Committing to Your Daughter: Making a Promise

With society becoming increasingly sexualized and deviant, many teenage and pre-teen girls feel tempted to follow in the footsteps of their favorite pop culture icons. However, while Hollywood manufactures some of the worst temptation found in movies, music, and on the Internet, many girls fail to realize that these promiscuous standards are ill-advised and beyond realistic. Parents of girls who feel compelled to mimic what they see in the media often fight an uphill battle to teach their daughters other ways of living and presenting themselves to the world.

Rather than let their daughters succumb to unrealistic and unhealthy pressure from Hollywood and silicone pop stars, parents can mold their daughters’ characters and impart important social and moral lessons by following these suggestions instead.

Value Starts at Home

Daughters learn their first lessons about their own value and that of women everywhere at home. As they watch their parents interact with each other, girls learn how women should be treated from the way that their moms and dads talk about and to each other, as well as from how they treat each other. If they see their dad mistreat their mom and speak to her in a horrible manner, these girls’ first impression is that it is okay to submit to such treatment from men.

Likewise, if their mom speaks ill of their dad and mistreats him, these girls learn that men are objects who should be abused and spoken to in a likewise manner. Parents are the first teachers to their girls and set the example at home for what their daughters will deem acceptable in their own lives.

Protection and Security

Girls also base their own value on how well their parents protect them. If their parents allow them to be spoken to roughly or mistreated at school or by other family members, these girls will think that they have little value and that they deserve this kind of treatment.

Likewise, if a girl’s parents go out of their way to shelter them from such treatment and act assertively in her own protection, that girl will learn that she has immense value and that her parents want the best for her. She will learn to place higher value on herself and shun the temptations to lose that value to promiscuity and demeaning behavior.

Promising the Future with Jewelry

Parents may want to give their daughters something valuable and permanent that will remind these girls that their moms and dads love them and want the best future possible for them. As they contemplate the ideal token for that promise, parents may choose promise rings for their daughters. These pieces of jewelry can be permanent reminders of a parent’s devotion to his or her daughter and help her resist the temptation to lessen her own value to others.

These rings can become keepsakes that girls can treasure all of their lives. There are many online stores, like Los Angeles jewelers Icing on The Ring, that offer promise rings that can be an investment piece for your daughter.

Girls today are faced with the temptation to cheapen themselves for very little in return. Their parents can combat this temptation by setting the standard for their value at home and by reminding them of their own worth with promise rings.

As a mother of both girls and boys, writer Melanie Fleury is very aware of the special bond that her daughters have with their father. Melanie also shares a very relationship with her own father. Each piece of jewelry that has been gifted to her has a story and a purpose. If you are looking for a special jewel for your daughter, search Los Angeles jewelers for some different choices and ideas.

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