the Year Grades. These are perfect for your busiest time of the year! As we continue the RCSD 2020-2021 Smart Restart planning process, we will keep you updated. A Back-To-School Letter From A Teacher To Parents. Please contact your teacher/s or administrators if you or your students need support. If you do not have access to the Internet, there will be lesson packets outside of every school each day. Newly Updated for 2020-2021 with a Google Slides versio, Back to School Parent / Family Welcome LettersThis product, designed to work in both a remote and at school learning environment, contains:Directions on how to use the productPowerPoint version AND Google Slides versionMeet the Teacher LettersDirectionsExample Meet the Teacher LetterBoth black and w, Please note: You MUST USE ADOBE READER to edit the editable fields in this file (the greeting and closing fields).AN ADDITIONAL SPECIAL 2020 VERSION OF THESE LETTERS HAS BEEN ADDED to account for the changes occurring due to the COVID-19 crisis. Welcome your new students to the new grade with these editable printable postcards! Our priority is to keep everyone safe while not making life more difficult for our parents. Sue Townsend, Ph.D. BEST stands for- bringing everyone’s strengths together! Weekly points will be earned by COMPLETING and SUBMITTING assignments to the teacher. Whether back-to-school this year will involve in-person or remote learning, it is always a time when parents and teachers revisit what is most important for children and how to best support their development. However, there will be more successes, happiness, hope, laughter, fun, and purpose! A Summer Like ‘69; How the Inch Stole Reading- a holiday poem by Mr. Hoffman Please sign up for text reminders for Homeroom by texting the number 81010 and in the message box type @weeks225hr. Return to School 2020-2021 The 2020 2021 School Year Learn how the DOE is preparing for the Return to School, our Guiding Principles and Our Planning Process for opening schools I send it to them by mail before Back to School Night, but you can also have it on their desks for BTSN. As you know, some things will… We will not allow visitors for lunch. I have templates made for Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. August 24: In-person classes resume for all students whose parents chose on campus. You will have the opportunity to meet the faculty at our Back-To-School event on Thursday, September 26 at 6:30 p.m. You will have the opportunity to visit your child’s classroom, begin to form a relationship with the classroom teacher, as well as learn about the grade … Most teachers will only need to insert th, This welcome letter is completely customizable to meet your needs. The i-Ready Universal Screener (post-test) will not be administered. This back to school student letter was written specifically for the 2020-2021 school year. While it is our responsibility to continue to educate our children, we also want to compassionately take into consideration the variety of difficulties that our families and employees are enduring during this time. A travel metaphor is woven throughout the letter referencing upcoming shared adventures. Divided by 2 = Semester 2 Grade                                                                         (ALL students exempt from S2 exam), Q3 grade should also be entered for Q4 in PowerSchool which will   be the   FINAL Grade  (ALL students exempt from S2 exam. This perfect and easy tool is a wonderful way for parents and your new students to get to know All About YOU. Governor Tate Reeves issued an Executive Order directing all Mississippi schools to close through April 17, 2020 to curb the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Jul 29, 2015 - Welcome your new students back to school! August 24-27, 2020. There’s a back-to-school energy in the air as all over the city, educators, students, and families are getting ready for the school year to begin. Planned Enrichment Activities using Resource Tools created by our curriculum department. In addition, we have a group of parents, Board Members and Committee Chairs who work hard to coordinate events and activities. Dear Colleagues, The beginning of a new school year, like the dawning of a new day, reminds us that the future holds infinite possibilities. You can also call the school and leave a message for your teacher or the principal. 3. I hope you had a great summer. All children 18 and under and First Responders, in uniform, are free, and adult meals cost $3.50 each. We must be diligent in ensuring they are not allowed to invade the world of our children. Your parents and students will walk away getting a glimpse about, This resource includes two letters. Children must be present in the vehicle to receive a meal according to USDA guidelines. When creating a formal or organisation letter, presentation design and format is key making a great impression. We are working diligently to meet the needs of all of our students as much as possible during this unusual situation. ***As we move forward, we are also taking into consideration that we have medically compromised students. So, again, we will begin with Social-Emotional Mental Health Enrichment/Optional Activities to support our students. One is best for during coronavirus distance learning time and other is for normal back to school letter. But you are the parents and they are with you, so you have control to adjust as needed for your child/children. Teachers can also pass these letters out during meet your teacher night! A huge debt of gratitude also goes to all of our doctors, nurses, hospital employees, first responders, and our state leaders for all they are doing to keep us safe and healthy. Pre-K and Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (post-test), Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) and MAAP-Alternate English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science – Grades 3-8 and High School. Back To School Letter 2020-2021. This pack includes both LETTERS TO STUDENTS & LETTERS TO PARENTS all in one pack! You can edit this letter right in PowerPoint. That is just what we are doing from afar in order to serve our most important assets- your children! Every year I mail this letter to my soon-to-be students to get them excited for the first day! When composing an official or company letter, discussion design and style is key to earning an excellent impression. Assortment of teacher welcome letter to parents template that will perfectly match your needs. Sample Welcome Letter to Parents For Back-To-School Dear Parents, On behalf of the staff at XXXXXX School, I am happy to welcome you to the 2013-14 school year! Remember, life will get back to normal eventually, but hopefully, after this experience is over, our lives will include more appreciation of our blessings and our freedoms. Welcome Letter to Students from Teacher (Preschool, Elementary) Writing a student welcome letter is a great way to greet and introduce yourself to your new students and their parents. (See Elementary Grading Procedures chart below. Welcome & Back to School Letter; ... Aug 12, 2020 08:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada) To Join Zoom Meeting Click This Link: ... Parents & Students – We use to communicate information. While we are in the business of educating, our first priority is the safety of our students and our employees. