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What Is Emerge?

Emerge integrates student support services, advocacy, mentoring, and coaching into the students’ college experience. It has expertise and specialization in transitional services and advising families who are facing challenges with their young adults’ behavioral, emotional, and learning difficulties. Each program is highly individualized and each component targets specific goals and needs. Located in Boise, Idaho, the Emerge experience offers different vocational, internship, and volunteer options within the area. Each student can join the program anytime. Private dorms are provided for students near Boise State University.

The Emerge Distance Coaching Model, on the other hand, provides Emerge services in the student’s locality. The staff visits the student’s campus in order to understand the challenges the student is facing and provide possible solutions. Coaching sessions are based on the individualized pattern and plan.

Emerge accepts young adults who have behaviors and challenges such as learning differences; family conflict; lack of self-esteem; alcohol/drug experimentation; low self-esteem; relationship problems; emotional immaturity; ADD/ADHD; executive functioning issues; depression; anxiety; lack of motivation; childhood trauma; and non-verbal learning difficulties.

A personal mentor-educator is assigned to each college student to guarantee a positive learning experience and progress. Examples of support include college experience orientation; content area tutoring; writing and reading skills; critical thinking; time and organization management;  on-going parental support and orientation; continuous personalized development of study skills and learning strategies; coordination of housing within the community; liaison with referral professionals; mentoring and coaching; academic and personal growth advising; college survival strategies; test taking skills and strategies; advocacy support and training; academic monitoring and management; continuous career advising and exploring; hope and empowerment for discouraged students; community referral management; coordination with college services; and advance training in using approved accommodations for those students who qualify under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

 The Emerge College Success Program

Emerge offers two different programs for college students: College Success Program in Boise, and Global College Success Coaching. For the College Success Program in Boise, Idaho, students can attend College of West Idaho, Boise State University or other colleges and universities. With the Emerge College Success Program, the students are empowered with social and academic tools so that they can be successful in a campus environment. Weekly academic sessions and individual mentoring are provided by the Emerge staff. Internship, volunteer, and vocational support are also provided.

The Global College Success Coaching, on the hand, is a distance-coaching program where each college student receives direct and active support as they transition to college. Continuous parental communication, interaction with the student’s peer mentor in the community, direct coaching, advising, and problem-solving are just some of the services offered by Emerge to the college student. The program is offered to all problematic college students in the United States of America.