My Criminal Record is a Barrier: I Want a Clean Slate

If your teenager has gotten into serious legal trouble, it will make it much more difficult for them to find a good job in the future, and it could even prevent them from going to the college of their choice. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to help them wipe the slate clean so that they can move forward without behind hindered by their actions for the rest of their life. 

My Criminal Record Expunged

The best way to help your teenager be prepared to take advantage of future opportunities is to go through the process of getting their criminal record expunged.

  • Criminal Record – You will need to begin by obtaining a copy of their criminal record. It is important to note that your teenager might be required to appear before various law enforcement officials before they will be granted access to this information. However, you will need a copy of their record in order to proceed.  Minneapolis criminal attorney Kevin DeVore has knowledge and relationships with the local law and courts to help his clients through such a process.
  • Look for Offenses that can be Expunged – If your teenager was under the age of 18 at the time of their offenses, it will be easier to get their record expunged or sealed. However, there are certain offenses that can never be removed such as violent sexual misconduct. The process can also become more difficult if your teen was tried as an adult, but this does not mean that their record cannot be expunged. Instead, you should contact an attorney to determine which offenses can be expunged in your state.
  • Make Sure they Qualify for Dismissal – Your teenager will need to be in compliance with all of your state’s dismissal laws in order to be eligible to have their criminal record expunged. In most areas, this means that they will need to have all of their legal fines paid, and they will also need to have successfully completed probation and any applicable community service. If some of these items are still outstanding, you will need to take care of them before your teen files for a dismissal.
  • File a Petition for Dismissal – Your attorney can help you draft the proper paperwork to file a petition for dismissal. Keep in mind that your teenager cannot be involved in any other criminal proceedings at the time that you file for a dismissal. After all, if they are unable to demonstrate that they are capable of living a law-abiding life, then most judges are not going to expunge previous items from their criminal record.

After successfully completing this process, future employers and colleges will no longer be able to gain access to your teen’s troubled criminal past. However, it is important to note that it might take a while for all of the applicable records to be updated. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult with your attorney about the anticipated timeline for the process to be completed. As soon as you are certain that everything has been removed, your teenager can begin applying for jobs and colleges without needing to worry about having their criminal record hold them back.    

With reformed youth that deserve a second-chance in mind, J.L. Williams shares these helpful steps for possible criminal record expungement.  Minneapolis Attorney Kevin DeVore has extensive experience providing his clients with comprehensive criminal representation.

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