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. Your students will love being welcomed with this sweet, personal letter! This fun letter includes a note from you, a box to include a little about you, space for a photo, and space for a QR Code leading t. You will love this Welcome Back to School Letter for your future students and parents and a bonus Meet The Teacher Newsletter that is editable. See more ideas about beginning of school, teacher welcome letters, parents as teachers. Use these 12 different designed Welcome Letters templates to introduce yourself and start off the school year right. Parent/Teacher Communication. STAGE 1 of THE DISTANCE LEARNING PLAN (TDLP) on Thursday, March 19th and Friday, March 20th consisted of OPTIONAL Social/Emotional activities for those who were interested or needed them. A well-defined brand wins meetings, makes the most of salary capacity and puts task applicants in the top 2 percent of candidates considered for placements, Salvador claims. We will not allow visitors for lunch. These are extraordinary times, and we are ready to meet the challenge placed before us. These new back-to-school letters make note of the fac, You will love this Traditional Theme Meet The Teacher Newsletter + Bonus Google Slides Version.that is editable to meet your needs. The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (post-test) will not be administered. (see chart below). Now, with the start of the 2011-12 school year, we have new opportunities and challenges to improve the lives and futures of Berkeley’s children. On behalf of the Staff, Governors, children and parents, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you and your family to our school community. We are going to do our best to provide schoolwork to keep our students' minds moving forward. Here you will find a link to Mr. Bishop's parent letter for more information about this school year. New Reception Parent Information 2020 We are delighted that you and your child are joining Whitecotes Primary Academy this coming September. I believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success. Communicate with your teachers if you have any questions or concerns. 2019-2020 School Closures Related to COVID-19 Accreditation/Board Policy Suspensions and Revisions. Week 5 (April 14 - April 17) = 1 pt                     Week 6 (April 20 - April 24) = 1 pt                Week 7 (April 27 - May 1) = 1 pt                     Week 8 (May 4 - May 8) = 1 pt                      Week 9 (May 11 - May 15) = 1 pt                     Week 10 (May 18 - 22) = 1 pt, Elementary Promotion/Retention Guidelines, Elementary Promotion and Retention Procedures, RCSD Secondary Grading and Promotion Procedures for Distance Learning, S1 x .67                                                                                                                                        +  Q3 x .33                                                                                                                                           4th Nine Weeks Grade, S2 - Semester 2          Grade Calculation, Q3                                                                                                                                                    + Q4. There will be mistakes and bumps in the road along the way as we travel this new territory. will send out "Social/Emotional" mental health type activities for all students K-12. We are concerned for our students’ health and well-being, as well as their families. That means parents, teachers, school board members and district administrators have to decide which steps to take, often with incomplete information. Your parents and students wil, [UPDATED 2019]Your students will LOVE this Back to School Welcome Letter! Scores of 60 or more in math and English/Language Arts again will promote them to the next grade. Lessons will be created and sent to students/parents by teachers with curriculum department support. Media Inquiries. Spring City Elementary School Family, Welcome back to one of the most challenging years in education. First, let me say I hope you and your family are safe and healthy as you read this letter. Everyone must understand there is no way for us to please all as we make these decisions. New Reception Parent Information 2020 We are delighted that you and your child are joining Whitecotes Primary Academy this coming September. Dear Families: Our school has been working with our public health partners monitoring the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19). This is a time for us to come together (as Rankin Countians), as Mississippians, as Americans. Online learning remains an option for all students based on parent choice throughout 2020-2021. 2019-20 Parent Handbook; 2019-2020 Middle School Student Handbook & Restorative Code of Conduct; Attendance; Back to School Night Video 2019; District Calendar As we plan for a beginning like no other we have seen in the past, our focus will still be to ensure that: every child, every day is finding a way to feel connected, every child, every day is being challenged by new learnings and experiences, and every child, every day knows they have a champion they can turn to. We understand many of you are still working and have several children to help, financial concerns, health issues, etc. Oct 14, 2018 - Explore Natasha Kelly's board "Teacher Welcome Letters" on Pinterest. Technology-free alternative lessons/assignments will be available through each school site with telephone support from the teacher as needed. Students in grades 3rd - 6th with a yearly average of 59 or lower in English/Language Arts (ELA) or Math will be retained if a consensus between the parent/guardian/teacher/administration is met. All messages are being forwarded to appropriate personnel and someone will get in touch with you. Our counselors feel it is important for our students to have help to cope with the Coronavirus COVID19 situation that is temporarily changing their lives and schedules. There have been and will be many important decisions to make so we are continuing to focus on our strategic plan which always begins with asking ourselves two questions: - Are we doing what is right for our students? S1                                           +  S2                             Total/2 =             **FINAL End of Year Grade Standards Based, ** Points that can be added to FINAL End of Year for completed Distance Learning Assignments Completion (Numerical Grades ONLY). 2020-21 Administration Welcome Letter Welcome to 2020-21! Weekly points can be earned during distance learning/school closure by Completing and  Submitting  assignments  to the teacher. Parents of students with a higher risk of severe illness can contact their school administration, if needed, before the Smart Restart plan is released. **Students automatically get 4 points for Weeks 1-4 added to their FINAL End of the Year Numerical Grade for ELA and Math. A welcome back to school template is an easy way to create a custom letter that’ll introduce yourself to your students and their parents. You can let parents know a little about you, your education, your favorite things, and ways to stay in touch throughout the year. Students can earn up to 10 points to be added to their yearly average by completing the distance learning assignments.

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