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Clearview Horizon

detailsLocation: Idaho/Montana (students come from all states)
Ages: 13-21
Gender: all female
Phone: (406)847-5850

Clearview Horizon is a home and therapeutic boarding academy for girls, aged 13 to 21, who have inappropriate influences or behaviors. The boarding school is capable of caring for 15 young women with three experienced psychotherapists. Aside from the psychotherapists, Clearview also employs residential staff, mentors, teachers, a dentist, a primary care doctor, and a psychiatric specialist. Each girl receives a personalized treatment plan to cater to her spiritual, educational, psychological, emotional, and medical needs. Clearview Horizon is a loving, nurturing, structured, and non-threatening therapeutic boarding school, which aims to help girls enhance their academic and interpersonal skills so that they can make decisions better.

Each girl in the program is provided with professional therapy; therapy dogs; academic instruction; group and individual therapy; focus on writing, music, and art; physical fitness; trauma recovery; guidance in realizing her place under the sun; assistance in understanding life; knowledgeable, supportive, and supportive environment in overcoming abandonment and adoption issues, eating disorder, and substance abuse recovery.

A young woman in Clearview Horizon is somebody who is struggling with eating disorder, recreational drug use, negative peer environment, purpose, motivation, self-esteem, or other behavioral patterns, which are destructive. Because Clearview offers a structured environment, it offers after school activities, one-on-one mentoring, coaching, and recreational activities like skateboarding, snowshoeing, camping, swimming, boating, hiking, snowboarding, and water and snow skiing.

Common behaviors of girls in Clearview include acting instead of being real; lying; drug or alcohol abuse problems; stealing; easily irritated or angered; aggravates others; easily misled; misleads others; authority problems; low self-image; and inconsiderate of others. Some girls also suffer emotional difficulties due to their involvement with alcohol or illegal drugs.

The Clearview Horizon Program

The Clearview Horizon offers a therapeutic, controlled boarding school environment, which aims to build and enforce self-respect and self-discipline while developing a solid and positive self-image. There are teachers who make sure that the girls continue to learn while being treated. Being a Christian boarding school, the girls in Clearview attend Bible study, church, and say grace during dinner. Innovative therapy techniques include family, group, and individual therapy. A Chemical Dependency Counselor offers assistance in dealing with issues related with drug addiction in order to uncover any psychological factors, which contribute to the unhealthy behavioral decisions of the patient. The girls live together in the Clearview Lodge where they are given daily chores and have regular meetings with the assigned therapists. Located in the Montana Mountains, Clearview Horizon girls learn to overcome bad motivations and issues.

Telephone: 208-263-5894 | Fax: 203-263-8294