Forest Acres Summer Camp for Girls and Indian Acres Summer Camp for Boys

What Is Forest And Indian Acres?

Forest and Indian Acres are two separate summer camp programs. Forest Acres is a program for girls while Indian Acres is for boys. Each camp strives to encourage a cheerful and supportive atmosphere so that each child can learn different values and skills, foster friendships, and have fun. Every participant is given individualized attention while encouraging him/her to achieve his/her goals and be independent.

Every participant is exposed to horseback riding, swimming, archery, volleyball, gymnastics, dance, drama, golf, soccer, softball or baseball, basketball, and tennis. The equestrian program is handled by C.J. Law of Mount Holyoke in Maine. Participants of both camps make friendships, develop skills and interests, and learn to grow. Located just 2 miles apart, both Forest and Indian Acres are in Fryeburg, Maine near the Saco River. The camps are surrounded by huge evergreen forests, beautiful views of the mountains and river, and vast playing areas.

The Forest and Indian Acres Program

Participants obtain the best instruction in a challenging and fun environment. The head counselors and the directors guide each participant so that he/she can have his/her schedule which showcases his/her ability, age, and interests. Junior participants are enjoined to participate in all activities while intermediate participants can choose whatever activities they want. Senior participants, on the other hand, can select a daily schedule, which offers focus on their well-love activities and specialties. The flexible program has able-bodied program directors and head counselors who can guide and assist each participant.

Each participant can select individual and team sports like basketball, volleyball, golf, fitness, field hockey, aerobics, softball, archery, soccer, gymnastics, and tennis. He/she can join intra-camp sports events in order to hone his/her skills through competitions. Graphic arts, fabric arts, sculpture, painting, drawing, jewelry making, printmaking, enameling, basketry, ceramics, nature studies, camp craft, culinary arts, journalism, and photography are also offered.

Young people, who have an inclination for the performing arts, can opt for the yearly theatrical performances, show production, set and costume design, drama, singing, modern dance, jazz, folk dancing, ballet, chorus, and music. Those who like the great outdoors can have kayaking, knee boarding, wakeboarding, waterskiing, sailing, canoeing, fishing, water aerobics, and swimming. They can also opt for canoeing trips, backpacking, orienteering, mountaineering, and mountain biking.

Part of the program is excursions to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Maine coast. Young participants are often 2nd and 3rd generation campers with most them coming from at least 20 states, the Pacific Rim, South and Central America, Europe, and Canada.


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